Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Jimmy Regular Creates New Sketch Comedy Starring The Cool Kids

Since reuniting as The Cool Kids, Sir Michael Rocks and Chuck Inglish have delivered multiple song releases, which include "Connet Four" and "Running Man". The duo reignited a fan base that shows an appreciation for the group. Recently Chuck Iglish tweeted about a possible album title "Special Edition Grand Master Deluxe", signifying that they've definitely been in the studio working. More news hits the net today, as the Cool Kids have now teamed up with Jimmy Regular for a sketch comedy called "Shit Show". Jimmy Regular was the directorial mind behind Sir Michael Rocks short film/music video "Alone", as well as Kembe X's "Attention Deficit Disorder", multiple Lucki videos, and plenty more Sir Michael Rocks visual , now he creates this show that we've yet to fully grasp just what it plan, but has peeked the blogosphere interest. Watch the trailer below.

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