Monday, April 24, 2017

Breeze & Joel Q - Money Right (Video)

'Paid In Full' continues to be a timeless hood movie classic, reaching far beyond the generation that the story was centered on. True be told, it also had one of the best scenes that show a relationship where many in black neighborhoods idolize. When Money Mitch came home he was presented with the warmest of welcome by family and friends and a return to the hustle. We get sort of an interpolation of that very fresh very fresh scene as Breeze and Joel Q brings it to Chicago.

"Money Right" is the latest song/video release from these two collaborators, providing a calming atmosphere of open air. The production brings the nearly identical feeling of that very fresh 'Paid In Full" scene, through that 90s Hip Hop sound. Joel Q and Breeze represent their respective sides of the city on a song that outlays ambitions of success, rap bravado, and loyalty to those who matter. Watch the video below.

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