Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Mpulse - Roll The Dice

Comparisons, depending on the person being compared to, can be a compliment or can make you feel some type of way. While many rappers don't object to being compared to the greats, because you know they're the greats, but to be compared to your current generation, it's understanding how that can be off-putting. Every artist is in search of their own lane in music no matter the genre, if not you should quit.

Mpulse is just the artist who knows his lane and is working hard for the world to recognize just what he does. This new track sets the tone early with lines like "Don't compare me to them, other guys, you listen to". We're presented with real conversations had that may be what brought this song about. "Roll The Dice" also gives us a few his thoughts on the creative and business balance when he raps his dislike of "blueprints" and "barriers".

Produced by frequent collaborators Keef Boyd and Lyle LeDuff, this is week 34 of his 52-week campaign, That a year in music, and there's plenty more to come.  If you've been missing out start here.

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