Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Taylor Bennett Releases "Broad Shoulders" Short Film

December 2015, we heard Taylor Bennett premier his album "Broad Shoulders", teaming up with Ludlow for the production. Holding  guest verses, including, King Louie, Joey Purp, Brill, Chance That Rapper, Logan Parks, and more, the project symbolized his growth as an artist and maturity as a person. Since its release we've heard Bennett on multiple projects and loose songs, like many artist, opting to take his time before the next big release comes.

Now in 2017, we get a short film to expand on the album, also called "Broad Shoulders". Presented by Tay Bennett Entertainment and 6th Floor, Taylor Bennett stars as a main character, centered on a young couple going through the motions of a relationship that hits plenty big bumps. "After a night of mistakes, embarrassments, and understanding the boy must choose what is right for him and if what's been done can be forgiven", depicting real life situation. Watch below.

Directed by Heston Charres (
Produced by Danny Farber (
Cinematography by David Hughes Jr. (
Production Design by Claire Dobbs (
Written by Heston Charres and Lizzi Walker (

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