Monday, February 29, 2016

Behind The Verse: B8gie Foo' - Like Baby (Video)

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Its the end of the month and today we present our views with the final installment of February's Behind The Verse with B8gie Foo'. He takes through what influenced the creation of "Like Baby" track he dropped. Watch the video below.

Noelz Vedere - BOOST

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"BOOST", a bass heavy track that centers on the progression of one artist knowledge and art. Noelz Vedere delivers a new track, getting production from Static and Frza, that seems to be just a loose song. Press play and enjoy.

Qari - Fabienne

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The campaign toward releasing a new project kicks, with Qari dropping the first single from his project ""Nothing To Unicycle". With the smooth groove of the Sax, and relaxed tempo of the beat, handled by Mulatto, Qari present us with a single titled "Fabienne".

AK(Treated Crew) - 30 Hours

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AK 'Mr Round Trip' jumps on Kanye West's "30 Hours", for his own rendition, where he raps of his ambitions, reps Harvey World, and displays a flow to match the production.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Supa Bwe - Buncha Fuckin Dogs

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Supa Bwe has been bringing his energy to the stage, most recently joining Taylor Bennett during his set. He's gearing up for his own show next month at Reggies, getting fans ready with new music releases. Today we get third track from him this month, handling the production himself, avoiding the phonies on "Buncha Fuckin Dogs" with additional vocal from Appleby.

Spenzo - Fuck Up My Day

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Spenzo's not letting in anything mess with his days' vibe, as he delivers a new track called "Fuck Up My Day".

Don El$on - Smoke Session

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A new comer on the scene, Don El$on is a young emcee who might just be on to something, with a style that's relaxed and relate-able. Today we get a track that's reflective of his dreams, the city that birth him, and a career in music, during a session of enjoying a smokers' delicacy from the earth. He gets a instrumental from Tripz Traxxx, which kicks off with wise words from the The Chef and lead to the most chill vibes.

Expect a new project from Don El$on in the coming future.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Joel Quentez - Good Day 2.0

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Joel Quentez is back with new music, as he prepares to release his upcoming project "Tunnel Vision". He gets inspiration from the classic track Good Day" by Ice Cube, get production from G-Beats, and provides calm vibe, for a "Good Day 2.0".

Sir Collins ft. Qari - Guild

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Martin $ky provides a beat that quickly builds in to something of a speaker rattler, as Sir Collins and Qari drops rap for a song called "Guild". Hear this record and more from Sir Collins recent project release called "Ready Or Not".

Friday, February 26, 2016

Chris LeSage - Haus Of Mirrors (Short Visual)

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Visuals by KITE

Months ago Chris LeSage delivered a remix to the track "Haus Of Mirrors" featuring EJP and Howie Stackz. Today we we get the a visual short of his new video for the single, a inverted menacing scene in which Chris performs. Watch the video below.

Chief Keef ft. A$AP Rocky - Superheroes (Video)

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A$AP Rocky turns up with Glo Gang, as we get a new video from Chief Keef. Keef rides fast with the team for the song "Superheroes". Watch the video below.

BJ The Chicago Kid ft. Jay Rock - Oh My God / A Day In My Mind (Video)

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BJ The Chicago Kid recently released his debut album, "In My Mind", delivering a very great R&B project. Just because we got a new album doesn't mean the new contest slows down. BJ recently dropped a new, dual visual featuring Jay Rock, who's still recovering after a bad accident, for "Oh My God / A Day In My Mind". Watch below.

Bricc Baby ft. Lil Durk - Chicc 4 Yo Chicc

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Prod. by Dun Deal

With the Future/Migos flow Bricc Baby drops off a new single, teaming up with Lil Durk on "Chicc 4 Yo Chicc".

via HNHH

Esohel ft. Phero & Navarro - Peligro

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Its been awhile but Esohel returns with new music. He teams up with Navarro and Phero for a track titled "Peligro", which translates to either "danger", "Threat", or "Peril". These three emcees provide us with a great combination of English and Spanish raps over production from Custom Made and 21 Grams.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

theMIND - Mercury Rising (Video)

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Last month theMind dropped off his new single "Mercury Rising". He teams up with Colm Dillane aka KidSuper for a stop-motion animated visual, with scene of youth reaching toward new height from Philadelphia to Chicago. We can expect to hear this on a upcoming project he's working on, so stay tuned for more info. Watch the video below.

Lucki - Dash Money

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Lucki get speaker rattling production from Plu2o Nash and Mayhem Meech for a new track called "Dash Money".

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Chance The Rapper - Need To Know

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Right before the release of their new album "This Unruly Mess We’ve Made", Macklemore and Ryan Lewis release a new single featuring Chance The Rapper.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Ludlow ft. Taylor Bennett - Low Lights

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Ludlow and Taylor Bennett get a hold of Kanye West's "Low Light", a remix that Bennett dedicated  to his grandmother. 

Martin $ky - MAXIM

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Martin $ky has been working to improve his production, at one point dropping multiple instrumentals. If there's any evidence of his production development, it would be how many artist took it upon themselves to rip the banging production he provides off SC. The multi facted artist is back with a new track that's a continued sound of bass heavy waves, on a song called "MAXIM", of course handling the production himself, with a different kind of flow.

Ill Legit ft. John Walt & Brittany Nacole - Red2Go

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A smooth track for a chill vacation scene, Ill Legit is back with new music called "Red2Go". Brittany Nacole and John Walt join him deliver the silky hook with Eddie Mon$sta handling the production.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

GLC - Coolout

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GLC makes his return with a new track titled "Coolout", produced by L. Williams. Expect a new project from the veteran emcee called "Book of St. Ism", sometime soon.

Femdot - King Dilla Freestyle

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Femdot and Mike Wavvs have teamed up once again for a new track, a "King Dilla Freestyle". We're set to hear Femdots new album "Delacreme", something this year so stay tuned for more info as it come.
"I can do all things through Hennessy, that strengthens me"

Ohana Bam - Merch

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For the latest installment of #TreeUpTuesdays, Ohana Bam gets production from Shaan Mehta for a track titled "Merch".

BoneLang - Set Theory (Mixtape)

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Last year the duo BoneLang, Samy.Language and Matt Bones, ended their year of releases with a track titled "Paris In The Summer". It was a great track that continued to build on our interest in thier music after the EP "Pleasure Palace". They've continues to create music that doesn't sit in one category, but it isn't so left field that you're asking "what the hell is this". Through their own influences they've found a sound that's their own, combining Hip Hop with alternative mixed with smooth vocal delivery and more.

The pair presented to the inter-webs a new mixtape titled "Set Theroy", which they called "a collection of songs that serves as a prelude to ... "Venn Diagrams". Sometimes a project leading up to a project can be a obvious throw away project, but they tell us we'd be wrong, in a tweet saying "We stand behind this work wholeheartedly". As BoneLang continues to work on their upcoming album, they drop more than enough music to hold you over until its released, with a 21 track mixtape, full of new and previously released music. Stream below and grab it on iTunes.

J. Arthur - JE$$E (Instrumental Tape)

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J. Arthur, 1/2 of theWHOevers, makes a solo return with a new project called "JE$$E". This will be the first we hear from the the duo this years, as it seems they have plenty in store for the rest of the 2016. The primary producer for theWHOevers, J. Arthur deliver a beat tape, that consist of a a total of 22 new instrumentals. He's providing a number of sound, so press play and check it out below.

Charles Lauste - XXII (EP)

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DJ Chi, or now know as Charles Lauste, guessing a name given to him at birth, is a name we've come to recognize here at CCHH primarily through his work with Femdot. But his production credits don't end there, as he's provided songs for Ohana Bam, fellow members of GRWYF$, and released previous instrumental projects.

Charles recently liberate a new instrumental EP, called "XXII", a six track release showcasing his style. He grabs verses from J - Hop, Young 99, Femdot, Shawnee, and Ohana Bam.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Rayski ft. Dreezy - Feeling Myself (Video)

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New comer Rayski drops a new video for his up beat club single called "Feeling Myself". Joining him on this self indulgent track is Dreezy, also performs in the visual, directed and edited by LVTRTOINNE. Watch below.

Owen Bones ft. Kevin Abstract & Mick Jenkins - Stuntman

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Today producer Owen Bones drop his new project titled "Surrender!", a EP holding three tracks. He grabs verses from Kevin Abstract and Mick Jenkins for a track called "Stuntman", a track he says "I wanted to make a rap song that read like a club record while speaking on issues that I find important".


Behind The Verse: B8gie Foo' - Bounce(Ever Since A Juvie)

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February's Behind The Verse series continues, as B8gie Foo' gives us insight into another track. This time around we focus on a song from his project "The Hot Boy B8gie Project Vol. 2". "Bounce", is the final track on the the recent release, and today B8gie spits the second verse and details why he created and what influenced it. Watch below.

Kanye West - All Day / I Feel Like That (Video)

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Yeezy drops the new Steve McQueen directed video for "All Day" and "I Feel Like That". This is the two for 1 special, a video that leak to the net through cell phone footage is now here for mass viewing. Watch Kanye work up a sweat in a empty warehouse, venting energy below.

BJ The Chicago Kid Releases Extended Version of "Home"

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Home holds a special place to in the heart of us all, so when you have the talents to sing/perform about it, most time the people where you're from appreciate it. BJ The Chicago Kid did just that on a song on his recent album. Dedicated to his "Home", BJ welcomes listeners to Chicago(those who aren't from here of course), but he also make it inclusive when he give monologue about how home is special and how things can change during extended leave, a sentiment anyone can relate to no matter where you're from.

A fan seems to have requested that there should be a longer version of this track. We would just like to say shout out to that fan, ask and you shall receive. With this site being a place where we focus on part of the local music scene, this song his felt fully. BJTCK delivers such a smooth and soulful track, with the extended version there's less of the monologue and more singing. He details how Chicago made him the person he is today, from the struggle making him humble and the perception of it being a jungle, this is the city he love.

BJ's "In My Mind" is available on iTunes now and stream. Listen to the song below.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Alexander Blane - Big Check

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Alexander Blane, previously performing as Lyriq, continues to deliver record that showcase his vocal ability combining it with the skill of rapping. Today we get a new song from him called "Big Check", getting production from J. Parker.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sofar Sounds x R.O.E. - Good Times (Live Performance)

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The company that brings you concerts in front rooms or simply small intimate gatherings, team up with, to our knowledge, the second Chicago Hip Hop artist. R.O.E. made a move to New York, while out there he teams up with SoFar NY, for a performance that took place January 13th. Watch him live below.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Supa Bwe - Hella Shields / Brujeria

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Supa Bwe is gearing up to hit the stage for his first solo show in Chicago. To celebrate and get fans ready he drops off two new tracks. Get tickets to his April 14th show at Reggies here. Listen to both, "Brujeria" and "Hella Shields(Clear Skies)" below.

Saba - Soap Box

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Saba speaks to the public, taking this time to air out some views on track titled "Soap Box". Handling the production himself along side Phoelix, we get a mixture of  Rock and Rap, as Saba delivers great lyrics that stage ready.

Vic Mensa & Skrillex - No Chill (Video)

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Skrillex and Vic Mensa joined forces for a track titled " No Chill", a song that definitely bangs in the speaker. They recently headed oversea where they shot a new video for the single, taking us through the underbelly of Tokyo. Watch below.

Kweku Collins - Ghost

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Kweku Collins has some major events taking place in the very near future. First up, is his new single he dropped today called "Ghost", which he handles the production himself. This is one of the single that will lead up to his new project "Nat Love", set for April 8th. You can catch him live performing at Reggies April 15th for his "Nat Love Live" show, get your tickets here

Chi City - We UP

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Chi City kicked off the year of music releases with a Kanye West beat he some how got a hold of. But now he keeps it moving, with new music produced by Nick Gallo. Chi City deliver a track that focuses on reflection, looking back on what couldn't have been, while look at what motivates him to chase his dreams, on "We UP". This is good music and something of his own personal anthem, that those who live street life or work a 9-5 can understand.

Goalden Chyld - It's Our Time (Video)

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G.C., a activist and artist coming out of the city of Chicago jumps on the CCHH radar with a new recent video for "It's Our Time". He delivers a unapologetic visual demonstrating the strength of people ready to fight for the cause toward black progression. He's a voice who encourages action in black communities, question the system, and questions those who side with people that aren't interested in help, ie black supporting Donald Trump. Last year he dropped a album called "Stand For: Justice or Else", dropping more than simply great raps, he has much to say and he shows no fear saying it. Watch the video and stream his album below.

G Herbo - Jugg House (Video)

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G Herbo takes you to the spot where it can go down, the equivalent  of the trap, we get a video for "Jugg House". Watch the video below.

BJ The Chicago Kid - In My Mind (Album)

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Its been a long road for BJ The Chicago Kid toward the release of this album. The Motown signee delivers his new project "In My Mind", brings listeners his own sound he's been building to present to the world. To some, BJ is a new name that's just reaching their ears, but he's done work with Mary Mary, appeared on Stevie Wonders "A Time To Love", worked with Jill Scott and Dr. Dre, and the list goes on.

Now we'll get to hear BJ put his own talents on the forefront. We've heard previous project from him such as "Pineapple Now Laters", but now he takes center stage with this Motown debut. We heard a number of singles, which are "Church", "Love Inside", and "Turning Me Up", great releases leading up to today. During a listening session of this album we are presented traditional R&B, smooth piano keys, drums, guitar strings, with a modern approach and soothing vocals. Hold 14 tracks he enlist Kendrick Lamar, Chance The Rapper, Isa, Buddy, Constantine, Eric Ingram, and Big KRIT for features. The album is available for purchase right now and stream below.

Eazy El Loco ft. Alex Wiley - Rescue

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Ohio's Eazy El Loco is gearing up to release a new project called "Occasionally Loco". For the latest single from his upcoming project he grabs Chi's own Alex Wiley for the single "Rescue", produced by Ric & Thadeus.

Chief Keef - Traumatized

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From a project we may never get, here a new record from Chief Keef, produced by Metro Boomin, called "Traumatized".

Lil Bibby - Steph

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Golden State Warriors point guard, Steph Curry, has become quite the man in basketball. Of course, when there is that dope NBA player the music industry uses many metaphors to depict the dopeness. Lil Bibby is the latest to reference the ball player with his track, "Steph". Bibby is gearing up to release his long awaited debut album, FC3: The Epilogue on March 18, so its only right that he drops this banger to hold us over until then.

Press play on Bibby's latest banger.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

King Samson - Note To Myself (Video)

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King Samson dropped one his more personal mixtapes at the end of 2015, called "The Service", and since this year began has been keeping the momentum going. Today he drops a video for "Not To Myself", directed by Brianna Lashe and Samson himself, where he reflects on the past while moving forward. Watch the video below.

IKON & Marvelous - Fast Lane

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Producer IKON delivers a new track, teaming up with the upcoming emcee Marvelous on a song called "Fast Lane".

Qari - Murakami Freestyle

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In reference to Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, Qari drops a new track, getting production from Marimoto. We are present with a slow moving track, fill with smooth keys and horns on "Murakami Freestyle".

B8gie Foo' & Ydot Gdot - Off With Your Head 1.5 (Video)

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A single release from "The Hot Boy B8gie Project", gets the visual addition, bringing a lot more life to a great concept. B8gie Foo' and Ydot Gdot teamed up for the 'Anti-Chiraq' mix "Off With Your Head 1.5", track that demonstrated a conversation between the influence and the influenced. A young B8gie is given the guidance to follow a more positive path in his rhymes by Ydot who plays many roles. This video does more than tackles Foo's own history, it brings forth an actual situation that happens in every youth from the hood life. "History doesn't repeat itself, but it often rhymes".

Download B8gie Foo's new project series "The Hot Boy B8gie Project" Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. Watch the new video below.

Listen To These Previously Unreleased Tracks From Kanye West

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Kanye West's finger have been busy lately on twitter, from hyping up his album with promo tweets, to simply giving us his thought, to teasing what big name artist he's been in the studio with. He's been on a mission to stay on the minds of the people, deliver his latest album "The Life Of Pablo", which had so many changes in such a short time, I'm starting to think that was simply a tactic to try and prevent major leaks, which failed. Recently there's even more leaks, like a dam that's been poorly patched up, as a few new tracks have hit the net. One of which, had a upcoming artist, by the name of Chi City, get a hold of, the original "Fade" track for his own version called "Sorry Kanye". So far I've counted six track that have dropped that are not on "TLOP" or a different version, which are "All Day" with a verse from Kendrick Lamar, "Fade", "The Mind Is Powerful", "Wolves","Mama's Boyfriend", and "Fall Out of Heaven". Listen to all of these below.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Phor - Dad

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Phor is back with new, getting a lot more personal with this track titled "Dad". He expresses his experiences through music his own relationship with his father, delivering vivid 'true story' of a fathers' faults.