Saturday, April 22, 2017

LA VanGogh - Bitter Berries

LA VanGogh is artist who, if you visited this site regularly, you've heard before demonstrating his multi-facet talents. From production, rapping, and singing, to playing the piano, VanGogh continues to prove that he's clearly been one to watch. What we've heard from him up to this point ranges from personal experiences, perspective, and good beats. There's an obvious growth from the release of project like "The Vinyl", he's continued to fine tune his craft. He's readying a new project which is will be titled "Everything Is Subjective".

We live in a word where we judge a person by their looks. This continues to be the case whether you're Black, White, Asian, Arab, and so forth. Race is such a hot button issue that some people choose to avoid these talks as much as possible, but not LA VanGogh. "They say the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice, well I must be pretty bitter according to you" LA VanGogh raps, the line that kicks off the song. He brings his experience with race relations to the front of our minds. Facing a issue that blends, or rather that just isn't simply black and white, we get to hear some things a bi-racial man face growing up as Mexican and African-American. "Bitter Berries" is definitely a welcomed addition to the conversations about our individual human experiences. Listen below.

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