Saturday, December 31, 2016

Rockie Fresh - December Rain (Video)

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The end of the year is literally hours away, so its expected that many artist will be aiming for that last release in the final hours. Rockie has had a strong return this year with the release of his project series "The Night I Went To...", after a hiatus that now seems so long ago. Today he brings viewers a video from theproject, for the song "December Rain".

This is well timed release, perfect combination of song that reflects on the 'so far', in the end of December. Directed by APJ Films, we're presented with a mix of dizzy, kaleidoscope display, up against a song that delves into the journey of a man. Shot across multiple scene that focuses on Rockie and a blunt, fitted for introspective thoughts. He remembers loved ones who you lost their lives to cancer including Timbuck2, his group of friend, and his plan to end things on top.

You-C Delivers The 708 Experience, With New EP Titled ""7-0-Gr8"

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After teasing fans with a bunch unreleased freestyles, You-C has finally dropped his second EP titled "7-0-Gr8". On this EP, You-C isn't holding anything back, digging into personal accounts to share with the listener. "7-0-Gr8" is 7 tracks, plus a bonus track, filled with You-C displaying all his talents as a rapper; from crazy wordplay and lyricism to his impressive beat selection.

"7-0-Gr8" delivers a perspective through You-C,  as a young man from the south suburbs of Chicago. On the song titled, "708 (Skit) /Root, Tres)" he brings us a monologue on the suburbs, providing the dynamic/relationship between the city of Chicago and Chicagoland areas. Growing up in the south suburbs of Chicago you struggle with being extremely close to Chicago but not exactly being "from" Chicago. You feel all the issues Chicago has, from violence to school budget cuts, but since you're from the suburbs people feel like those issues aren't as serious for you. Anyone from the 708 area will definitely understand You-C's perceptive throughout this project. Even if you aren't from the suburbs, you'll get a greater understanding of what it's like growing up in the 708.

If you don't know who You-C is, "7-0-Gr8" will definitely give you an idea of who he is, not only as an artist but a young 22-year-old man experiencing life. While being from the suburbs is the theme of this project, You-C still talks about a range of topics including relationships and sex.

"7-0-Gr8" should hold fans over until he releases his mixtape, "Music, Money, and Masturbation' in 2018. We're sure he'll release new music between then but in the meantime click the link below to check out "7-0-Gr8".

Follow him on Twitter; @doyoucme3
Written by Jai Barnes

Friday, December 30, 2016

OSA - Savage Shit

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After dropping "It's Just Water", his second project release that we know of, OSA is keeping the fresh content coming. With a the build of a menacing sound under him, OSA bring us what he calls "Savage Shit", getting production from Dominic Joesph. Not familiar yet? He has a good start on the where he could possibly take his music, and there's plenty more over at his soundcloud.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

King Louie - 32 Bars (Video)

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Like whoa. King Louie keeps the new material coming, after dropping off his new project "T.O.N.Y. 2". For the song that grabbed influence from the likes of Black Rob, we get a visual for the track titled "32 Bars", fitted with a dark backdrop, shot by J Visuals. Watch below.

Timbuck2 Forever, At The Metro, Recap (Video)

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A beloved person in the city of Chicago for his work in the music scene, Timothy Jones, who most know him as Timbuck2, left behind a legacy that impacted many. In 2015, following a battle with cancer, he passed away at the age of 34. Notable artist from Chicago and beyond payed their respects the DJ, from Kanye West to Common and Chance The Rapper to Just Blaze and Consequence.

Before his passing he had stressed to those close to him of taking care themselves and tells his story through a open letter. By Tim's own word delivered through his friend Demetrius Salazar, we were given insight as to what he faced during discovery of his sickness, and the importance of self health awareness.

To celebrate the life of DJ Timbuck2, in his name, arose a foundation called "The Timothy Francis Jones Foundation". It was founded at the request of him, with the mission of promoting health amongst men. As part of this foundation and to remember Timothy Jones, an event was put together called "TimbuckII Forever". The 2nd annual event took place December 27th 2016, which you can checkout a recap below. Also you can donate to the foundation here.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Vic Spencer - Vicente Fernandez (Video)

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Vic Spencer has multiple projects under his belt this year, with the latest being the joint release with Big Ghost titled "The Ghost of Living". But he jumps back a bit to "St Gregory", to a deliver a visual for the song "Vicente Fernandez". Watch below.

Bebe O'Hare - Let It Go

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Continuing to drop off new raps for the people, Bebe O'Hare gets production from Red Vision for "Let It Go".

Monday, December 26, 2016

Top 28 Quality Videos Posted In 2016

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As technology advances music video become easier to create. A art form in itself, for artist to bring more life to their art, integrating song and imagery, we've seen artist find ways to add perspective to song[s]. With the age of the internet deeply upon us, and platforms like YouTube keeping the creation of music videos alive, as well as allowing new upstart artist to jump in the game of video making, there's been many great music videos created.

The history of music videos go back as far as 1894, but in a much more primitive form. In Rap, the first music video dates back to the 80s, with some debate or course, on which is the actual first one. One things for sure, this form of art, which was adapted for music, has been around for the longest becoming a important part of music and continues to get better and more creative as time passes and new ideas are pushed.

At this point its no secret that Chicago has been a mainstay for emerging artist, with diverse sounds, in this latest generation of music creators. While artist are catching a buzz for the great music created, there's a large component of the art that definitely goes overlooked, at least in Chicago. This city's scene is getting ever so close to being able to thrive on its, while not there yet, and many aspects of the creation process gets accolades, such as year end list. Videos are a big part of music, adding to what the song has to offer. There has been some a pretty good videos to hit the net from Chicago's music scene, so why not pinpoint the ones that stood out.

There's obviously good and bad videos. For this year end piece the focus is on the quality of the video, the story of the video, and of course the creative intent. There were plenty of music videos to come out this year, but at the number 28 is where it ended. Without a doubt these sort of piece can be subjective, but to be clear the focus is not on the song itself but rather the video attached and its relations to the song is consider in the cases of story line. See the list below

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Spenzo ft. Rich Crew Nuskie - Nun Else 2 Do

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Spenzo drops off something new, which lately its become kinda the usual since he's dropped off a few tracks. He's joined by Rick Crew Nuskie with production from FeChi, for "Nun Else 2 To Do".

Mic Terror ft. Gzus Piece - This Christmas

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Mic Terror and Gzus Piece are feeling the spirit of the holidays, but in a very different way. They're tying up Santa and taking what they want on a song called "This Christmas". Look for a new project from the Terror in 2017.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Rich Jones - Deja Vu

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Never afraid to jump into different genres outside of rap, Rich Jones deliver the second single from his upcoming project "VEGAS". He get production from Ryan Lofty for a single titled "Deja Vu".

King Louie - T.O.N.Y. 2 (Album)

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Today King Louie drops off the second part of the his 2014 project "Tony". For that first project we got songs like "Fuck Nigga", "Live & Die In Chicago", "Til I Met Selena", and "B.O.N.". In between the first and second installment of this project we've heard a couple EP/mixtapes, but its been a year and some change since his last EP release. "Tony 2" also comes as a celebration of his life, and surviving being shoot and nearly killed.

For part 2, King Louie delivers 15 tracks, getting production from Mr. Incredible, Jack Flash, Jay Storm, Chopsquad DJ, Cryptonite,  Mike Hurst and more. Stream below.

Jay2 - All Night

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Jay2, dropping off music when he feels like it, returns with a song produced by Monte Booker called "All Night".

Vic Spencer & Big Ghost - The Ghost of Living (Album)

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One of the hardest working, straight forward, 'bahs' dropping, lyricists continues his reign at the 'rapping bastard', teaming up with Big Ghost for a new project. These two come together for what Vic calls "the 4th Quarter's buzzer beater. I'm clutch for the rap world". Produced fully by Big Ghost, who also has become well know for his critical reviews of the latest music, he provides the backdrop to Vic Spencer's raps for a track list of 11 songs. During the duration of of this project, we get the usual drop Vic, aimed at giving listeners the true demonstration of what an emcee is. Ghost and Spencer enlist D. Brash, Goose, Alex P Keaton, and QGrav for features. Stream and purchase the full project below.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

RedLiveTrue - Talking To You

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Its definitely been too long since we heard anything new from RedLiveTrue. He peaked my interest with his self-titled project in 2015, but went relatively quiet after that. Today we get a new track from him, where he has a personal conversation with God, on "Talking To You".

Jeremih & Chance The Rapper - Merry Christmas Lil' Mama (EP)

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A surprise project to wake up to in the morning and enjoy. If you're a Chance The Rapper and Jeremih fan, then this was definitely a great surprise for you. In the middle of the night theses two Chicago artist, who are making their respective waves in the music business, have teamed up for the holidays to bring listeners a special Christmas album. With the caption "For Chicago", we're expecting a combination of references and influences from Chi-Town and Xman.

Titled "Merry Christmas Lil' Mama", this is of course a project that focuses on the holidays, holding 9 tracks. Kicking things off with "All The Way", its anthemic record that features Hannibal Buress, a good way to kick off the days. Jeremih slows it down in the following song, singing "I'm just trying to get some love", On "Snowed In", which leads to a Jackson 5 influenced track "Stranger At The Table", produced by C-Sick.

By the fourth and fifth song in, "Joy" and "I'm Your Santa" it pretty apparent that this isn't just a thrown together for the holiday project. There's time that went in to making this a great Christmas project, because we've all heard those attempt to make good raps for this time of year that didn't go so well. While their are some moments that wouldn't usually work, its a pretty cohesive for its intent. By track 8 we get a Christmas carol, "Chi Town Christmas", with only hums and and minor instruments under them. Chance The Rapper and Jeremih end the project in true Chicago fashion, with a Christmas Juke song featuring King Louie.

This project was good for the season and heart warming to hear, with moment that surely focused on its intent. This clearly isn't a throw project just something for the times, with a life expectancy of December 25th and beyond. Stream the full project below.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Noelz Vedere ft. OSA - Burn Down

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The production is hitting across the speaker, ominous hums in the back ground, and two Chicago artist dropping the raps. Noelz Vedere returns with a new track, getting Osa, who has a new project, with some great production from Canada's BNJMN. What's created is a song called "Burn Down", possibly a premonition of what's to come when you play this track at a party.

To Celebrate A Grammy Nomination, BJ The Chicago Kid Drops visual For "Women's World"

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BJ The Chicago Kid dropped an ode to woman all the around the world, with the song "Woman's World". Featured on his album "In My Mind", the song was focused on the strength of a woman in world that said to be ran by men. In the video we get a collage of scenes that brings together the statement of the song.  BJ drops this new release to celebrate being nominated for a Grammy. Watch the video below.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Duke Da Beast & YTS Trigg - Decent (Video)

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Its been some time since we've heard something new from Duke Da Beast, but he's back with a new video along side YTS Trigg, called "Decent". Watch below.

Mpulse - In Her Net

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With the invention of social media it slowly but surely gave rise to an increase of people wanting to portray to live a great life, or a life perceived better than their current life. Mpulse deliver a track that touches on the subject of what you could call "living for the gram", rather than shaming, he encourages one to get out and live their actual life. Getting production from Keef Boyd we get a song titled "In Her Net".

Spenzo - Big Amount Freestyle (Video)

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After dropping the track "Big Amount", a continued release of loose records, Spenzo teams up with J Visuals for the video to the song. Watch below.

Bebe O'Hare - Run It

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This emcee continues to drop off new music, reminding us that even though she took a lengthy hiatus, her raps are still on point. Bebe O'Hare drops off a track titled "Run It", delivering some swift punchlines with no hook. 

Monday, December 19, 2016

Chief Keef - Straight Up

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Previously unreleased music from 2013 by Chief Keef hits the net. Liberated by producer Abe Beats, we get the song titled "Straight Up".

Chella H - Power (Video)

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Chella H controls the room, but not just the dominating scene, she's bringing boss raps to match. We get a new video from the rapper, delivering putting on something of a show of "Power". Directed by Passport Trace this one is full of scene that combine assertive sexiness and Chella has never been shy to show her curves. Watch the video below.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Stream Marvelous New EP "In Due Time"

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With his second release hitting the web recently, Marvelous delivers a album that puts focus on the future. He reps his side of town and not only hope for success but works toward that as well.

Following up after "I Accept Your Apology" Marvelous delivers a EP titled "In Due Time". Looking at the title along it seems he's approaching things a bit more humble with a much more personal perspective. This new project sound as though its a extension of the previous, with moments of progression.

"In Due Time" consist of 9 original songs, kicking things off with a anthem for the west side of Chicago, featuring Subliminal. Marvelous brings the listeners directly into his mind, through personal struggles on song like "Time Around" and "Chef Curry", delivers hood perspective on "Never Change". With some pretty decent production choice under him, he present a project that fully deals in the realities of life and dreams of an up and coming rapper, with his family on the mind. Stream below.

Watch Chance The Rapper's SNL Performance + Full Episode

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Last night Chance The Rapper returned to Saturday Night Live to deliver a performance that included help from fellow Chicago artist Noname. He continues to be consistent with each year, doing bigger and better things. December 17th made for a second appearance on the SNL, a feat currently none of the biggest artist without big label has been able to accomplish.

No only did he perform, but he demonstrated his comedic side in a couple of sketches. Chance joined Casey Affleck and Kenan Thompson for a sketch/rap called "Jingle Barack". The piece focus on the fact that we were coming up on the final times of a Barack Obama presidency.
"Dang Jesus I didn't know you was a democrat" - Chance The Rapper.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Supa Bwe & Sunny Woodz drop surprise project "Issa EP"

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Did you happen to see Supa Bwe live stream through periscope? Well he and Sunny Woodz were jamming to new music. And what a surprise this was, that they would deliver new music to the people, calling it "Issa EP". Apparently prior promo means nothing when the music is on fire, and these two are running full speed with it, delivering a track list of four song with features from Warhol.SS, and JuJu. Stream below.

FBG Duck & Billionaire Black ft. Rico Recklezz & King Yella - Fuck It Up

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There might be a joint project on the way from FBG Duck and Billionaire Black. At least that's what the cover art eludes to. For this new track Duck and Black enlist King Yella and Rico Recklezz for a new track with a catchy edge to it called "Fuck It Up".

119 Presents: Countdown 2 Midnight (Compilation)

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119 Productions continues to bring artist together, whether their working with artist on event or dropping packed tracklist compilations. They also teamed up with artist for solo project as well. In the past we heard "C.S.S" parts 1 and 2, now they follow up with another compilation titled "Countdown 2 Midnight". "Each track, from all these diverse sounds, comes together to bring you a unique experience. It’s a true pleasure to have all these great voices in one package. To bring y’all folks that you love, and didn’t know you loved yet", 119 explains on their website.

With this project there's an effort not only to create some good music, but to help shed light on different organizations. They explain that "In exchange for this dope music that we've brought to you, we ask that you check out and support any of these great causes". At the bottom of their site we get a list of links to organizations that help with different social issues.

"Countdown 2 Midnight" is surely full of new music, holding a list of 29 songs. The fact that its not a cohesive project but a combination of multiple artist, means you're sure to find a song to enjoy among this list. Drea Smith and Sani kick the project off with super relaxing sounds, Martin $ky delivers some hard hitting production, and Kahrion, SolarFive, and I.O.D matches energy of the beat on "Real Check". There's plenty more stand out records, with features and production from Via Rosa, Ravyn Lenae, Femdot, Qari, greenSLLIME, King Louie, Chris $pencer and many more. Stream below.

Lil Bibby ft. Meek Mill & PNB Rock - Some How Some Way

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Lil Bibby is working toward the release of "Free Crack 4", but there's still the question of part 3. But while we wonder about the order of projects, Bibby continues to drop off new song releases, following up from "Squad"  featuring 21 Savage, with "Some How Some Way". For this new single PNB Rock hand the hooks delivers tune-filled chorus, and Meek Mill also joins with that voice from street delivery. 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Dreezy - Wasted (Video)

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Dreezy puts a shitty relationship on the back burn, dropping a video off for the song "Wasted", with a cameo from G Herbo. Watch below.

Taylor Bennett ft. Stro & Jordan Bratton - New York

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Taylor Bennett takes it to New York with this one, getting Stro and Jordan Bratton for "New York Nights". Laying out struggles one may face in life, this song brings hope of brighter days through dreams of success and good health. This record comes through from hardship, as Taylor explains in the a video release, how he had blood clots in his lungs. During his time in the hospital he gained inspiration for a new song, teamed up with the creators of the app Treble, with production from Julian "JFactor" Jacobson, Jachary, Mickey and himself we get this new song.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Jean Deaux - Stranger Things

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119 Productions continues dropping singles from their upcoming project. Their latest release get producer Phoelix and singer Jean Deaux for a track titled "Stranger Things".

King Samson - Muscle (Video)

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Steadily on the rise, King Samson brings us the "Muscle", with a new video shot and directed by Rickee Art. Watch below,

Common - Letter To The Free (Video)

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Common continues to use his voice to get the message across about the institution we called prison. After working on the documentary film "13th", providing soundtrack, and being very vocal against what Trump has to offer, Common delivers a new video for "Letter To The Free" that continues to voice his thought on the justice system. Featured on his latest album, this new visual brings forth the central message of the song with imagery of musicians perform in a empty jail cell. In an quote to Billboard, Common says, "When I say, "We ain’t seen as human beings with feelings/ Will the U.S. ever be us, Lord willing," that hasn’t changed with the election of Donald Trump. Those things are there. Now it’s just probably going to be in our face even more, and we know we have to resolve it and be the vessel for the change". Watch the video below.

The Boy Illinois - Yer. Yer. (Herlude)

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The Boy Illinois drops off a new track with a that perfect soundtrack to sliding in the DMs. Getting production from DJ Wes, delivers the raps with such style with the beat keep the head nodding. This new song comes as he he's still hitting stages across the country, look forward to hearing more.

Kahrion, SolarFive, I.O.D., & Martin $ky - Real Check

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Martin $ky delivers the production, as Solar Five, Kahrion, and I.O.D. deliver the raps for the latest track release from the upcoming project "Countdown 2 Midnight". This one is a hard hitting sound, like many of $ky's beats, with each artist bringing their respective energy and style, for "Real Check".

KAMI ft. Vic Mensa - Right Now

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There's multiple sides to the music KAMI makes, which he definitely demonstrating with his recent releases. While with the song/video for "Home", he delved into a more genre bending style, today we get something more on the rap side. Teaming up with Vic Mensa, listeners are presented with a track that puts into perspective that everyone has troubles, different route will be taken to solve them. Smoko Ono and Knox Fortune handled the production, providing the backdrop for "Right Now". 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Drew Mantia ft. Saba - Down

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Drew Mantia and Saba team up for a new track, coming together for a combination of production and raps. The Chicago based producer Drew Mantia has become known through working with with some Chicago notables like, Psalm One, ProbCasue, The Palmer Square and more. Saba, pretty fresh off the release of his album "Bucklist", comes through with the assist on this drum fill single titled "Down".

SeVen1 - Old Man Logan

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SeVen1 continues his campaign toward the release of "OPEC: Over East Past Cottage", with a new single release called "Old Man Logan".

Mpulse - Damn, Loaf God!

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Laying out a few plans for what he wants to accomplish, Mpulse continues his 52 week series with "Damn, Loaf God!". He gets production from frequent collaborator Keef Boyd who delivers a up beat soul sample sound. 

Mick Jenkins - Spread Love (Video)

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Back in September Mick Jenkins dropped his album with the focus on discussing love in different forms. "The Healing Component" was a continued release of multi layer concept albums that followed up after "The Water[s]" and "Waves". One of the leading singles from the album gets a video addition today, "Spread Love", a track that present such a warm feeling with its production.

Jenkins has been on tour, hitting not only US cities but heading over seas as well. So this new video dubs as a bit of a vlog of the tour and music video. We get a look at moments of him and team hitting the stage as well as moments off stage. Its plenty of love in here. Watch the video below.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Na$im Williams - Sometimes God Has A Kid's Face (EP)

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Recently I spoke with Na$im Williams about what he was currently working on in with a Q&A. He largely spoke about his career and his new business partnerships. Currently in New York, Williams kicks off the beginning of new things he building with a EP titled "Sometimes God Has A Kid's Face". His 10th project, we are presented with a tracklist of 8 songs, sampling soul, blues, oldies, as well as delivering rock influence sounds and smacking trap production. Stream below.

Que B.I.L.L.A.H. - ILLuminati By Nature

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"One day I was approached by the Illuminati to become a member, honestly I'm considering it". Que B.I.L.L.A.H. gets production from Xcel for a new track called "iLLuminati By Nature".

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Qari & Morimoto - Don't Buy That (EP)

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Artist and roommates, Qari and Morimoto team for an EP, which is said to be "Made from scratch within the confines of our illustrious Logan Square home". These two deliver a four track project, where we hear Qari handling the vocal delivery, but no production credit just yet. Morimoto has production credit for Qari on pass songs so I'm going to assume that where his input lies. What we get are eerie, echo filled, slow moving songs. Stream below.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Spenzo - What Is You Thinking?

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Spenzo got a question for you. "What Is You Thinking?", in new track with some bangin' production from Glohan Beats.

A Quick Q&A With Na$im Williams, Updates Us On His New Moves

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Treated Crew's DJ/producer, Na$im Williams wants to make 2017 his own, with a moves to remember. We've grown to know his music through a number of EP releases, which include "Numbers", "Meridian", "Symbiote" and "King Midas", plus a joint EP with A. Band$ called "Jewelry". Williams has produced for a number locally rising artist from Martin $ky, Angelenah, Sulaiman, Vic Spencer, ProbCause, Rich Jones, Keenan Coke, and the list goes on.

As he prepares to head to the East Coast, Na$im announce that he would be teaming up with a couple different companies to further his career.  We had the chance to get some quick questions in, from some background info on his start, F.A.M, and signing with new management. Read it below.

Lucki Plans Release of New Project, "Watch My Back", Drops New Song called "Options"

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Lucki is working toward a new project release. Earlier this week he dropped off a couple covers, saying that a project titled, "Watch My Back" is coming this month. He recently released a new song, with a reassurance that the mixtape was coming, called "Options", produced by Philly's F1LTHY.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Tink - Commitment

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Tink is back with multiple new songs. First we heard the "MC Hammer Freestyle" with production from Donis Beats. For the second track we get something a little softer but with a kick to it, called "Commitment" with production from DJ Wes.

Lil Bibby ft. 21 Savage - Squad

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21 Savage joins Lil Bibby for a new track, produced by Itrez, to represent for their respective "Squad". "Free Crack 4" on the way.