Friday, April 21, 2017

G Herbo - Something (Video)

There's a lot to look forward to from G Herbo. He's continuing to work on his solo major debut album. Long time collaborator Lil Bibby is supposed to join him for a joint project, and another project with SouthSide is in the works. We're still waiting to hear more about any of these releases but there's plenty of music already out as well as new loose track continuing to hit the net.

There's a continued development of style and delivery in G Herbo's raps. With this new video release for a song called "Something", we get a reflective record that looks back on this first big 'bag'. Kicking things off with a monologue about his memories from 2012, G Herbo gives us a bit of what motivates him. While the track looks back on early days the video its brings us to the current success he enjoying. The track "Something" is just another song where it feels as though he in deep thought about life and his experience, someone who is truly conscience about his rise.
"You can't help what you born with, but its on you if you die broke"

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