Thursday, June 30, 2016

Towkio - Tear Drop

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Towkio has been on a roll with the release of new projects and live shows. He's aiming to drop off a new EP, a appreciation to those fans that were there in the early stages of his career, delivering "Community Service 2". Towkio drops a new single called "Tear Drop", produced by Garren, which will lead up to the EP July 7th release. 

Chief Keef - Light Heist

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The Chief Keef music leaks are like a rusted pipe that no one bothers to fixed. Whether this is an addition to the leakage is not known, but it is a pretty short track. Liberated by Chris Barnett, who handled the production, we get a new track from Sosa called "Light Heist".

Kembe X - Welcome To America (Video)

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A video that kicks off with something out of this world, Kembe X drops his latest release. We get a new video, directed by Chad Marshall and once again getting production from Bentley Haze, X is seen in dark and ominous scene. He raps of getting what he wants in new track "Welcome To America". Look for his new project to drop soon, titled "Talk Back". Watch below.

King Samson - First Off (Video)

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King Samson who consistently works, dropping enough music for the people to say interest. He definitely garnered a loyal fan-base, so it only a matter time before the rest of the world knows him. For his latest release, which is a video, Samson drops off a some smooth gangsta music getting High Vision Films to handle the visual direction. Watch the video below.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Charmz Valkom - Penalize

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Charmz Valkon gets production with a heavy bounce from MillzMadeDaBeat, for a called "Penalize", as deliver a energetic yet catchy flow.

Mick Jenkins ft. theMIND - Sunkissed

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Da-P drops off some superb production for this new track called "Sunkissed". We get a track that will definitely pass any stereo test, banging in the speak to get a listener bouncing. Mick Jenkins glides through this record with a such a laid back flow with lyrics that continues to bring light to current issues in our society. theMIND, who recently dropped a new album, provides some vocals to tie it all together.

theMIND - Summer Camp (Album)

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theMIND, a name you've surely seen in feature credits on some great songs, strikes out on his own. As a member of the collective THEMpeople, we've heard his style on projects like the "Smoke Break" series, worked with SaveMoney, Via Rosa, and is on one of my favorite song from "Ballin Like I'm Kobe" mixtape. Early this year theMIND launched a campaign toward the release of his album "Summer Camp", releasing the single "Mercury Rising". He soon followed with two very good videos, for "Pale Rose" and "Mercury Rising", demonstrating the value he holds in artistic presentation.

For hot season, this vocalist fills "Summer Camp" with 11 tracks, getting production from Carter Lang, Knox Fortune, and THEMpeople, Micheal Anthony, Donnie Trumpet, Towkio, Sean Deaux, and Noname contribute as featured artists. Throughout this listening session, we get narratives delivered through cut scene audio, thoughtful lyrics and song structures aims to set his music apart from the rest. Stream and download below.

Brian Fresco ft. Chance The Rapper & Blue Hawaii - Higher

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Its seem Brian Fresco has been biding his time, patiently waiting for his moment. If you're a fan of Brian's music then you would've been waiting sometime for him to release "Casanova", his latest project. Whether the project was done and ready or he's been continuing to tweak it to perfection, we can only guess the amount of work and how its been a long road to this point. As his SaveMoney counter parts released their projects, dropping one by one its only right that he's next to go.

Fresco has set a date for "Casanova", aiming for July 5th release, but ahead of that he releases a new single. Teaming up with Blue Hawaii and Chance The Rapper, we get a upbeat song called "Higher".

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Rockie Fresh - Lies And Lullabies

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Such a relaxed record from Rockie Fresh, as he raps of the routes he takes, questions of are friends still friends, and rather taking a chance than doing nothing on "Lies And Lullabies". 

Tree & I.B.C.L.A.S.S.I.C. - On Dem 4's

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Two names that avid visitors of this site should know are teaming up for a new project. MC Tree and I.B.C.L.A.S.S.I.C. dropped their new single titled "On Dem 4's". We've actually been waiting impatiently for Tree to return with something new, it seems we're closer than we thought as he and I.B. are working on "IBTree". “I”m chauffeuring MC Tree through the upper, lower and mid level echelons of soul trap housery. From dealing with stuck up kids, elaborate functions with mad men gone awry, tackling the Soul Trap international scene, and appreciating everything in between.", says I.B.C.L.A.S.S.I.C. This isn't the first time we heard this combination of artist and producer, so I'm pretty confident that, these two who take their craft pretty serious, will deliver a good project.

Marvelous - Perfect

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When things doesn't happen the way you plan or the way you want them to, there's a clear experience that is gain from it. Its a learning experience, you grow from it, and Marvelous comes to this realization with a new track called "Perfect". Getting production from Flex Lennon, who provides a sound that's destined for the car stereo, this song is a good addition to Marvelous' growing catalog. Look for a new project called "In Due time" in the near future.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Philmore Greene ft. Dat Bizness - Key To Success

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Reflecting on how far he's come in life, Philmore Greene aims to bring light to a society where many are living in a gateway to lock up. He's joined by Dat Bizness, as we get the latest entry in the 'PhilmoreMondays' series called "Key To Success".

Dreezy ft. T-pain - Close To You (Video)

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Last week Dreezy release a T-Pain assisted single titled "Close To You". Recently the two team up for the videos for raining scenes and painting a pictures longing for ones love. This will be on her upcoming debut album "No Hard Feelings", set for July 15th. Watch below.

Fight Me - Annie

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It seems that Supa Bwe isn't done with collaborative groups with his fellow Chicago rappers. Hurt Everybody seemed to be on an escalator to success but that was railroaded due to internal disagreements. That hasn't deterred Supa from teaming up with UG Vavy and Shepard Hues. If you heard the "I'm Done Ballin" EP, then VVS Shordy" might have been some indication as to the sound well get from this new trio. Fight Me, the name they're performing under, is completely new and its pretty early to say what we can expect from them.

Individually we've come to know UG Vavy and Supa Bwe, with Shepard Hues being the relatively new name. UG took some time away from the music and returned with a rejuvenated sound with intent toward a new project. He's been dropping some pretty strong records that make for a great live performances, like "Gawp", "In My Bag", and "Sport It". Supa Bwe continues to be one of the most consistent artist in the scene, keeping new music coming. He's garnered a loyal fan-base through continuously good releases combined with a unique style. Supa aims to drop "Dead Again 3" July 4th. Shepard Hues is the least notable one here, but his name is far from completely new to us. He handled the production for one favorite collaboration from  CHURCHDONTSTOP and Qari on "No Sleep". His soundcloud page notes three of his talents "Singer, Producer, Engineer", so we get an idea of what we can expect.

The Fight Me trio drops off their first official release, and it bangs in the speaker. UG Vavy get the credit for this production, as we get a song titled "Annie". 

Snoop Dogg ft. Jeremih - Point Seen Money Gone

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The start of a brand new work week brings another Jeremih assisted track, this time the OG Snoop Dogg connects with the Chicago crooner for his "Point Seen Money Gone" song. In the meantime, Snoop is gearing up to release his fourteenth album next week.
Jeremih is currently working on his fourth studio, Later Than Night and then his collab project with PartyNextDoor.

No I.D. Makes Guest Appearance on Soulection Radio

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No I.D. makes a rare appearance on Soulection Radio Show, where he talked about Common's upcoming project. He talks about being a creation and business man as Def Jam's Vice President. "Who would thing Bow Wow would be my first number one record", says No I.D. Soulection Radio premiered new music from Common as well, which they're saying will be on his upcoming album.

Wheatie - No Problems (Video)

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Drinking Henny amongst friends with some barbecue, with out a hitch. Wheatie delivers the video for the track "No Problems", bringing his people out to enjoy a sunny day, weed, and mostly getting the munching. Watch below.

Tink - Count It Up

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Returning to the scene with her latest single, Tink delivers a Jahlil Beats produced track titled, "Count It Up". Gearing up for her debut studio project later this year under the eyes of her mentor hit maker Timbaland, the young female emcee comes with a motivational R&B cut to reflect on her hustle and the many obstacles she's overcome. Showing off such a revolving flow, we can only imagine how distinct her sound will be for her major label debut this year.

Vic Mensa ft. Le1f, Halsey, Lil B & Malik Yusef - Free Love

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In the wake of the incidents that took place in Orlando earlier this month and the Pride parades occurring throughout major cities including Chicago, many have spoken out to show support to the LGBTQ community. Vic Mensa is the latest to show support to the community with his latest release "Free Love".

Mensa is no stranger to addressing current events and issues. His "There's Alot Going On" EP, expresses his thoughts on systematic oppression, and police brutality involving Blacks in America. It was only right that the Roc Nation rapper shares his thoughts on this issue. Enlisting a strong cast of artists that includes openly gay rapper Le1f, techno singer Halsey, rapper Lil B the Based God, and poet Malik Yuself- these artists use the universal language of music to show their support for LGBTQ rights.

G Herbo 'XXL Freshman Freestyle + Interview

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photo credit via twitter
On Twitter we'd seen G Herbo become restless about his turn for everyone to see his XXL Freshman 2016 Freestyle. With so much talk about the way Desiigner presented his freestyle, which really wasn't a freestyle or a rap, we felt G Herbo's frustration of being impatient. But, the day after the BET Awards, which was much talked about via social media, we get Herb's bars and also a interview.

Rocking a vest, that I'll assume is bulletproof, we get rap that paint a picture of a stark experience. One thing to point out is that Herb spits for over 2 minutes, which is pretty lengthy considering I can't remember anyone rapping that long. He had plenty to say about how things that he did could have taken a far left turn for the worse, so in the end "look at me now, tell me congratulation".

With the freestyle, there's an interview where we gives some insight as to what G Herbo's plans for his career on the business side and dropping a album in the Fall. He talks about having is own company, 150 Dream Team, which is teamed with Machine Ent. G Herbo looks to stay independent, as he says "I like being independent, it make me smart, it make me stay on my business, it help me learn the business". Watch the both the freestyle and interview below.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Joel Quentez - Tunnel Vision (Mixtape)

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Relative newcomer, Joel Quentez, has been garnering our attention with introspective music through lyric driven raps. He's been slowly building toward this new project through numerous releases like "One Year". Here's a rapper who bringing good raps, but is still a developing sound with growing to be done, that puts us in the mind of Cole. For this new project, Joel presents 13 tracks with contributions from Tripz Traxx, Van'Go, Panamera P, and Ju Cannon. Stream the full project below.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Aced Spade ft. Marko Stat$ - Free (Moving Forward)

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Aced Spade is a producer who's worked heavily with Marko Stat$. Previously we heard his sound on songs like "Nobody", "Melee", and "Both of Us". Today we get another track where we hear their combined talents on a track titled "Free", Which is from Aced Spade new project "Positive Vibes Only".

Listen to the full project here

Legit - Fatality

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Legit is preparing to hit the stage at Logan Square Arts Fest after show, along side Marimoto, Jovan Landry, and Charlie Curtis Beard, June 25th. So before showtime he decides to let loose a new track, with a tranquil edge to it, called "Fatality", produced by TyYouGenius.

Martin $ky - All Black All Summer

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"If Anybody Ever Told You That They Know Me, They Lied". Its a mouth full right? But that's just what type of point Martin $ky plans to make throughout his upcoming project. In an artists' career there's growth and change, quite possibly that what the title represents. So for his single release fans are getting to hear a developed sound, from the raps to the production on a track called "All Black All Summer".

600Breezy ft. OJ Da Juiceman - Fifty (Video)

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Last month 600Breezy release a new project titled "George Gervin: Ice Man Edition", delivering 15 tracks. Today we get a new visual from the project, featuring OJ Da Juiceman, for the song "Fifty". Watch below.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Supa Bwe - Jubilee

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Supa Bwe has a lot going on. But when doesn't he have his hands and mind into something new. From group artist to solo artist, and back to teaming up with other artist once again, he along with UG Vavy and Shepard Hues have formed Fight Me. At the same time Supa is working toward the release of his upcoming project "Dead Again 3". Today we get a new single from the project called "Jubilee", handling the production himself. "Dead Again 3" drop July 4th.

The Game ft. Jeremih - All Eyez

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When mentioning today's top popular R&B artists there is no doubt that Jeremih should be in that list. Apparently, West Coast native The Game feels the same way as he grabs the R&B crooner for the hook on his Scott Storch produced "All Eyez" single.
Check out the summer collab from The Game and Jeremih.

Naybahood - Double (Video)

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Keeping the new releases coming, Naybahood recently dropped off a new video, teaming up with TevDesh Production, for the song "Double". Watch below.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Sunny Woodz ft. Supa Bwe & Twista - Princess Kaguya Remix

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In 2015 Supa Bwe enlisted Jaymz V for a track called "Princess Kaguya", referencing a popular anime movie. Today we get the remix, with a new verse from Twista, and of course Zen Zan on the production.

Lud Foe & Johnny May Cash - 50 Shots

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Johnny May Cash and Lud Foe connect for a new track called "50 Shots", produced by Spank and Kid Wond3r Beats.

brandUn DeShay - Summer Getaway

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Switch things up for this newness, producer/rapper brandUn DeShay drops off a smooth record called "Summer Getaway". Latrell James handles the production as DeShay deliver melodious vocals centered on getting away with a special someone for the hot season. "goldUn Child: 2" coming soon.

Mayowa - Fight This Feeling

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Back in the Chi, Mayowa marks his return with a new song release. Getting production from Milo Mills, we are present with a upbeat track called "Fight This Feeling"

Album/Song Cover Art & Some Of The Artist Who Create Them

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When opening up the app to Twitter or Facebook on your phone or computer, aiming to scroll and catch up on the conversations happening amongst the crowd. You just so happen to stumble upon a link to new music from your favorite artist, or even a artist you've been aiming to checkout. What's the first thing that you see either before you click the link or when you enter the music blog? In many cases we get a creative piece of art that accompanies the music, as a sort of presentation before you click the play button.

In the earlier days of the music industry album art came fitted on a sleeve for 78 rpm records(vinyl). With credit of the first album cover going to Alex Steinweiss, earlier album featured reproduction of classic as well a original design, not different at all from today. Only difference being the technology we use to create it. As others companies and artist followed the idea of packaging and presenting music this way, colorful creative , and meaningful artwork is now an important part in marketing music.

With the change in technology, such as the creation of the compact disc and personal computers, album art had become even more detailed. CDs include booklets, in those booklets we get even more art, in many cases giving listeners a deeper visual view behind the meaning of the music. Now in the digital age, where there's music blogs, streaming sites like soundcloud and audiomack, we not only get album art but track and single art as well. If one rapper drops 10 songs over the course of 5 months, a graphic designer will possibly be employed to create 10 different pieces. Since consumption of Hip Hop has change album/track art is a pivotal part of marketing music to the people, with programs like GIMP, Photoshop, Illustrator, and others, being used to construct them.

Many times, but not all the time, album art plays a role in music discovery. Art is relative to each person, depending on what draws your attention. Consider if the visual art for the music isn't good, would you be less likely to checkout the music if you're not familiar with the rapper? Great album and track art also presents a story along with great music. In this editorial we pinpoint a few artist from Chicago creating the covers we see accompanying the music in recent time.

Brill - Fall Back King

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When things aren't working in a relationship, sometime you just have to fall back. Brill understands this well as he's the "Fall Back King", singing over from production from Untamedbst and Davi$ Dope. Look for his new project "SaveMoney For RNB" to drop soon.

Weasel Sims - Prey 4 Paris (Mixtape)

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Dedicated to his fallen friend, Weasel Sims releases his new mixtape "Prey 4 Paris". He deliver the follow up project, since dropping "Road 2 Ran", which was his return to consistency in music. Gritty and energetic, Sims presents listeners with 16 tracks, with contribution from C-Sick, DY of 808 mafia, Mike Jaxx, LawBeatz, Logic'84,and DJ Bari, Logic '84 Of A.N.I.C and more. Stream below.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Famous Dex - Wow (Video)

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Once again teaming up with Laka Films, Famous Dex drops his latest video, hitting the lake front for in "Wow". Watch below.

Max Wonders - Malibu Beach Trip

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As "Hues t0 Blame", the upcoming project from Max Wonders, nears its release we get a new loose track. Wonders goes on a journey over production from Tahmi, for track titled "Malibu Beach Trip". Its the Summer time, hands up and enjoy.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Logan Cage - The New Wave (EP)

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Logan and his team have continued demonstrate a consistent work ethic, delivering new music for the fans. Bringing personal experiences combined with inner thoughts and a steady stream of material, we were well aware of what was to come. Now his new project is finally here, "The New Wave", a title that set itself as a pretty high standard, Logan drops a six song EP. The Feo Mob representative has definitely delivered a new wave of sound, spitting heart felt lyrics drawing in the people as to he is as a artist. Saba, Flight, and Rockie Fresh all contribute to this new project, which is available for stream right now.

Dreezy ft. T-Pain - Close To You

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After dropping a new track with Gucci Mane, Dreezy return with yet another track. This time she's join by T-Pain for serene song called "Close To You".

Philmore Greene - Figure It Out

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Prod by Oddisee (from the "Odd Tape" project)

For the latest edition in the 'Philmore Mondays' music series, we get a track that takes us through a relationship of ups and plenty downs. Beginning with a cut from the movie 'Baby Boy', we get a sense of what the theme of the song is, a love story about connections and disconnection that encourage one to "Figure It Out".

Kembe X - 10 Feet Tall

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If you've been to see Kembe X live during the time he was touring, then you may have heard him perform this one live. He's gearing up to drop a new project called "Talk Back", which we've been hearing about since last year. As he continued to work towards its completion, Kembe dropped the title track of "Talk Back" and a video, kicking things off with a strong release. Today he drops "10 Feet Tall", an official release, getting production from Bentley Hazelwood for a single called "10 Feet Tall".

Naybahood - Sucks To Be You

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Naybahood flips Rihanna's "Needed Me", with a pity for those he's at odds with for a song rendition called "Suck To Be You". "If I gotta win, someone gotta lose, it sucks to be you". Expect a new Press play and drop a comment below.

The Boy Illinois - So Fresh So Clean

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In 2001 OutKast release the third single from their album "Stankonia", adding a bit more fun to the world with a song. Now in 2016, Chicago's own gets a hold of the Organized Noize produced track, for a "So Fresh So Clean" Illi remix. 

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Black Matt - Piss Drunx

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We're still waiting [patiently] for the release of "MERCH", the upcoming project from Black Matt. But as we wait, he continues to drop off new record while he works to bring the best material for the fans. Matty recently liberated a new song dedicated OG Baker Boys skate crew, getting production from Must Be Illy, for "Piss Drunx".


Friday, June 17, 2016

G.o.D. Jewels - Western Ave Flows

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As he puts it, a "four minute conversation set to instrumental", with "more bars than your xanny dealer, G.o.D. Jewels drops off a new track. He's been on a roll with new material, from "Thirty Freestyle", and "OJ" to a new video, Jewels keeps it going with a his latest titled  "Western Ave Flows".

DJ Twin ft. Sean Kingston, Lil Bibby, & G Herbo - They Know Us

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DJ Twin looks to drop a new EP June 25th, titled "Day 1". He liberates a new single from the upcoming project, called "They Know Us", getting Sean Kingston, Lil Bibby, and G Herbo for featured verses.

The Hood Internet & ShowYouSuck Form Air Credits, Drop Song Snippets

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The Hood Internet, a production duo out of Chicago, are teaming up with a CCHH favorite ShowYouSuck, forming a group called Air Credits. We were warned in advance that this was coming, as Show was getting to release "Bummer". With the announcement of this new band formation, fans of the Hood Internet and ShowYouSuck will get to hear fresh new music as they debut what they've been cooking live, July 7th at Double Door. Before they hit the stage we get a preview of new music, titled "All I Need", parts one and two.

Esohel - Faded AF

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Elevated, way up, Esohel liberates his latest track that definitely hold a smokers vibe. He gets production from Custom Made and 21 Grams, who provide the laid back feel for "Faded AF".

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Famous Dex - Heartbreak Kid (Mixtape)

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Famous Dex's career in music continues to be on a upward pace, delivering a type of evergy that draws in the crowd. Recently he's aligned himself with Rich The Kid and 300 Ent., getting a cosign and a small machine behind him. Dex recently release his new mixtape "Heartbreak Kid", hosted by DJ Shon, holding 12 tracks. He gets features from Lil Yatchy, Rich the Kid, Lite Fortunato, and Chino. Stream and download below.

Towkio ft. Joey Purp - Playin Fair

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Joey Purp, fresh off a new project release, joins his SaveMoney brethren Towkio for a new track called "Playin Fair". Towkio is working on a new project, which this track might be the initial single, produced by Smoko Ono and Garren. We get a very high energy song, that brings back the days of Crunk. Think Lil Jon and the East Side Boys.