Saturday, December 31, 2016

Rockie Fresh - December Rain (Video)

The end of the year is literally hours away, so its expected that many artist will be aiming for that last release in the final hours. Rockie has had a strong return this year with the release of his project series "The Night I Went To...", after a hiatus that now seems so long ago. Today he brings viewers a video from theproject, for the song "December Rain".

This is well timed release, perfect combination of song that reflects on the 'so far', in the end of December. Directed by APJ Films, we're presented with a mix of dizzy, kaleidoscope display, up against a song that delves into the journey of a man. Shot across multiple scene that focuses on Rockie and a blunt, fitted for introspective thoughts. He remembers loved ones who you lost their lives to cancer including Timbuck2, his group of friend, and his plan to end things on top.

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