Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Alex Wiley & Mike Gao - Village Party III: Stoner Symphony (Album)

The album "Village Party" becomes a trilogy, with a third installment called 'Stoner Symphony'. While out in LA Alex Wiley continues to to raise his profile as a artist coming out of Chicago on a successful run. He put his hand in the Marijuana business, which there is not surprise to it just look at the album title. Wiley is a another example of a independence being a great route to take in a career where you're expecting to jump at the first sight of a big check from a label. With the release, we learn of Mike Gao's major role as the producer of majority of the album as well as handling the mix and mastering process.

'Stoner Symphony' is a 15 track project, that features Kembe X, Jay Prince, Mick Jenkins, and Jean Deaux. Joining for additional production is Phoelix, Hippie Sabotage, Telefresco, Swish, Losco, and Carson Weekly. Stream and download below.

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