Sunday, December 18, 2016

Watch Chance The Rapper's SNL Performance + Full Episode

Last night Chance The Rapper returned to Saturday Night Live to deliver a performance that included help from fellow Chicago artist Noname. He continues to be consistent with each year, doing bigger and better things. December 17th made for a second appearance on the SNL, a feat currently none of the biggest artist without big label has been able to accomplish.

No only did he perform, but he demonstrated his comedic side in a couple of sketches. Chance joined Casey Affleck and Kenan Thompson for a sketch/rap called "Jingle Barack". The piece focus on the fact that we were coming up on the final times of a Barack Obama presidency.
"Dang Jesus I didn't know you was a democrat" - Chance The Rapper.

Chance also played a part as a Three Wise Men in the "Silent Night" skit

At the end, Chance The Rapper and Noname brought soulful performance for the song "Finish Line/Down". With the usual choir behind him with the live band, Chance rock the overalls, all red, and dance and simply put, give a great perfromance.

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