Sunday, January 1, 2017

Femdot Stars In Short Film Written By Cole Bennett

The creative hub that is Chicago, continues to flourish as the minds in this city reach for new heights in their careers. Day one into the New Year and there's already something to look forward to. Cole Bennett, who's the founder of the website Lyrical Lemonade, the mind behind the documentary "The Culture", handles artist management, and a visual artist, gears up for a new short film titled "Lone Springs".

Back in October of 2016, Bennett ran a campaign on a crowd funding site in order to raise enough funds for what was the "absolute minimum to make this film happen". After testing out a few of these sites he found his backing and the film is currently on the way with the first trailer dropping today(January 1, 2017).

In an interview(November 2016) he spoke about the direction of the film, with an explanation that sounds as if the concept still had room for improvement, at the time. But based on the what Cole says the film is about, the focus is on one characters', played by rapper Femdot, self realization in a world he feels he doesn't belong. Essentially there's a journey involved, that will possibly be set in ones own mind that reflects in the physical. But just my interpretation. With the release of the trailer we get a better idea of who's featured, getting some notable names such as the legend Twista, Taylor Bennett, King Louie, and Famous Dex/Dexter.

There's no release date as of yet, just a assurance that its 'coming soon'. But you can watch the trailer below

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