Monday, December 26, 2016

Top 28 Quality Videos Posted In 2016

As technology advances music video become easier to create. A art form in itself, for artist to bring more life to their art, integrating song and imagery, we've seen artist find ways to add perspective to song[s]. With the age of the internet deeply upon us, and platforms like YouTube keeping the creation of music videos alive, as well as allowing new upstart artist to jump in the game of video making, there's been many great music videos created.

The history of music videos go back as far as 1894, but in a much more primitive form. In Rap, the first music video dates back to the 80s, with some debate or course, on which is the actual first one. One things for sure, this form of art, which was adapted for music, has been around for the longest becoming a important part of music and continues to get better and more creative as time passes and new ideas are pushed.

At this point its no secret that Chicago has been a mainstay for emerging artist, with diverse sounds, in this latest generation of music creators. While artist are catching a buzz for the great music created, there's a large component of the art that definitely goes overlooked, at least in Chicago. This city's scene is getting ever so close to being able to thrive on its, while not there yet, and many aspects of the creation process gets accolades, such as year end list. Videos are a big part of music, adding to what the song has to offer. There has been some a pretty good videos to hit the net from Chicago's music scene, so why not pinpoint the ones that stood out.

There's obviously good and bad videos. For this year end piece the focus is on the quality of the video, the story of the video, and of course the creative intent. There were plenty of music videos to come out this year, but at the number 28 is where it ended. Without a doubt these sort of piece can be subjective, but to be clear the focus is not on the song itself but rather the video attached and its relations to the song is consider in the cases of story line. See the list below

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