Saturday, April 30, 2016

Chance The Rapper Kicks Off Campaign Toward 3rd Project

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The fans have been waiting patiently, for the most part, for Chance The Rapper to at the least release new info about his upcoming project. Many saw "Surf" as the follow up to "Acid Rap", but that was not the case. Chance slowly release details, just enough to let you know that his third mixtape was coming.

Today we he dropped a new picture via social media, which is to be the official album cover. The pictures is accompanied by the hashtag "Chance3", and we may be getting a similar art style from previous project releases. He took to twitter to make more statements regard his plans, saying that basically fan his interaction with fans will increase.

Head over to and get a album cover poster.

3 Releases You Should Checkout: April 2016

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Month to month Chicago artist are churning out new music and material. At some point we have to build our own scene to that of LA or New York, because the talent is here, now its time for a developed local industry. But that's not the focus right now, today we continues our Pick Three series highlight songs, videos, albums, and mixtapes etc. that was post this month. See them below.

Friday, April 29, 2016

ShowYouSuck - Stoop Kid (Video)

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A sort of  subconscious character of ShowYouSuck's mind, returns to us in 2016. In 2014 we first saw this skeleton character in the video for "Make-Out King", a song that featured The Hood Internet, which you will find on the "Dude Bro" EP. For the video to "Stoop Kid", he once again teams up with Maxim Northover for stop motion style, black and white visual, with a short but detailed story. Show's "Bummer" EP is on the way as well as more yet to be announced surprises. Watch the video below.

Sasha Go Hard - I'm Da Shit (Video)

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Sasha Go Hard gets her crew together for new video, teaming up with SAMCIN and shot by Phil Jordan, on "I'm Da Shit". Get this record and more from her recently project "The Realest I Know". Watch the video below.

Rockie Fresh ft. Chris Brown - Call Me (Video)

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These last four month we heard plenty new music from and watch new videos from Rockie Fresh. He's dropped multiple visuals that lead to the release of his project, "The Night I Went To.", delivered BJ The Chicago Kid assisted songs, and deliver a EP series with Datpiff. Its apparent his hiatus was for a good reason, because Fresh has returned with plenty new content with a pinpoint direction.

Rockie Fresh recently announced that he would be dropping the song "Call Me", featuring Chris Brown, on iTunes which is also available on his first project of the year. Here is the lyric video the single which you can watch below.

theWHOevers ft. Chris $pencer - You're My Boy Blue

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Two duos team up for a tag team match of straight bars over soulful sampled production. Chris Crack and Vic Spencer who form Chris $pencer join J Arthur and DotKom, theWHOevers, for a track called "You're My Boy Blue". Now if you remember we heard this one on J Arthur's instrumental mixtpae called "JE$$E", for a complete track he gets additional production from Walking Shoe. Here are four artist who we've come to know for their lyrics and more combining for a track full of one liners and dope delivery. 

Lil Bibby Set To Drop "The Epilogue" Soon

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Fresh off the release of his third installment "Free Crack 3", the music just keeps rolling out. Young Bibby let's us know the whereabouts of his long awaited debut album. FC3 release to much internet fan fair via Datpiff, which featured G Herbo, R. Kelly, Jeremih, just to name a few.

The rapper would be closing the year with his first studio album under the Kemosabe Records label. With the title "FC3: The Epilogue", we can assume that this will serve as the conclusion to the "Free Crack" mixtape series since its titled "epilogue". So far all we know is that the album consist of 11 tracks, 4 of which we've heard already including "Aww Man" and "Sleeping on the Floor". Although, it's expected to be released December 18th, you can pre order the album via iTunes.

What a way to close out the year, huh? Give Free Crack 3 a listen, stream it here.


Lil Bibby delivers a preview of said project via soundcloud, with a expected release for June 24th. Listen below.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Neil Gang - Pop Style Remix (Video)

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Neil Gang returns with something new that shows his rapping ability. We've heard more melodic track in the past as well as rap songs, but in this new video he flexes as a emcee. Taking on Drake's "Pop Style", Neil hit listeners with plenty quotable lines making bold claims with a rappers confidence that the rap god would cheer for. He seems to have a new project on the way, but in the mean time enjoy this new video.

Weasel Sims ft. Jae Haze & Tae Butch - Doing The Most (Video)

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Last year Weasel Sims dropped off his album "Road 2 Ran", marking his return to music. He recently delivered a new video for the track "Doing The Most", a hilarious visual shot and directed by Vydia Urban. Watch below.

UG Vavy - Gwap

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UG Vavy announces that he has a new project coming in the near future. We kinda already assumed this by the three previous tracks he's dropped, returning with a new sound and possibly a new outlook. Previously we heard "Sport It", "In My Bag", "La Casa", all song that re-ignited his name on to this blog. As we're now anticipating his EP called "Ruby", UG drops off a new single called "Gwap". He continues to handle the production with this song, providing some banging sounds that will add energy to any setting. Its only a matter of time before his style of production is sought after. Add this to the category of dope music.

DGainz - On The Go

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A chill track with bounce to it, that's one way to describe this new release from DGainz. He's been hinting at a new project for some time now, with the hashtag "Oddball", but hasn't really talked about or release any real info on it. Today we get his latest, called "On The Go", where he's continuing to handle the production himself presenting us with a sound that's been developed overtime.

Smino & Monte Booker - ME•N•U

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What better way to celebrate a music milestone than with even more music. Smino and Monte Booker continue to build upon their repertoire together with new track release called "ME•N•U". Monte Booker delivers his complex production as Smino delivers up tempo raps. What we get is a sort of a double entendre and sexual innuendo, a sexual entedre. Its just me-n-u and guest who on the menu. Good song, my type of song.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

John Walt - Price On

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John Walt gets production from OnGaud, delivering a auto-tuned fueled lyrics over production with airy sounds with an eerie vibe. The PIVOT Gang member is still working on his upcoming project "Dinner With John", so while the wait continues enjoy this newness.

Saint Millie - Adderall (Album)

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Of the many crews in the Chicago, few are able to presents multiple names that standout even among the crowd. Many times there's the lead and the rest look as though they're just the homies in the back ground. Some group of artists find a way to live in the rap space as a squad without being overshadowed by the name of their crew or the lead person, having individual names thriving connected to one. One such artist, from the collective Treated Crew, is Saint Millie who's stayed consistent in his releases.

Saint Millie keeps his career moving in a forward path with the release of a new project called "Adderall". Named after a drug use to treat ADHD, effecting the brain in some sort of super technical way that a hip hop blogger don't really understand. Moving right along. Millie delivers a ten track project, getting production from OakStreet Media, Paris Beuller, C-Sick, Mano, 808 Mafie, Lee On The Beat, Timmy V, and Brenmar. Fellow Chicago artist Logan, Sicko Mobb, and Sir Micheal Rocks all appear as guest

The project kicks of with a sort a chop and slowed sample of Alicia Keys "Unthinkable". With raps of the grind, relations with the opposite sex, and riding down his block he grew up on. Its sort a ode to a street he reps, which is also the name of his management, called "Oak Street Anthem". Throughout the track we get a sing-rap song, a calm start to the project.

Over the course of "Adderall" the vibe of this project becomes more apparent. Saint Millie deliver tracks with  more energy and catchy hook, such as on "Three Dubs". He continues the voice affects, but a bit more on the song "Freak", which is a track with a super great vibe to it with a bounce. Mano and Sir Micheal Rocks join him on the oldies sampled "No Heauxs", that has considerable bass when played at high volumes. Tracks like "Little Bit", feels like Famous Dex should have been on it, with production definitely fit for adding energy to a party.

Many of the song on this project hold hard hitting production, but each track live as their own. The second half of the project sees production that's a bit more diverse, straying away from a repetitive sequence. We get smoother Bop style on the track "Hollywood", which features Sicko Mobb. Overall Saint Millie delivers a pretty decent release. Not a big fan of the voice effects, and the project has its moments, so its a recommended listen.

Lil Durk - Mud (Video)

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Lil Durk's new project drops new month, so he's been preparing the fans with new releases. But before that he returns to his latest mixtape "300 Days 300 Nights". He teams up with Zae and Jerry P for a bright visual shot in LA, for the song "Mud". Watch below.

Astonish ft. MFnMelo - Let It Go

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We haven't heard or posted anything from Astonish since his project release of last year "The WHO Tape". But today he returns with a new track, teaming up with MFnMelo, for a song called "Let It Go" produced by IKON and Pucho.

Murph Watkins - On Me

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Last time we caught up with Murph Watkins he was working on  new music behind the scene, seemingly sorting out all his ideas. Currently working on a new project, Murph says he has plans to drop many more songs as the year progresses. We've already gotten a video from him for the song "Open Book Freestyle", and teamed up with Wheatie for a collaboration EP called "Goldie & Slim".

Today Watkins returns with a solo track, getting production from Rob Dinero. Kicking things off slowly, he builds momentum in to a sleek flow seemingly un-bothered delivery, making it sound so easy to him. With production that has a sort of bounce to it, combine with the style Murph delivers, and a re-introduction to his alter-ego 'Baby Juug', this is defiinitely a recommended play.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Wheatie - Told Ya (Video)

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Wheatie drops a new video for the track "Told Ya", teaming up with DGainz for the visual direction. This release comes after he and Murph Watkins joined forces for a collaboration project, available now, called "Goldie & Slim". Watch the video below.

Green Sllime ft. Mick Jenkins - Zoo

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DJ, rapper, producer, Green Sllime heads a new track called "Zoo" and getting a verse from Mick Jenkins. With sounds of eerie bells for a menacing element, and monologue from a Kanye West interview, listeners will definitely get the vibe that this is not a game. Be careful, this Zoo leaves its cages open.

Rello Dreamer ft. King Louie - OFN (Video)

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Rello Dreamer returns with a new video for last year's single "OFN" or "On Fo' Nem". This was one of those tracks that definitely deserved repeat plays, with great production holding hard hitting drums and heavy bass. Rello teamed up with King Louie, which we saw multiple collaboration between the two in the pass, for a track full of menacing lyric delivery.

For the video Rello enlist Will Mass Productions, for something like a short film. Depicting scenes of danger and helplessness, the visual for "OFN" takes you to a place where you have to doing any and everything for your loved one. Louie joins him in the visual, which you watch and enjoy below.

Behind The Verse: MFnMelo - Dae Dae's On The Way (Video)

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For the second part to this month's Behind The Verse Series, MFnMelo decodes his verse on the song "Dae Dae's On The Way". We're waiting on his upcoming project "MeloDramatics", which doesn't have a date, so stay tuned for more info.

Watch Melo rap and speak below.

Mpulse - Kanye For President

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Mpulse and Keef Boyd are back at it with another release. Remember when Kanye West proclaim is run for presidency for 2020? Then it became a serious question whether he would be a good president. Well Mpulse jumps on the campaign trail ahead of schedule with a new track titled "Kanye For President". The Chicago emcee takes us down a hypothetical path of Kim Kardashian being the first lady, moving the White House to Chicago, Kanye being at snatching mics from fellow politians, while letting us now his disdain for Donald Trump.

Ronnie Ronnie - Stop (Video)

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At the beginning of the April Ronnie Ronnie delivered a new project with very short warning. What was presented is a six track project called "Mean", with much of the production handled by himself. The project is a prelude to a another larger release called "Natural Feel", which he's been working on for some time now so I'm assuming that there much development going into.

Last year, November, Ronnie dropped the single "Stop", the only single we've heard from Natural Feel". The single centered on prevailing and succeeding, not matter what's in your way you never stop. Today we get a video for the single, shot/directed by Visual Mecca, that feels like a vintage 1997 video, with wavy at times slightly kaleidoscopic, scenes. Watch the video below.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Alexander Blane - Fuck It Up

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Early in the month, Alexander Blane drops his new project in a fresh start to a long career in music. He's already dropped new videos for track from the project, today he delivers another visual this time for a song not featured. Getting Rio Production for visual direction, Blane drop the video for "Fuck It Up". Watch below.

Rockie Fresh Sterling Hayes - Motivation

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Earlier this month we're presented with the introduction to a new project that basically saw a combination of genres. Ira Antelis, a composer from Chicago, had working with rappers from Chicago for a project titled "Gone But Not: Duality". The first single featured PIVOT Gang's Saba on a song called "100", today we get the follow-up single.

The final song release before the full project get Rockie Fresh and Sterling Hayes on the same track, for a MMG/SaveMoney connection. LPZ provides the piano filled production with a super calming vibe, as Rockie Fresh kicks the track off. Press play on the new single titled "Motivation".

Qari ft. Logan - Disposition

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Qari, who's been keeping the new music coming, drops another track where he teams up with Logan, who's also is no stranger to consistent releases. Qari handles the production, creating a backdrop that holds a eerie atmosphere with guitar work from Brian Sanborn, Its a slow moving track, at time overshadowing the lyrics, as the two artist present us with their "Disposition".

Joey Purp ft. Saba & theMIND - Cornerstore

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Joey Purp recently took to social media to announce a upcoming show at Metro, keeping who he would be hitting the stage with hush hush. This will be his first headline show at Metro on May 27, which is part of his campaign toward the release of his upcoming project "iiiDrops".

Today we get the first single from "iiiDrops", a track that gets production from Thelonious Martin, with additional production from Knox Fortune, Donnie Trumpet, Peter Cottontale, and J.P Floyd. Joey presents fans with "Cornerstore", a track that paints a vivid perspective of the city streets through his eyes. Saba, who's currently oversea on tour, gives us a vision of his west side roots, tag teaming the beat with Purp. theMIND, the who working on a new project and dropping singles, delivers harmonious vocals between verses, like that calm in a storm.

This is a great introductory single, giving fans their first listen into what he's been working. From the production to the lyrics, there was plenty development that went into this single, that has built interest as to what the full body of work sounds like.
"I paint the picture and ain't none of it pretty"

King Louie - You Love The Bitch (Video)

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If you've been paying attention to King Louie's Instagram page, he in the midst of shooting maybe a movie, or new video, or ... movie. He dropped short videos on set and in his trailer for something I've yet to figure out the name for. While shooting for what ever it is he's shooting for, Louie announced he would be dropping a new project this Summer, "Tony 2", the follow-up to the very popular "Tony". With that announcement we get a new video from for a song called "You Love The Bitch". There's ass in the video, so don't be dumb enough to watch it at work. Watch the video below.

Joel Quentez - One Year (Video)

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Joel Quentez is on a campaign toward the release of a new project called, "Tunnel Vision". We've heard single like "Be You", which was a chill, down to earth, lyric driven track. We would come to know his style/brand of Hip Hop, a emcee, who delivers relatable introspective, contemplative, or reflective bars like on "Good Day 2.0".

Today we get a new video from the up and comer, called "One Year", the intro track from "Tunnel Vision". This super laid back guy headed to the barber shop for a cut, and kicks rhymes to the porch to reflect on his life in a 12 month period. Joel speaks of his interactions with women, family, Friends, doing shows, his ambitions, and ends with "Damn this what I became in one year". This track is definitely a relaxing song, that seems as if he took to the booth to meditate through words, teaching listeners a little more about himself. Watch the video below.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Energe - I Get It

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New artist pop up on our radar on the regular, in a nice idealist world we would cover everything, but that's not happening. So when the artist by the name of Energe first popped up with his song "High Note", he seemingly came out of nowhere with a well put together single. But there was nothing else besides one good song, which definitely isn't enough to got off.

Further search presented us with his 2015 album "Primo", a Summer release, holding 13 tracks. Across the album we are presented with the bravado of the rapper tracks like "Dope Pt 2", songs with a bounce to it, and smoother vocal latent songs. With a combination of track where he's either singing or rapping on the album, it more or less seemed like he was still finding his sound/moment.

Energe's body of work is growing, as he's dropped "Occupied", a follow up from the previous mentioned". Its a slow moving track, produced by Hardii who provides a instrumental holding a combination of guitar strings, finger snaps, for mellow effects. Energe's voices does the heavy lifting on this one, never relying the the beat to carry the song. Where

Most recently he dropped a single called "I Get It", produced by Ignorvnce, another rap/R&B combination that has small moments of displaying range. We are presented with a track the speak of neither hating or wishing, but simply going and getting what he wants. This and his previous three track are definitely a different approach to his style than last year, a large improvement due to the fact he seems to found the direction he want to take. 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Martin $ky - Pull Up(Fuck With Me)

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Martin $ky has a new announcement to go with the new music. Today the producer/rapper drops a new track titled "Pull Up(Fuck With Me)", providing production that quickly builds into some hard drum kicking, bass heavy, head nodding, jam. He plans to drop off a new project this Summer, with no real info as to what we can expect, stay tuned for more info.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Common, Kumasi, Malik Yusef, Aaron Fresh, Choklate & Lace Kay - Trouble In The Water (Video)

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Tackling the water crisis in Flint and bringing attention to the issue across the world, Common teams up with some familiar face to for the video/song "Trouble In The Water". These artist point our society need to find solution to the problem while taking aim at those responsible for a whole US city living everyday with contaminated water.
"Imagine life with no clean water! This is what more and more communities are facing with climate change and pollution. Common and Malik Yusef show a world where people are literally fighting for existence. Watch the #TroubleInTheWater Music Video and sign this petition calling on Michigan Governor Rick Snyder to create a compensation fund for the victims of the Flint water crisis:

Femdot - fo(u)r (EP)

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Femdot is gearing up for his full length project "Delacreme", to prepare you for it he lets loose a new EP. What we get is a lyric driven project that features the very dope track "341", which isn't to say that as an emcee dropping bars is unusual for him. "fo(u)r", a titled that can be read as "for you" the fans of the music, holds four tracks where we're presented with raps of financial success, self-analyzation, and just all around spazzing on the track. Femdot get production from Mike Wavvs, D. Phelps, and ALLREAL, so press play and enjoy below.

MFnMelo - Survival

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For his Thursday release, MFnMelo takes it back to some past music that's new to the listeners. Produced by Harvard, the PIVOT Gang member delivers his latest track called "Survival", as prepares to flood the e-streets with new music.

Chin Chilla Meek & Ty Money - #Sibley16

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Chin Chilla Meek and Ty Money team up on a new track, a warning of what's to come. Ty Money is gearing up to drop his mixtape "Cino 2", set for a May 5th. Chin Chilla Meek looks to return with her new project called "The Unicorn EP", sometime this Summer. Today these two take on a Drake track, "Summer '16", a super hot beat that could have overwhelmed them, but they go dead in with the raps. Expect a new video from these two for this track in the near future.

Lud Foe ft. Lil Durk - Cuttin' Up Remix

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Lud Foe caught a street hit with his single "Cuttin' Up", which has been spreading across the net like wild fire. The new comer keeps it going with a remix to the single, getting OTF's Lil Durk for a guest verse. Listen below.

ShowYouSuck To Drop New Project Next Month

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Back in 2014 ShowYouSuck dropped off the single "Gucci Mane", produced by Walking Shoe. The single release was followed by multiple videos for this one song, a sort of campaign toward a new EP called "Bummer". While the track art said "Bummer EP coming out in June ... or somethin' bro" it ended up being "or somethin' bro", as Show decided not to drop the project. But it wasn't as if he didn't already have pretty new material out from the prior year, as he was still pushing his project "Dude Bro" at the time. He went on to release a different project called "Alf Fan 420", which should be pointed out that this guy is consistently creating.

ShowYouSuck recently took to social media to tell fans that the EP "Bummer" had returned to focus. So now we can expect a upcoming EP next month in May, but there's not exact date at this point. In the same tweet he hint at a new group that he's going to announce after the EP is released. See the tweet below.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Qari ft. Dally Auston - Smoke About It

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Producing this one himself, Qari drops off a new track for the 4/20 celebration, featuring Dally Auston. So don't think about it "Smoke About It".

Rockie Fresh - I Need (Video)

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After dropping a project series dedicated to his travels, which was cross country, Rockie Fresh keeps the new releases coming. Today he premiers a new visual for the track "I Need", which was a sonically smooth sound that reflects on his needing and aiming for something bigger and better in life. watch below.

White Gzus - Phototype (Video)

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Who the hell takes on Andre 3000's "Prototype" track? White Gzus, that's who, but with their own spin on it. The duo delivers their latest video, shot by APJ Films, for the song "Phototype". Watch below.

Jugrnaut "420 Chronic" Collection

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Jugrnaut looks to celebrate the 4/20 festivities with a new collection called "420 Chronic". The by-product of combining an ode to our favorite female smoker and one of the classics in West Coast rap, which they dubbed it The Jugrnaut 420 Chronic. You can head over to their store or get it online, here. See more below.

Esohel ft. Kap G - Brickhouse

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Last month Esohel hit us with his solo single, "React" and was featured on "Never Stop" alongside Flight Crew. He's returned to the fold of what is Chicago's music scene, since dropping "Dopemine", with some pretty good music releases and he seems to be on a campaign toward a new project. For the follow-up single, "Brickhouse", Esohel is joined by Atlantic's Kap G with production from PLA. 

Saba ft. Smino & Legit - World In My Hands

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Saba is currently introduced Europe to his music, touring different parts of the continent. Currently in London, he decides to drop off some new music, titled "World In My Hands", a title that possibly reflects his excitement of performing in new countries. Smino of Zero Fatigue and Legit of 2080 join him over production from Dae Dae, Phoelix, and Saba himself.


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Alexander Blane - Old & New (Video)

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After dropping a super sonically pleasing EP, Alexander Blane drops the the first video since the project release. "The Alexander Blane Project" was a really good listen, a showcase of rapping and singing with look at his production choices, that reflects on on personal life to a certain extent. Blane delivers the video for the track "Old & New", a track that's centered on moving away from the past and heading toward the future. The video itself gets a glimpse of his time with DTP, a look at where he was and where he's at now. Watch the video below.

Chris $pencer ft. C. Rich - Cement (Video)

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During the first month of the year the duo Chris $pencer dropped their debut project, titled "Who TF Is Chris $pencer". Met with praise, Vic Spencer and Chris Crack's collaboration brought fans a combination of two emcee with different styles fitting together like a missing puzzle piece. Today we get a video for the C.Rich assisted track "Cement". With Rich delivers smooth vocals and shot by J Krown, listeners are presented with a song to lifted to, backwoods or papers, whatever your style is enjoy. Watch below.

TLNTD ft. BA - Villa

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So, so far we've heard "Stylin", "Fwiendz", "Life", "London", and "Silhouette". That's basically a EP at this point, which it may be bundled as a project at the end of this music series he calls TLNTDTuesday. Today the series continues as TLNTD teams up with BA for a track called "Villa". Dedicated to the popular retail chain, TLNTD tells us where and how he stays fresh over production from Brad Beats. What's created is a silky track that presents us with digital drum kicks to get you bouncing. 

theMIND - Pale Rose (Video)

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THEMpeopl's theMIND continuing on his solo path, gears up to release a new project titled "Summer Camp". Back in February he dropped off the video for, "Mercury Rising", which was a stop motion animated pieced. Today we get the follow-up video, "Pale Rose", produced by THEMpeople and Knox Fortune, with visual direction from Nathan Smith and Sebastian Sdaigul. We're taken on a roller coaster ride of one person's life, a depiction of escaping, in a sense, her personal problems for some troubling fun. Its a great second single release, keeping fans fitted with great vocals and varying presentation of the music. Watch the video below.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Lil Durk ft. Kid Ink - Good Good

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Here another track from Lil Durk, which seems like a it might be a single from his upcoming project. Durk gets a verse from Kid Ink for a sing-song track called "Good Good". May 1st is when we can expect his new project "Durk2x".

Phor - Ye Shit

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Phor and frequent collaborator Lehday are back with something new. He gets on some "Ye Shit", with  high energy production that sample some soulful hums. Press play and download now.

Shy Glizzy ft. G Herbo - Too Far

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Here's a hard street track collab from Shy Glizzy with a special guest verse from Herbo. Although, the two rappers may have a complete different fanbase, the two come to together for this Goose produced instrumental. Both reflect on how far they've come in their rap career and taking their fame to the next level. With a track like this we can only hope for more collabs from the two.