Wednesday, November 30, 2016

L.A. VanGogh - Friends First (EP)

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Who's on your friends list? L.A. VanGogh has some creative minded friends on his list. He delivers a new project, bringing along his fellow artist on a EP titled "Friends First". With the message that "community is important. family and friends first. protect your circle. protect your energies. create/build with those you trust." we get a track project gear toward that point. Femdot, Sean Deaux, Ishmael Raps, nosidam., Flex Lennon, Chinz//Fly, Joe Rico, and Jason Valcarcel all contribute to this EP. Stream below.

DRAMA - Gallows (EP)

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DRAMA, the duo consisting of Via Rosa and Na'el Shehade, are back with a new project. To prepare the fans for this release they delivered singles "Hopes Up" and "Forever's Gone", providing a small insight into what this producer/vocalist combination plan to present. Not only did we hear great singles but were presented with some really good visual addition to these singles.

Aiming to find the light in struggle, we get a project titled "Gallows". Na'el Shehade handles all the production, with co-production from David Leo, while Via Rosa demonstrates her pen game. Its a eight track EP, that's described as "happy sad music", but I'll let them explain:
"The name Gallows, stems from the term "Gallows Humor" which is humor about painful circumstances. We felt the term Gallows Humor really encompassed our sound since our music has been described as happy sad music; music that brings you up when you're feeling down. Heartbreak can be painful and our hope through our album Gallows is it will help you see the humor when you're going through the volatility of love. We came together to create Gallows as our last letters to the loves we thought we couldn't live without. Gallows is a DRAMAtic soundtrack for anyone and everyone who has ever felt like the only way to get through pain is to crack a joke, see the humor and keep it moving. We hope you love listening to the album as much as we loved making it.

International Maverick - Yesterday (Video)

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Shot by Work Nowitzki and Modest Goddess, International Maverick drops a new video for a song that centers on improving on "Yesterday". Watch the video below.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

600Breezy - Guwop Flow (Video)

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600Breezy comes with a slowed flow, in new song and video for "Guwop Flow", teaming up with Open World Films for visual direction. Watch below.

Martin $ky Switches Focus For 2017

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"If Anybody Ever Told You That They Know Me, They Lied", its a mouth full for a titled but he's got a point to make. We've heard a few singles from the upcoming project, which were "Strays", Pull Up", and "All Black All Summer". November 30th at Jugrnaut, you can hear the project live before it drops, with the following day being the official release. $ky has pretty much been on a heavy campaign to deliver something that's set to come with different focus for 2017.

From our first coverage of Martin $ky's music, on "Rocky" featuring Vic Spencer, he's been a artist who handles multiple aspects of creating music, producing and rapping. It seems that will be a primary focus for the future of creating. In a series of tweet he gave details of his plans, saying "Not I'm not rapping anymore next year. I Plan on producing full time and I'm not joking". He aims to connect with the people through his production, in another tweet saying "I'd much rather let you all into my world sonically than verbally is basically what i'm saying".

In retrospect, he gave hints where he was going to take his career. Martin $ky created a whole new account to showcase his production, which initially he didn't out right share. He currently has a 11 track playlist titled "I Used To Rap.", posted 5 months ago. Will he ever return to rapping after this new EP drops in December? Only time will tell but at the moment he's following his heart, and that's in production. See the series of tweets and fly for the listening party below.

theWHOevers Talks Their Beginnings, "R U Down?" EP, & Future Plans (Interview)

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theWHOevers continue to progress as artist, delivering better music with each project. Je$$e and Lloyd DotDot latest project "R U Down?" were a welcomed and great addition to their catalog. The duo joined Chi City Hip Hop for an interview where we spoke about their beginnings, recent EP, and plans for next year. Watch below.

Xavier & The Thrill Teases New Song Produced by Flight, "Trabajo"

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Something quick to get your blood flow, Xavier & The Thrill drops off this new snippet titled "Trabajo"(Work), getting production from Flight.

Update: Old song from the vault, but its new to us.

Mpulse - Start It Over

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For week 13 of his 52 week effort, Mpulse jump on the production for a song that delivers a perspective on current consumption of art, on "Start It Over".

Bebe O'Hare - Caroline Freestyle

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Bebe O'Hare has been getting these raps off with her Monday music series, and continues with a freestyle called "Caroline".

Monday, November 28, 2016

Lil Durk ft. YFN Lucci - Rick Forever (Video)

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Lil Durk and YFN Lucci express their wish and ambitions amongst struggles in this new video for "Rich Forever". Watch below.

Alex Wiley ft. Jay Prince - Still Calling

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The "Village Party" project series will continue into 2017, with a part three titled "Stoner Symphony". As he prepares for its release, he kicks off the campaign with a new single called "Still Calling" and features London's Jay Prince. Getting production from Mike Gao, we get a slowed and drowsy sound, a change of pace from songs like "Quicksilver" or "Automatic". "We had all been listening to hella James Blake, Archy Marshall/King Krule, and Sampha as like a palate-cleanser.", says Alex Wiley to FADER, describing the direction of the album.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Spenzo - Big Amount Freestyle

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After dropping a the superb track "Fresh", Spenzo keeps the new music coming. Today a track titled "Big Amount Freestyle", getting flute filled production with a more laid back sound.

G Herbo - Pull Up (Video)

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G Herbo drops off a sensual video for the song "Pull Up", directed by Directed by Lvtr Kevin & Lvtr Tone. Watch below.

BigBodyFiji & Yung Byrds - Suh Dood

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BigBodyFiji is clearly have some of the best with the music. We've heard some lighthearted songs from him, with plenty energy, combined with a free flowing style. On his track titled "Suh Dood" (sup dude), he teams up with Yung Byrds over production from Dexter.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Lil Durk - They Forgot (Mixtape)

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Before his album release "Lil Durk 2x" even makes it into the next year, Lil Durk is already dropping new projects. Today we get a 14 track project full of features, called " They Forgot", giving little time to anticapte this release. Durk get production from C-Sick, TyMadeIt, Young Chop, Kid Wonder, London On the Track and more. Lil Reese, BJ The Chicago Kid, OTF Ikey, Mozzy, 21 Savage, YFN Lucci, Dej Loaf, Hypno Carlito, and Meek Mill are the guest stars. Stream below.

G Herbo - Strictly For My Fans (EP)

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With raps centered on the concrete jungle, G Herbo delivers his new project "Strictly For My Fans". This new EP is a appreciation to the people who supported him thus far, the people who press play on and feel the music he delivers. He's preparing for even bigger projects, but these raps should hold us over until then. With the lone feature of Lil Bibby, Herbo gets production from DJ L, Tapes, Chase Davis, Kid Deezy, Kid Marquis, Charlie Handsome, C-Sick, DP, and Southside. Stream below.

Chris LeSage - K!TES (Video)

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For the 2014 EP, "Carnivale", Chris LeSage drops the video for the song "K!TES". Shot by Fly Kite Media, we get a dreary, purple gleaming sky filled scene, fitted for the video mood. Watch the video below.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

SeVen1 - OEPC

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SeVen1 is back and there's a story to his music. Today he deliver the first single titled "OEPC", getting production from Retro Ren. Expect to hear this on the upcoming project "Over East Past Cottage", fully produced by Retro Ren and C-Sick.

Kweku Collins - jump.i (Video)

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After dropping the single "jump.i", he follows up with a visual addition. Getting direction from Cody LaPlant, this video is something of an adventure, on the day in the life tip. Kweku Collins skate, party up, and wakes up the next day feeling good. Watch the video below.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


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Back with a new record on a Tuesday, TLNTD brings the raps that brings energy to a room. He gets production from CEO Beatz, who provides some bass filled hard kicking sound, for "JUGG Man".

Femdot - to(u) [EP]

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First he delivered "fo(u)r", then we heard "thr(we)", and now we get "to(u)". Are you noticing the pattern here? Femdot continues his EP series, with an expectation of a final one dropping after this, or will the final one be a new album. Whatever his plan is, this new EP is definitely a welcome addition to his catalog of music. Four track deep, he get production from D. Phelps, Shaan Mehta, and Mike Wavvs. Stream below.

Ajani Jones & OrgenA - Liberators

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LA's OrgenA and Chi's own Ajani Jones comes together for a track that strives for a place of peace and freedom. They drop raps of  their respective strife in this game of life, their journey through some struggles with the goal of finding liberation. Will they find it through music?

Mpulse - Denial

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12 weeks deep, and the new music continues. Mpulse's display shouldn't be a surprise at this point. What should surprising is the consistency at which he can drop off this dope lyricism. For this weeks' release he gets production from Keef Boyd for track titled "Denial".

Monday, November 21, 2016

Bebe O'Hare - Brand New + Video

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Prod. by Tune

Come get these bars on a Monday night. Bebe O'Hare delivers a barrage of raps, continuing her weekly music series, on a song titled "Brand New".

Also watch the video below

NoName, Chelsea Reject, Phoelix & Saba - Counterfeit

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About a year ago 119 Productions brought the people a compilation called "Chicago Sight N Sound", which was pack with really good songs. They look to follow-up with another compilation titled "Countdown 2 Midnight". We've already heard one track from the upcoming project, featuring King Louie, Dally Auston, theMIND, and OnGaud. Today we get the second release, titled "Counterfeit", featuring No Name, Chelsea Reject, Phoelix and Saba.

Kweku Collins - jump.i

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Kweku Collins is back with a new song, continuing to deliver his mesmerizing flow on "jump.i". 

Blanco Caine - Need 2 Ball

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Stack or Starve liberates some new Blanco Caine, titled "Need 2 Ball", getting production from Mr. E.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sofar x Kweku Collins - The Rain That Wouldn't Save (Live Performance)

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Earlier this year Kweku Collins joined the growing number of Chicago artist who have team up with Sofar for an intimate live performance. For his turn he hit the stage to perform his song "The Rain That Wouldn't Save", from the album "Nat Love". Watch below.

Calez Talks Inspiration For Creating Album "Baby", Influences, & More

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Dropping raps, and taking us into his mindset when creating his recent project release "Baby", Calez sits for new video interview in a video titled "Living Room Talk". Watch the video below.

G Herbo Says Him and Southside Have Songs Recorded For Collab Project

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Photo credit: Southside Instagram

G Herbo has a lot going on. But he's seems to be pacing himself for longevity in the rap world. Earlier this month he announces he's working on multiple new project and that he's building up for his first major debut album, which most likely means it will be hitting stores.

So just to be clear the first of the project we're getting from him is "Strictly For My Fans" set for the 25th of November. We've heard the first song from the project, the intro track, released as a video. After that we'll get either his solo major debut "Humble Beast", or the joint project with Southside, which has yet to be titled.

In a recently interview with Dj Smallz, G Herbo praises Southside as some one he's built a relationship with musically. They've already have songs together, so a point of reference as to the possible sound would be the song "Just Bars", which was a display of raw raps. "I love the music we working on right now. It going be crazy", Herbo say about the work they have recently put in. Watch the video below.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Marko Stat$ - Nobody (Video)

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Marko Stat$ brings his single "Nobody" to life with a new video. He paints the picture of a man who fell on hard times, demonstrating some of life hardships. Shot by Varisse, we get scene that tug at the heart strings, but ultimately its a video with a encouraging message to help yourself when no one else will. Watch the video below.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Rockie Fresh - Rap Shit Back

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Rockie Fresh gets nostalgic about earlier days of rap, name dropping some of his favorite. Wish for a return of classic shows and more, he also shouts out some his peers he rocks with on the rap tip. This one has a calm atmosphere about it, produced by Bizness Boi and Th3ory, we get a song called "Rap Shit Back".

Lil Durk - Baller

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Lil Durk delivers new track, using the game of hoops a metaphor of his current success. He gets production from TYMadIt for track titled "Baller".

Thursday, November 17, 2016

G Herbo - Strictly 4 My Fans (Video)

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Today we get the intro track and video from the upcoming project "Strictly For My Fans". He announce the new project was coming in an interview, as time pass we were presented with the cover art and tracklist. In true Herb delivery, he comes with a flow full angst and emotion but with a focus on current thoughts from a perspective of someone coming from the streets.

G Herbo’s Strictly for My Fans Tracklist
1. “Strictly 4 My Fans (Intro)” [prod. by C-Sick & DJ L]
2. “Gutta” (prod. by Tapez)
3. “Crazy” (prod. by Chase Davis)
4. “Run It Up” (prod. by Kid Deezy)
5. “Pull Up” (prod. by Kid Marquis)
6. “Control” (prod. by Charlie Handsome)
7. “Tired” (No Limitation Preview) Feat. Lil Bibby [prod. by DJ L]
8. “Havin Shit” (prod. by C-Sick)
9. “Something” (prod. by DP on the Beat)
10. “Eastside Story” (Swervo Preview) (prod. by Southside)
11. “Jay-Z (Outro)” (prod. by C-Sick & DJ L)
Watch the video below.

Dally Austion ft. HomeSick - Carry On

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With a long awaited project still on the mind, we heard a few song this year to keep us guessing about what Dally Auston is working on. Most recently we've heard " Bitch I'm Beautiful" and "My Life", and now we get a bit of a teaser, a rough version of a song titled "Carry On". He teams up with HomeSick, who handles the production, delivering a eerie sound that builds into restrained beat. This one is a limited listen, so hurry up and press play.

Nick Cannon ft. Jeremih, Quavo & Ty Money - Dream Girl

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Today Nick Cannon delivered his new mixtape called "The Gospel of Ike Turn Up". For track 2 he enlisted some Chicago/Harvey natives Jeremih and Ty Money alone side Quavo for "Dream Girl".

The Cool Kids - Connect Four

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Premiered by Complex, The Cool Kids keeps the new music coming, after solidifying their return through interview and songs like "Running Man". Today they drop "Connet Four", a song they tease sometime ago. 

DGainz, David Miller & UFB the PLYMKRS - 3Way (Video)

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Who doesn't like a ménage à trois? DGainz, David Miller, and UFB the PLYMKRS brings sunny scenes for new video for a song titled "3Way". A fell good record with palm tree and good weather produced by DGainz & David Miller. Watch the video below.

brandUn DeShay - goldUn Child 2 (Album)

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2 for 2, that's what brandUn DeShay's score is with this two part project "goldUn Child". The first of the two project brought a mixture of good raps, standalone production, and influence from Japanese culture. Today he delivers "goldUn Child 2" a continuation of the previous, a combination of great production, which he notable handles a bit less of, more Japanese influence, and a progressively more polish sound, that's 4 tracks longer. If you haven't heard the first one, before or after you listen to part 2 go and listen to part one as well.

Holding a tracklist of 14 songs, with the song "Celebration" making it to part 2, DeShay enlist production from Lehvi, Bobby Johnson, Latrell James, Bastian Z, Wondagurl, and Tsun Dealer. Stream the full project below.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Pavy - Until The Morning (Video)

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With a new album out, "Me, by Jonathan McCoy", Pavy keeps the fresh content coming in the form a video. Bringing life to a room, he teams up with director TPJ for a flashing light disco inspired visual. Pavy hits some smooth dance moves in "Until The Morning". Watch below.

Ajani Jones ft. Femdot - The Fall

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With a focus on the struggles of coming up in a city where its easy to choose the negative path, Ajani Jones delivers a new track titled "The Fall". Femdot joins him over production from WBR Walz, what we get is a echo harmonizing filled, slow moving song, that delves into the artists' perspectives. This release comes through the Columbia College, student ran label AEMMP, who've in the pass worked with many names that we now cover on the regular. Lookout for more form Ajani and AEMMP label.

Billionaire Black - Out The Blue 2 (Mixtape)

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"Out The Blue", a mixtape series that lives up to its name, is back with part two. Billionaire Black has been making headlines and catching attention for being near a back and forth with Soulja Boy Tell Em'. Its good to hear some music come out to put attention back on the music itself, which also includes a Soulja Boy feature. Out The Blue 2" is a 12 track mixtape that holds production from the recently pass Smylez, features from FBG Duck, and notable songs "Heaven or Hell" and "Trapping". Listen below.

Black Matt - BloodSport

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New heat from Black Matt and RMB Justize, delivering some head nodding production and Matty once again takes aims with some direct bars. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

International Maverick - BIG (Video)

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Aiming high and dream big, International Maverick delivers a new video for the song titled "BIG". Watch the video below.

Logan Cage & ProbCause - Rule The World

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Chicago comes together, Logan Cage and ProbCause team up for a new track, called " Rule The World". What sound like a song grabbing influence from the classic Nas record that featured Lauryn Hill or the old school Kurtis Blow song, these artist two answers the question of what they would do if they ruled it all. Listen below.

Hear Two Latest Releases From Adam Joseph, "p2 Freestyle" & "Remote"

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Earlier this year, February to be exact, Adam Joseph and Xander teamed up for a EP that brought warm vibes in the cold season. What was created is "Paradise", a four track listening session that felt like a rarity, since we haven't heard much from him during that time. Since then we've heard a few tracks from Joseph including a favorite "Level Up". Recently he's dropped off a couple new releases, getting production from Mich Geist and of course Xander, on "p2 Freestyle" which eludes to a part two of the "Paradise" EP and "Remote" featuring Darrion. Listen to both below.

Mpulse - Television

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With some hard hitting production under him, from Detroit Red, Mpulse delivers a new track titled "Television". It a track that's aimed at what he envision for himself, an idea that goes hand in hand with his current music series, in the sense that he's putting forth the effort to get there. He continues to deliver with ambitious intent of bringing fans new music for the next 52 weeks.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Bebe O'Hare - Views

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Another Monday rolls around and Bebe O'Hare continue to hit fans with new music. Today she delivers a new freestyle, a demonstration of the skill as an emcee, called "Views".

Backwood Jones - No Fuck (Video)

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Backwood Jones aka YP, announces a new project is on the way, calling it "Aromatic", and to accompany this announcement we get a new visual. Directed by Us Media and produced by HD Beats, Jones heads to the liquor store for some backwoods probably some Henny and lets off some fire raps while he's at it. We get a new video for "No Fuck", that's a continuation of consistently dropping good material. Watch below.

Common ft. Gucci Mane, BJ The Chicago Kid & Pusha T - Black America Again Remix

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Common continues to use his voice to get his message on social issues to the people. For his latest album "Black America Again", it was no exception. Continuing to bring us Hip Hop in its true form he recruits some artist from the generation that came after him, for a remix for the titled track. Gucci Mane, who has a new outlook on life, and Pusha, T who brings a street perspective, drops some serious rhymes for the "Black America Again Remix".