Thursday, March 9, 2017


photo credit: Domi V

It's been some time since we've gotten a new release from Neak, but you can't call it a hiatus when you've been in the studio continuing to create. He's been working on a new project and back in early February 2017, he is said to have pretty much finished recording. Since the release of his 2015 album "Paura / Amore", Neak has put together a Spring Tour and continued to hit stages live, demonstrating his independent grind. 

Today we get a new release from him, also handling the song's production, a combination of Hip Hop, Funk, and Soul on "WDYBIN". This song asks the question of "who do you believe in", as Neak drop raps that pinpoint what currently happen in society, with Nas, Add-2, and Beethoven references. The title of his upcoming album, which has no date, is "KWESBAAR" but this new track won't be featured it just to get listeners ready.

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