Sunday, July 31, 2016

Noname - Telefone (Album)

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Its better to have finally got it at some point, then to not have gotten it at all. This is how we're approaching the length of time it took for Noname to return with a new project. While she rarely drops music, fans have continued to keep an enthusiastic interest in her, possibly from live performances, features, and behind the scene work. There's been some minor changes in her career, such as dropping Gypsy from her rap moniker. Which was a move to respect the culture of Gypsy people. None of the assumed single she's released are featured on the project, so we're getting all original, fresh music.

Today Noname proves the project "Telefone" is real with its release. The project is 10 songs deep, with production from Cam O'bi, Phoelix, Saba, Monte Book, and fellow artist joining her are theMIND, Xaviar Omar, Rayn Lenae, Joseph Chilliams, and Smino.

3 Releases To Checkout From July

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Back at it with another Pick Three. July 2016 comes to an end, so we're here to highlight three songs posted from or simply release during the month. While there's been plenty of mixtape, albums, and singles that are good but let's just focus on three.

Xspo - Look Around You

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With a super soulful sample of Bobby Womack vocals, Xspo is back with new music. This one is definitely a track to ride to, using Womack's vocal to expresses a need to "Look Around You". 

Saturday, July 30, 2016

International Maverick - 4PM In Chicago Freestyle (Video)

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Been out in Cali so long I guess he was feeling home sick. Maverick returns to Chicago for a new video to the song ''4PM In Chicago''. Watch below.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Black Matt - MERCH (EP)

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Earlier this year we had the chance of talking with Black Matt about his style and his new project. We were given a bit of insight of the man behind the music. But some time has past since then, we've heard some loose records, but now we get the full project called "MERCH". Bringing listeners Punk Rap, what he called "lifestyle music", this new project holds 7 original tracks, minimal features, and produced by RMB Justize. Stream below.

Alex Wiley - See Me High

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Last year, Alex Wiley was talking about a project titled, "Synthia", that was ultimately put on hold. Instead he dropped "Village Party 2", which then led to "Tangerine Dream". Just over the middle of  2016 he's returning to "Synthia", delivering the first single. He get production from Mike Gao for song called "See Me High".

G.o.D. Jewels - No Chills

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G.o.D Jewels' continues to keep them raps coming. He recently dropped off a new record, production by Crystal Tokyo, for a release titled "No Chills".

Kanye West ft. Vic Mensa & Sia - Wolves (Video)

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The song that was a large focus at his own fashion show, gets the video addition. Directed by Steven Klein, Yeezy delivers a seven minute Balmain commercial, set in black and white, featuring Vic Mensa and Sia. Watch below.

DGainz ft. Que Neuman - Elevated (Video)

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Finding you sound and keeping this consistent are two very important aspect of have a music career. DGainz seems to have pinpoint that, with the releases he's been dropping off, only time will tell whether it all comes into fruition. For this new video and song release, he teams up with Que Neuman, who we've seen in previous videos, for "Elevated". Gainz handles the production himself alongside BSG Buddy. Watch video below.

Ohana Bam - Blow Your Mind

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Ohana Bam drops new music, getting production from D Phelps and Jabari Rayford, for a uplifting anthemic track. Don't underestimate him, he just might "Blow Your Mind".

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Professor Fox ft. Logan Cage, ShowYouSuck & Add-2 - Had To Look

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Back in May, Professor Fox released a snippet of this track, delivering Logan Cage's verse. Today we the full track, of ShowYouSuck and Add-2, with Logan for a song titled "Had To Look".

Saba - Symmetry

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Its been about 2 years since Saba released "ComfortZome", he's undoubtedly reached new heights in notoriety as an artist. Choosing not to rush thing, he's been working on a new project which he announced not to long ago with a single from from said project. The campaign toward the next full length release kicks off with a song titled "Symmetry", that can be describe as a sultry attraction in pursuit of a partner. Ken Ross handles the production, who also produced "Time Zone" from the previous project, providing a warm, mellow, mood. 

Cool Neighbors - Eff It Freestyle

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Black Matt and RMB Justize are Cool Neighbors, with new music. These two have been working individually on their own projects, but aren't to busy to continue teaming up. Listen to their lastest titled "Eff It"

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Esohel - Nacho Usual (Mixtape)

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Let me start by saying that Esohel has dropped off some pretty solid tracks leading up to today, and you shouldn't miss out on what he's doing. This emcee of Mexican heritage has been gearing up for this new release, dropping good songs like "Faded", "Peligro", and "React", hitting us with bilingual bars. PLA, Custom Made, and 21 Grams, have definitely showed their skill in production, delivering the track's backdrops that are full of energy. Esohel stars in "Nacho Usual", a mixtape full of standout songs to put him on the radar if he's not already on it. Steam and download below.

Psalm One & Angelenah - Gender, Fender, Bender (Album)

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A veteran emcee that's held the titled of "First Lady of Rhymesayers", dealt with ups and downs in her career, continues to deliver consistent material to the fans. Psalm One continues on her path with a new project called "Gender Fender Bender", and its packed. Often times people get stuck in what the rest of the industry is doing, that we don't go for our own ways of connecting and making a lasting relationship with the people. Everyone takes the same route of delivery but for this new album Psalm aims to bring something special.

"Gender Fender Bender", is triple disc album, only available in physical form, directly from her. No streaming on iTunes, Soundcloud, etc. The only other Hip Hop artist who, I can think of that, attempted this was Lupe Fiasco, which he canceled, called "LupEND". While releasing a disc album is obviously nothing new, Psalm does channel ones love of the exclusive things and demonstrates that we can't consider CDs antiques just yet. Selling a album that you can only get directly, in the physical, at limited quantity, is essentially a item for collectors. This is album that truly show what independent artist are about.

Three disc, three parts, but not all Psalm One, Angelenah, the fellow Rapper Chicks member, takes over to star on the "Bender"disc". Throughout the full project she gets MURS, ProbCause, PROF, Longshot, Add-2, Vic Spencer, Yomi, and many more with production from OnGaud, Optiks, Doc Da Mindbenda, Mulatto Patriot, and Wes P, to name a few.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Femdot - thr(we) (EP)

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Back in April Femdot dropped off the EP "fo(u)r", a project that rejuvenated our attention of this emcee. Since then he's kept busy, dropping videos and and working on something new. So months later and a"King Dilla Freestyle", Femdot is at it again with "thr(we)", a five track EP. Partially a pre-celebration of his birthday(he's almost of age for the titty bar), as an emcee it bars on bars, expressing his thoughts through inspired delivery. "fo(u)r" and "thr(we)" are two pieces of cohesiveness series, so if you haven't heard the previous checkout it first, and stream that new, below.

Squeak - diamonds4irene

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If you've been to a PIVOT Gang show to see it members perform then you've surely notice the bearded dread head guy on the DJ duties. His name is Squeak, also a member of PIVOT, and also a producer. His production is fairly new to us, as he holds credit for the "Work For Me", the DinnerWithJohn and MFnMelo track, as well as remixing "One In a Million". Today we bring you Squeak handling the production on his own, an original beat, that gets live instruments combined with sample vocals. Harpist[singer, producer, dreamer] named Yomi, a the Bass player Brian Sandborn, and his friend Daoud who's vocals were sampled, all contribute to this new track. All this is arranged to create what is titled "damonds4irene"

Joey Purp & Vic Mensa On Sway In The Morning (Video)

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Vic Mensa and Joey Purp headed to New York, while there they join Sway on his morning show. Their conversation centered on helping a fans who was going through a tough time(who was actually there), Vic plane incident, and the two SaveMoney rapper dropped a tag team freestyle. Watch below.

Joel Quentez - Faith (Video)

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Dealing with hood struggles, police harassment, and over systematic racism, can be heavy on the mind, body and soul. Through it all it can feel hard to see the brighter side of things . Joel Quentez centers on keeping the "Faith" with this visual that takes you through a day of hardships. Referencing some of the most recent tragedies, we are presented with those issues with a possible ending, shot/directed by Dinero Films. This is from his latest project release "Tunnel Vision", which is available now. Watch the video below.

Calez - Operation Takeover

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We now have a release date for Calez upcoming project, "Baby", which is set for August 19th, While this doesn't seem to be an official single from the project just a promo track, he's getting fans ready for what's to come. He handles the production himself, providing a track of proclamation, titled "Operation Takeover". We already heard two official single from the upcoming project, the titled track and "Problematic", a demonstration of the route his taking with this new project. Press play and comment below.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Philmore Greene - Keep Dreaming (Breakfast With Freddie Mae)

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Philmore Greene is one of those artist who presents a message when dropping off these bars. Never getting preachy in his lyrics, more of a perspective, grabbing hold of the lane where emcees dwell. Today we get another song, part of his weekly drops, that holds a very soulful sample. Spitting words that reach deep, Philmore comes to you with "Keep Dreaming", centered on everyday struggles. Press play, enjoy, and comment below.

Tickets To Go On Sale For Chance The Rapper's Magnificent Coloring Day Concert

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The "Coloring Book" mixtape release has been a huge milestone in Chance The Rapper's career. The rapper has deliver one of the best marketing campaigns that stuck to being organic and connecting with the fans directly. As we're pretty sure he'll hit the road for the project, he on his way back to Chicago with big plans for his upcoming show.

As you should know by now, Chance has built a relationship with the White Sox organization. From this relationship he's been able to secure his spot for a concert at the Cellular Field stadium. Something that rarely happen.

This is pretty huge for the city, as the Magnificent Coloring Day is set to bring in some of the most popular current artist. Along with Special Guests, Lil Uzi Vert, Young Thug, Tyler The Creator, Lil Wayne, Alicia Keys, John Legend, 2 Chainz, and Skrillex will be hitting the stage. This all takes place September 24th 2016, with tickets going on sale today, July 25th, at

Lloyd Dotdot ft. Pseudo Slang - Lay Low

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Lloyd Dotdot aka DotKom, one half of theWHOevers, teams up with Pseudo Slang for over Japandrew for a laid Hip Hop track called "Lay Low".

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Saint TGB & Hi Money - Take That No

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Saint The GoodBoy and Hi Money team up for a track that expresses a drive to never let anyone tell them no. Saint TGB handle the production, providing a speaker rattler and deliver some high energy bars along side Hi Money who drops bars that you feel in your heart. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Famous Dex - Geek On A Bitch (Video)

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Dropping multiple releases this past week, Famous Dex keeps the them coming with another one. The high energy rapper drops new video a song called "Geek On A Bitch", shot by Laka Films. Watch below.

DGainz - Some Money (Video)

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DGainz always seems to be having the most fun in his videos. He returns with a new track called "Some Money", self produced, with a super laid back vibe. "Do you got money in the bank, gas in the tank?" If the answer is no, then you better some bread. Watch below.

Lil Bibby - John Snow

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Lil Bibby drops off a new track, grabbing inspiration from the hit show 'Game of Thrones', called "John Snow".

Machine Gun Kelly ft. Chief Keef - Young Man

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Machine Gun Kelly gets a verse from Chief Keef, for a hard knocking yet menacing track titled "Young Man". Stream below.

Lil Durk - LilDurk2x (Album)

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What initially started out as a mixtape turned into a album release, with multiple push backs, hits the net. While to a fan, it can make the ears impatient, but what would you rather have, his best or half ass work? With multiple single already released leading up to this new album, Lil Durk deliver "LilDurk2x". We get a bit of the melodic raps, but its a lot less than what we previously heard. Delivering 13 new tracks, he gets features from Future, Young Thug, Ty Dolla $ign, Yo Gotti, and Dej Loaf. Stream below.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

I.B.C.L.A.S.S.I.C. & Tree - All Dat

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Following their debut single as team, joining force for a new project. Tree and I.B.C.L.A.S.S.I.C. return with a second single. Tree drops the Soul Trap raps and I.B. delivers a piano fill good backdrop. Press play on "All Dat" and lookout for their project "IBTree".

UG Vavy - Bussin'

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And another one. Catchy, qoutable filled, party rocking, based banging, new track from UG Vavy is a added addition to the list of good songs since returning with "Sport It". Giving fair warning before its release, UG handles the production for this one, which is not uncommon. He clearly knows the sound and audience he aiming to reach, as the backdrop of his music gives the body no choice but to be over come with energy. Switching "lit" for "Bussin", you know where he's coming from with this one, press play and enjoy.

Gucci Mane ft. Kanye West - Pussy Print

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Spotted at OnSmash, there a new leak that hit the net, from Gucci Mane. He's been making headline talking about his sobriety. Today we get to hear new music with Kanye West as the featured artist, on a song called "Pussy Print". Listen before its gone.

Lil Durk ft. Future - Hated On Me

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"Lil Durk 2z" drops tomorrow, by this time the fans should well informed on what to be expected. Before this the album hit the net, Durk grabs a feature from ATL's Future for a single called "Hated On Me".

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

DinnerWithJohn - Sundress Season

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Prod. by k-iLL

Its just something about a women in a sundress. DinnerWithJohn dedicates this one to the Summer, aka "Sundress Season". Look for his self titled upcoming project in the near future.

Weasel Sims - 4 5 6 (Video)

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Weasel Sims brought some prime raps when he release his new mixtape "Prey 4 Paris". He keeps it going with a new video from said project, for the Law Beatz produced record "4 5 6". Watch below.
"For the record, 4,5,6 (Produced by Law Beatz) is not a diss record. There's a whole story behind it. I'm a street, hip hop artist, so gang culture is almost expected and accepted with most street artist. All I'm saying is, people are who they are and that's cool but I'm just a 4 corner Hustler period!" Born and raised. I make reference to hoover because (its the biggest, nationally accepted and respected gang from Chicago) even tho there are similarities, I'm cut from a totally different cloth. I'm clearing the record to let it be known that there are all types of things going on in the streets of Chicago, but I'm just a product of my side of town and my upbringing. I'm coming with that new age Bump J approach."

Lil Durk - LilDurk2x (Video)

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"I'm just doing me", Lil Durk proclaims in this new video for the single "LilDurk2x". This is also the title track from of his upcoming album, which is set to drop July 22nd, Def Jam seems to really behind him on this, from multiple single releases, big features, and plenty videos. With all that we've heard from the album, Durk has given ample ideas as to what we can expect from his next project. Watch below.

Jeremih - Late Nights: Europe (Free Album)

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So there's been "Late Nights" mixtape, "Late Nights: The Album", and now we get a new "Late Nights" project in 2016. Jeremih has been delivering some great music for some time, and many other artist have been grabbing his talents for their songs. 50 Cent is a big supporter of his sound, and he has undeniable hits, which I still don't think he get enough credit for.

With this new free album, Jeremih takes it international with "Late Nights: Europe". Delivering 13 and multiple style and sound, the singer looks to continue his 'Nights' streak. Getting production from Reno, Soundz, Brilliance and more, he teams up with fellow artist GHerbo, The Game, Ty Dolla $ign, K Camp, Wiz Khalifa, and more. Stream and download below.

Charmz Valkom ft. Trap Sinatra - In It 2 Win It

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If you're not in it top be at the top of success, then what you do you do it for. Charmz Valkom is back with a new track, produced by JGramm, Its Purp, and Jack Red, with a high energy sound that's centered on the grid from the perspectives of being on the come up. Trap Sinatra joins him, as the two artist deliver verses to match the beat on "In It 2 Win It". 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Femdot - King Dilla Freestyle (Video)

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Femdot drops a new video for the Mike Wavvs  produced song "King Dilla". He teams up with cole Bennett, who handle the visual editing, where we get different scene of Dot dropping bars no matter the element. Lookout for new project from him soon and watch the video below.

Updated: Chance The Rapper ft. Jeremih, Big Sean & Smino - Living Single

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In an interview wit Zane Lowe, Chance The Rapper spoke of song that didn't make "Coloring Book". This new release is possibly one those record that labels got in the way of the people hearing. Like Chance said "If one more label try to stop me..". For this new release Big Sean, Smino, and Jeremih join him over production from Cam O'bi, grabbing inspiration from the classic sitcom "Living Single".


The song that dropped by in July sees the light of day again with a official version. Previously thought to be a loose track that didn't make Chance's "Coloring Book", is now said to be a Big Sean single that was set for his 2017 album. Hear it below.

Jeremih ft. K. Camp, & Wiz Khalifa - Dubai

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"Dubai", a destination trip that many of those with deep pocket head to, gets a celebratory track. Mr. LateNights, Jeremih, drops off a new track that I'm assuming is dedicated to a good time in that city. He's joined by K Champ and Wiz Khalifa on a song that seems to be a single from a new project. There's been a tracklist released via instagram, but no work on when its going to drop.

Billionaire Black & FBG Duck - F*ck You & Leave (Video)

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FBG Duck and Billionaire Black get into some melodic raps, in this new auto-tune filled record called "Fuck You & Leave". Can't mistake this for a love song, because the title says it all. DGainz handles the visual direction, presenting a party scene, and Henny, which is my favorite drink. Watch below.

Qari - Point Of View

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"This song is pretty old. just wanted to put out a snippet", says Qari, as fans get a new track that's probably thanks to pressure from Wisam(all in fun). Mulatto handles the production, who delivers a eerie echo sound combined with hard claps. Qari comes in with a echoed vocals, a relax pace in tempo for track titled "Point Of View". It seems that he has a project that is ready for liberation but there no date set as of yet, so fans will just have to wait patiently.

Famous Dex - OK Dexter (Video)

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"Use to jump gates, now I'm geeking on the stage", Famous Dex continues to bring his eccentric energy with this new song and video. Watch the video below.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Bo Deal - Botivation (Mixtape)

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Following up from "Chicago Code 4", his previous mixtape, Bo Deal is back at with a new one called "Botivation". As he says it "everybody need motivation", so that's what he's here to do. Coming out of retirement, or rather postponing retirement, there's been a couple things we're looking to hear from him. Of course there's more music coming, but I also want to hear what a collaboration project between Bo Deal and Sly Polaroid would sound like. No new updates on that though. For this new full length release, he deliver 18 new tracks with features from Waka Flocka Flame, Leoski D, Montana of 300, T Wayne, Cicero and more. Stream and download below.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Billionaire Black - Billion Dollar Man (Mixtape)

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This guy drops or announces so much music, the work ethic is evident. Though sometimes we wonder what's going to drop first. Today the Clout God/FBG member liberate his new mixtape, hosted by Ydot Gdot, called "Billion Dollar Man". Holding 12 track he gets features from Frenchie, Famous Dex, RGF, Righteous, FBG Duck, and P Plus. Listen and download below.

Akenya. - Disappear (Video)

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Some time ago a video was share where Nonmane handed the stage over to this singer who's voice echo through room and garnered love from the crowd. This artist would become known to us as Akenya., who also had been featured on a record with Noname and Via Rosa titled "Take You Back". Seven month ago she released an intoxicating, rhythmic single that sonically grabs influence from Jazz and Hip Hop, called "Disappear". Today she returns with a new visual for the single teaming up with director Todd Burr, for a black and white scenes across Chicago's cityscape. As she explains in a interview with FADER "The spacious shots of Chicago and its many 'El' stations kind of create an urban Alice in Wonderland effect.".

Kembe X - Talk Back (Album)

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One thing is for sure, Kembe X drops qualtiy raps. He's been delivering music throughout the last some odd months, preparing for something big. Most recently we heard "Welcome To America, "10ft Tall", and "Work Week", all added additions to his growing catalog. X broke the new of a new project via social media and before we could fully take it all in, we were presented with the long await "Talk Back" album. Holding 14 song, Kembe get production from The Antydote, Bentley Hazelwood, Hippie Sabotage, Crooklin, and DJ Fu. Listen below.

Lucki - 6th Sense

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"In the middle of the party I see ghost", the Freewave continues with supreme track production. Lucki delivers a new song titled "6th Sense".

600Breezy - Six0 Shit Part 2 (Video)

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If you downloaded the mixtape "George Gervin: Ice Man Edition" then you heard part one, "Six0 Shit", produced by Drew Taylor Deemoney. 600Breezy recently dropped a new video for part two of the song, a "Six0 Breezo Part 2". Watch below.