Friday, September 30, 2016

Adam Tarantino ft. Keenan Coke - Filthy

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Its a F.A.M. affair, as Adam Tarantino heads new track, featuring Keenan Coke with production from Kevin Frytz. Hitting us with some speaker rattling sounds, this is a track center on monetary ambitions, titled "Filthy". Expect a new project from Adam Tarantino October 19th called "Adam Bomb".

New Chicago Artist Collective, F.A.M., Aims To Make Their Place Music: Part 2

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The collective looking to build a name in the city of Chicago and beyond, F.A.M.: Finest Among Many, recently sat with CCHH to tell their story. In this latest interviews the group joked, talked about their intent as a collective, and more member showed up as we continues. Watch as we talked future plans and more. Watch below.

Catch them at Iridium October 15th for a meet & greet.

Lil Durk - Perky's Callin

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Lil Durk is heading on tour for the '2x' album, and today he premiers some new music. He drops off "Perky's Callin" rendition, hopping on the Future track to take a trip down memory lane.

Goody - 2 Minute Drill

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About a week ago Goody deliver a song titled "Nobody", he keeps the new sounds coming with the follow-up track "2 Minute Drill".

Ravyn Lenae - Alive

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With Monte Booker's lively production under her, Ravyn Lenae delivers a new track titled "Alive".

N.E.P.H.E.W ft. Weasel Sims - Kingston (Video)

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The Summer of last year N.E.P.H.E.W dropped off his EP "Gratitude: A-Side", before that he found his music being place in movies, music, and games. His grind seems to being paying off as he's signed a deal with Song/Viacom. But the work doesn't stop there, today he returns with a new video from last years EP. Weasel Sims joins him and dancer Stacey "Jukeboxx" Letrice leads, in this Belly inspired visual for "Kingston". Watch below.

Lud Foe - Bout Shit

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Lud Foe continues to build his buzz as one of the latest and hottest up and comers. He recently deliver a track called "Bout Shit", with frequent collaborator KidWond3r who handles the production.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Dally Auston - Bitch I'm Beautiful

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Been a minute but he's back down with something new. Dally Auston delivers a uplifting record focused on a the beautiful of life. "I see life gorgeous as it could be. through the mud. .through it all. your suppose endure it all good and bad. And that's beauty", says Auston. Press play on "Bitch I'm Beautiful".

brandUn DeShay - Long Time, No See (Video)

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"Long Time, No See", a new video and song from brandUn DeShay, is centered on a relationships that shows its ups and down. He raps of a distance between him and the one he loves, a sort of struggle of in their relationship, but not letting it drive them apart. DeShay dives into some true singing with this one, no melodic raps, possible something we'll hear more of on his upcoming project. The video kicks off with a nose bleed, something we've seen in Anime, which continues to be a driving influence(as well as Japanese culture as a whole) in the music he makes. Watch the video below.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Mpulse - Make A Wave

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Mpulse delivers a personal anthem, a motivational record that, give thanks to those who support, and lets the listen know he'll fight through the struggle.

Joseph Chilliams - Obama Care

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Seems every member in PIVOT has a new project on the way, and Joseph Chilliams is here to remind us of his. Getting production from his brother Saba, who's been working toward the release of "Bucket List", we get something of a teaser track, its short but sweet. Chilliams, in a short time, delivers witty raps and reps his squad, for a song called "Obama Care". Be on the look out for this upcoming solo project "Henry Church".

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

DGainz - Ain't Been (Video)

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With his debut album out, DGainz deliver a new video from the project for the song "Ain't Been". He fully a rapper with this release, handing over visual direction duties to Triston H. Gainz and friends his the open planes of nature on ATVs and bonfire for a good time. Watch the video below.

Listen to "Mogul Muzik", "The Tale of Big Body Fiji" + Watch him cook

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As Chicago continues to to be a hub of all different sounds and style of music, we'll continues to be on a mission of discovery. Which means when we hear something that can quite possibly get consistent coverage it goes up. Enter Big Body Fiji, a new name to us, that instead of soundcloud link in his bio he gives us his Xvideos profile, a insight into his tastes (great taste by the way).

Over the last nine months he drops a few songs that people seem to draw to the most one of them is "The Tale fo Big Body Fiji". This one is a half singing half rapping catchy piece with a video to accompany it, that shows a fun loving attitude. As he says "Hottest shit since Hurricane Chris - Playas Rock".

Logan Cage ft. Taylor Bennett - Play No Games

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The campaign continues. Logan decides to liberate a track that definitely meant for the car speakers, turned loud to abuse the speaker. For the third single release he enlists Taylor Bennett for "Play No Games". His upcoming project "Still Iconic" will impact very soon.

A Conversation With Marko Stat$ & Aced Spade - Part 2

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Marko Stat$ is building his catalog, with one project under his belt, multiple videos, and more to come. Aced Spade, a producer, handled the production on Marko's debut project, dropped his production album and just recently released a new song. I talked to these two guys about their interest and influences, plus more. Watch part two of our interview below.

Soulja Boy & Chief Keef - I'm Up Now

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Two rappers who have used the internet to kick start their career team up on a track called "I'm Up Now". Soulja Boy who is gearing up to release a project in the following months links with Chi's drill pioneer rapper Chief Keef. The two young rappers rhyme over a very free melodic type of instrumental to perhaps give off the message like hey "I'm Up Now" and who cares what people think.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Common ft. Stevie Wonder - Black America Again

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Politically charged Common uses his platform to share a powerful message via music. In the wake of yet another killing of an unarmed black man in the hands of police, this message had to be told immediately. The rapper goes on to express his frustration with the ongoing race issues here in America with addressing the corrupt system and name dropping those who have tragically fallen victim to police brutality. Being labeled as a "rallying cry and call to action" he is joined by Stevie Wonder for vocals as well as appearances by Chuck D and MC Lyte for the socially conscious track.

Tink - OOOUUU (Remix)

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One of Chicago's leading ladies' in the scene chooses to freestyle over Young M.A.'s "OOOUUU". Tink joins the likes of Nicki Minaj and The Game for her own spin on the track. The female emcee adds auto tune and keeps her signature flow as she confidently rhymes over the spacey sound.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Goody - Nobody

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Goody jumps such relaxed production from 1stFrom92 and IAmMillz Music to deliver a song called "Nobody".

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Abstrak Mind - Yes Yes Y'all

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"Yes yes y'all, and you don't stop", some of the most memorable words in Hip Hop that I first heard on Common's "I Used To Love H.E.R.". While these words pre-date that song, Abstrak Mind and ILL Brown samples Com Sense's voice to put together a chilled vibe song with a relaxed tempo with live instruments. A.M. is an emcee who's prided himself on good raps and an actual message, and this new single is no exception. Its a very personal song that gives us insight into his start in the journey toward success in music, as he calls it his "personal fight song". We expect a new album from him in the near future, so in the meantime press play and read what he had to say for this release:
"Yes Yes Y'all" is a testimony of where I am mentally regarding music and life. This is my personal fight song, my anthem that wills me to keep going on my musical journey. It can be very frustrating and discouraging at times, but nevertheless, the journey is rewarding when it's all said and done. My supporters have always allowed me to remain honest and passionate in my lyrics, never judging me or looking down on me for producing music of substance rather than that of ignorance. While less conscious music has its place, I'm very grateful to know I don't have to be limited to a certain fan base or level of creativity.
I'm overwhelmed with joy to have fans who allow me to grow wherever the music takes me. I want to thank all of my supporters. Know that as long as I have the means to create, I will never stop creating music. I love all of you!

Friday, September 23, 2016

G.o.D Jewels - rack$2$pend

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"rack$2$pend", or racks to spend, is the latest from G.o.D. Jewels and produced by Crystal Tokyo. These two, Jewels and Crystal, seem to be on to something, as far the continued collaboration we've been hearing from them. For their latest team up we get a money motivate song with an airy back drop.

A Interview With Artist Collective F.A.M. (Part 1)


The collective looking to build a name in the city of Chicago and beyond, F.A.M.: Finest Among Many, recently sat with CCHH to tell their story. In this latest interviews the group joked, talked about their intent as a collective, future plans and more. Watch below.

Alex Wiley & Kembe X Drop Two New Songs, "Quicksliver" & "Fuck Em"

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Long time collaborators and friends, Alex Wiley and Kembe X are with plenty new music for the fans. Two song recently dropped where they're both dropping raps. the first of the two songs is "Quicksilver", produced by Mike Gao, and is a speaker rattler. The second is titled "Fuck Em", with a more slowed tempo and hard drum kicks. You can stream both track below

Mick Jenkins - The Healing Component (Album)

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Bringing his new album to the people, Mick Jenkins presents "The Healing Component", with intent to spread love. In the current climate of rap, where there's many complaints about the young up and coming rappers, people over look the emcees who are actually dropping great content. There's more attention put on the guys that can be considered "mumble rap", but with Mick dropping a new album today and staying consistent over the last few years he's a welcome balance to the game.

Developing from in the way he rap from project to project, since "Trees & Truth" we've been able to hear how his production choices have change, playing with different flows, and jumping into delivering melodies in his rap. With this new album, his debut album, fans will get a farthing of the concepts he focused on from "The Water[s]" and "Wave[s]". Holding 15 songs, he's joined by theMIND, Ravyn Lenae, Noname, Xavier Omar, Michael Anthony, BadBadNotGood, and more . Stream below.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

New comer VeNom drops a new project titled "Seeds..."

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The poet and the rapper are often talked about as two different routes and two different forms of art. But many would consider what the rapper does part of poetry. Rap can be thought provoking, intelligent, and can tell a story. Poetry can largely be read, heard, or be a performance, but depending on the artist you won't necessarily want to read/hear a rappers lyric without the applied production. One writer/poet, Nicole Humphrey who goes by Venom aims to brings the two forms of express a bit more close together with a new project.

Something of a journey, Venom takes the listener through a voyage of development as person, which can said to be symbolized through the intro track. “I hope to start a conversation about self preservation and growth", she says, using her own experiences to kick start that conversation. Over nine tracks, each individually living as its own chapter of the story, we get a combination of emotion, joy, disappointment, self doubt. You truly get a sense of her using music as a means to reach a place of healing.
"I define seeds as the summarization of experiences, those experiences combined leave imprints, imprints that charge our existence, levying our worth, while garnering our perspective; the joy, the tears, the surprises, the disappointment, the quick encounters, the moments of fear, they all plant seeds. I took some words, positioned them within the melodies of music and found some healing in the process. With this project, I hope to start a conversation about self preservation and growth. By extracting poetry from its traditional setting, I hope to advance its singular appreciation in hip hop and R&B.”

Here are a series of poems blended with music. Listen below.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Air Credits - So Heavy

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With a album ready to be release, Air Credits are currently hitting stages on tour introducing the people to their group. The group recently premiered their new single, "So Heavy", delivering a super relax track. Expect to hear their debut, titled "Broadcast", next month October 10th.

International Maverick - North Pole God (Video)

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With the proclamation of being the best coming out of the North side of Chicago, International Maverick drop new video for "North Pole God". Watch below.

Cocky Cakeman - Almost Missed Summer (Mixtape)

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Its the last day of Summer, so as the season end Cocky Cakeman drops off some new music to help bring in the Fall. With his mind on the money, he also raps of his perspective from the streets, while delivering straight raps. Its seems he's returned to the OG style of creating mixtapes, jumping on multiple industry beats for a mixtape called "Almost Missed Summer". Stream below.

Mick Jenkins - Fall Through

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Zane Lowe recently had Mick Jenkins on his show, and the two talk plus premier some new music. If you're Mick fans, then you know he gearing up to drop a new project titled the "The Healing Component", with one of the central concepts of the album being the message of spreading love through music. From that interview we got to hear a new single from the album called "Fall Through".

Kweku Collins Breaks Down His Process In the Studio, Creates "Life Part 2"

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What makes Kweku Collins creativity pop? Well recently he sat with DJBooth to tell fans how he gets in the mood to craft a song. Part of Tunedcore presented 'Tracked Out' series, where they get artist in the Audiomack Studio to capture the magic that happens. For this installment Collins put together a track titled "Life Part 2", which you can watch below.

The Boy Illinois ft. Miillie Mesh - Fly High

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Definitely a track to get the head nodding, or something to let bang out the car speakers, The Boy Illinois drops a new called "Fly High". Oklahoma City's own Miillie Mesh joins Illi, jumping in with a flow that's on point. Listen these two over production from 25th Hour, and enjoy.

Joey Purp ft. Chance The Rapper - Girls @ (Video)

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Back in May Joey Purp released his new project "iiiDrops", which was a mix of different sounds. One the songs featured and also a single release, "Girls @", enlisted fellow SaveMoney rapper Chance The Rapper, for a up beat track produced by Knox Fortune. Today they come together for a welcomed visual addition for the single, shot and directed by Weird Life Films. Watch below.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

G Herbo - Been Havin' (Video)

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G Herbo heads to the hills in new video for "Been Havin", produced by C-Sick and directed by LVTR Kevin. There seems to be talk a debut album in the works, but no word on a name for this mysterious upcoming project. In the meantime watch the video below.

Pavy - Love Life / The Walker (Video)

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Bringing listeners something fresh with each return, Pavy drops a new dual video for "Love Life / The Walker". With beautiful scenes of the ocean, we get a calming visual of soothing waves, but that's only the first half, matching the vibe of "Love Life". Following that, we're taken to a grass planes and dim lit scene for "The Walker", all directed and shot by TPJ. We can expect a new album from Pavy, getting to hear the sound him and his team have been developing while out on the West coast. Watch below.

Mpulse - Best Out

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The saga continues, Mpulse enter the third week of music, new bars, with production from Keef Boyd. "Best Out", is a track that speak to the grind and future success, reflecting on career moves and ambitions. 

Listening Party At Iridium With Collective F.A.M.

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Strength in numbers, something that many groups of artist believe in whether consciously or unconsciously. Chicago has been on a major roll producing many buzzing names, with many coming from their own separate collective of friends but like mind individuals, forming around each under one banner. Collectives can be sort of a safety net, in such a competitive industry, the increase in numbers can increase success. While teaming up with others is not a sure thing, what's gained is a group of supporters, that if there's a strong bond, can be like family.

There's been many new groups of artist to team up, some small and others larger. Its not always full of rappers, some the more successful groups consist of producers, videographers, singers, and what ever else you can name centered on an art form.

A new collective of artist are teaming up with the message of "bonds over blood", under the moniker F.A.M. or Finest Among Many. While this is a new group, we're familiar with or have consistently covered a few members like Na$im Williams who's a producer DJ, leader of the GrindHouse studio Doc Da Mindbenda, and emcee Keenan Coke. Other members are Adam Tarantina, Cartel Globetrotters, Chillie, Cocky Cakeman, Doc, Doni Hex, Gabriel Canon, Money Mal, Novi, Rashad Nasir, Sandra Sanchez, Sisi Dior, TXTBOOK, Wicked wave, and Kevin Frytz. October 15th, you can catch then in their debut appear, from 6 to 8pm at Iridium clothing store located 1330 N Milwaukee Ave.

Famous Dex - Dexter The Robot (Mixtape)

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I think it's safe to say that Famous Dex is one of the most animated and energetic young rappers out of the Windy City today. Following up from his Heartbreak Kid project in June, Famous Dex keeps the high energy moving with his Dexter The Robot project. Throughout the 14 track tape Dex collabs with Quavo, Maxo Kream, Jose Guape, and of course his label head Rich The Kid. The project is hosted by DJ Shon, who also hosted his previous tape.

Z Verse ft. The Boy Illinois - International

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With Jazz induced production under them, Z Verse and The Boy Illinois join force for a new track titled "International", produced by Xcel. 

theWHOevers - Waiting Game

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Its been a few month since we heard anything new from the duo theWHOevers, but they're back and are gearing up for a new project release. There was mention of a project months ago, but now their kicking off the campaign towards its release, titled "R U Down?", set for an October date. Today we get a new single from them, a melodic track, with a combination of drums and keys produced by Slot-A, for a song called "Waiting Game".

Monday, September 19, 2016

Alex Wiley ft. Chance The Rapper, Calez & GLC - Navigator Truck/Spaceship II (Video)

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Alex Wiley revisits both the "Village Party 2" album and "Club Wiley" for a dual video. For the video  to "Navigator Truck" and "Spaceship II", which featured Calez, Chance The Rapper who was featured on both songs, and GLC, he enlists Sebastian A Guerra for a stop motion animate visual. Watch below.

The Cool Kids ft. Maxo Kream - Running Man

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Recently, The Cool Kids announce that they would be returning with new music. Chuck Inglish and Sir Micheal Rock made sure that the fans knew it was real with an interview on No Jumper, where they talked about their beginnings and returning as a duo. Now the duo drops their first single together in years, titled "Running Man". Its definitely a updated sound, with a menacing speaker knocking beat. They're back enjoy.

A Conversation With Marko Stat$ & Aced Spade - Part 1

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Two upcoming artists coming out of Chicago, Marko Stat$ and Aced Spade, came through and joined for an interview. Marko Stat$ is building his catalog, with one project under his belt, multiple videos, and more to come. Aced Spade, a producer, handled the production on Marko's debut project, dropped his production album and just recently released a new song. In this latest interview Curtis sat with both of them where the conversation was centered on life on the North side of Chicago, past and upcoming projects, funny stories, and more.

"Ten Yurrs Layda", 'Food & Liquor' From Lupe Fiasco's Perspective

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10 years ago Lupe Fiasco delivered his first major label album, "Food & Liquor". Leading up to this point in his career had already faced a few struggle with labels, from his Epic deal with his former group Da Pak, to being dropped from the now defunct Arista. On this day September 19th, 2006, Lupe made a huge impact with this album notably the single "Kick Push", "I Gotcha", and "Day Dreamin". His debut album featured credits were Jill Scott, Jay Z, poet Sarah Green, The Neptunes, Kanye West, Prolyfic, Needlz, and many more.

Now in 2016, since "Food & Liquor", Lupe has faced other label obstacles, dropped four albums, and seemed to be on his way out of the rap game. Shying away from media and doing interviews, Fiasco has taken it upon him self to give his perspective to the fans with a monologue podcast. "You only get to do your first one once. I don't do interviews but I will record myself talking to myself lol." says Lupe. "Ten Yurrs Layda" the title of the upload, he breaks down the album cover, the features, and overall gives us a back story of its creation.  He ends with some unreleased music in the end, after giving his perspective if he thought it was a classic album. Listen below.

Plainro ft. Josi Green - Let Him Go

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Plainro and Josi Green team up for a track that gives advice on matters of the heart, called "Let Him Go".

Friday, September 16, 2016

Max Wonders - Hues To Blame (Album)

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Taking time to develop your art is always going to be a great route to take. Taking that time out gives one time to experience things, reflect, and figure out your next move. That's what Max Wonders seems to have done when he took time to create this new album. As a artist who's still young himself, he centers on youth for a album called "Hues To Blame". Wonders explains "This album was made for the kids figuring out life", giving listeners a bit of a journey through over 15 tracks.

"Hues To Blame" features Royce Da 5'9, Kembe X, Marco Mckinnis, and Daniel Hex who also holds production credit. For the production he gets Tahmi, Sowie, Latrell James, Saluki, Tedd Boyd and more, for the backdrop to the album.

Aced Spade Flips A Lily Allen Track For "Just Love Yourself"

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We're slowly getting to know Aced Spade through his production, working heavily with Marko Stat$ has given us a idea of his sound. Today he returns to site with a flip of Lily Allen's "Smile", for a quicker tempo and an energetic bounce. 

Chance The Rapper and NAACP Team Up For Election

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The hip-hop world and political world have always seemed to cross paths. Whether it be sending a political message to its listeners, creating songs that paint a picture of social structures during a certain era, or being on the front lines of bringing a cause to the mainstream, hip-hop and politics have always had a relationship dating back to hip-hop’s beginning.

Chance The Rapper is attempting to bring both worlds together for a simple cause: vote. The Chicago rapper announced this week that he and the NAACP have come to a partnership for their #staywokeandvote campaign. Chance announced on his Twitter that he will be teaming up with the organization to give his concertgoers the opportunity to register to vote.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Chance The Rapper Perform Live On 'Ellen'

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Chance The Rapper's Magnificent Color World Tour kicks off today, and he has a lot planned for the fans. News recently broke about him bringing voter registration for the to his tour, teaming up with NAACP for the "Stay Woke and Vote" campaign. In the midst of that news, The Rapper headed to 'Ellen' show, bringing out 2Chainz and Lil Wayne to perform "No Problem", where weezy continued to take shots at Cash Money. Watch below.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Appleby - 25

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Yesterday, September 13th Appleby post a very personal note, a message from the creative to his fans. He thank Elias Abid for helping him with his creative process, opened up about the expectations of his sound, and future music. You can read the full letter here.

Today he celebrates his birthday with a new song release, titled after his age, "25". Produced by Elias Abid, this track centers on growing up, realizing some things now that he's a year older. "I'm all over the place at 25", words in the track art which can add some perspective of where he's coming from in this song. The age 25 is literally have way to 30, so new thoughts about being a man and life start to swarm the mind, and that's what he seems to be expressing.

This is the first of many new songs that are coming. He working on a new project titled "T.K.A.G.", and wants to deliver some new material before then. 

Jay2AintShit - Better Serve

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"Serena Williams with that fucking serve", Jay2 pops back up with new music with a lasting confidence through his rap. Monte Booker handles the production providing his signature style, for a song called "Better Serve".