Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Taylor Bennett Says New Project Will Be Released Friday

So far Taylor Bennett has three prominent project releases "The Taylor Bennett Show", "Mainstream Music", and "Broad Shoulders" with Ludlow. He's garnered a following of his own accord building on a foundation of consistency, good songs, and fan connection. With a brother who's become such a heavyweight in the music world, so far he's avoided major comparison, creating his own path toward success.

From the "Taylor Bennett Show" to "Broad Shoulders", there's been a noticeable growth. From jackin' beats to delivering all original music. Bennett proclaims 'best project yet', and by evidence of progression rightfully so. Last month he starred in a short film that encompassed his last album and is currently heading his own company Tay Bennett Entertainment Inc. About year later from his previous album, he's dropping new project pretty soon, Friday to be exact. This new release is titled "Restoration of An American Idol" and he's springing it on listeners pretty quick, no single has been released that we know. We quite possibly could hear the Stro and Jordan Bartton assisted track "New York" on the upcoming project. Be we'll know Friday.

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