Thursday, March 2, 2017

Femdot announces the release of new EP "(u)no"

Femdot is building something, something that will last, and something that will make Chicago proud. Since my first coverage of his music, I've been on a steady influx of interest in this artist who brings his words to life through delivery and great energy. Some may say that the people aren't willing to hear or give a lot of attention to lyric driven raps, but with his style, Femdot is truly an attention grabber.

In early 2016 we heard the EP "fo(u)r", consisting of 4 songs with production from Mike Wavvs, D. Phelps, and All Real. Months later he would follow up with "thr(we)", with a pattern forming from the first EP to the second. By the release of "to(u)", We understood the pattern and the countdown. Presenting listeners with a nostalgic feel of the days of sitting by the radio as they play all your jams. Over the course of these three project Femdot brings more than just bars on top of bars, he takes the listener into his mind, giving us raps to unpack for the second and third listen.

Today, March 2nd, Femdot announced that he would be dropping the final installment of his EP series. Titled "(u)no", he released a subtle video to let fans know it was coming with a date set for March 9th. But the bigger question is what this is a countdown to. I'm guessing the this will lead to a long-awaited follow-up to "Femdelacreme".

Update: Femdot pushed back the release of this EP

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