Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Nick Carter Green Drops 2 New Singles "Breanna" & "Haley", Plus A Q+A

It's always fun to hear an artist develop their craft, at least for someone who cover music like me. You may not catch the growth of an artist right off the back, mostly due to the fact if you've followed their music on a gradual course. But to return to past releases and listen, that growth becomes abundantly evident. From project to project and song to song in some cases, there's that inch of experience that artist goes through that pulls them to different sound making for something of a slow exciting spectator sport in sound.

Nick Carter Green, over the years, was on a steady incline, saw some struggle, and bounce back. Jumping on my radar with a song called "Don't Wanna Lose", which we would hear on a project titled "XIX", he quickly became someone to watch. Demonstrating an ability to rap and sing, releasing earlier songs that he stood out on like "Inception", "A.D.D." which garnered spin in radio mix shows, and songs that we're underrated even by us like "Girls Love Rihanna". In 2015 followers of NCG's music got to enjoy 2 projects "Live" and "Nineteen", and a couple of great videos, making it a very productive year for this Chicago upstart.

Now in 2017 Green looks to make a welcomed return. He has been preparing for a new project called "Shades Darker". He's taken to his social media account to let the people know what's to come with a countdown and snippets. Today we get 2 new songs from Nick Cater Green, singles which we'll hear on his upcoming solo album. An artist of multiple talents these songs "Breanna" and "Haley" demonstrates 2 sides of Green in terms of musical ability.

The first of the 2 singles "Breanna", gets production from Deryck Cabrera and Alex Vaughn who flip a classic Mary J. Blige track. "Breanna" brings in moments of musical emotions, injecting that feels of "I Can Love You" into the song. The production matches the emotions of NCG's words with ups and downs felt through crooning. For the second song, we get guest verses from Rockie Fresh, Backwood Jones(YP), and Alex Wiley. "Haley" brings the energy, getting production from ALEXX, with artist presenting their respective styles. With some hard kicks and heavy bass under them, this song is sure to get a crowd jumping. Just image these songs as personalities, "Breanna" and "Haley" are very different who share their own separate relationship with Nick Carter Green.


I had the chance to get a few questions in with him, which you can read below as well as here the new singles.

- CCHH first coverage of your music goes back to 2011. How long had you been creating music?

I’ve been making music since I was 8, man. My grandfather had a little home setup when I was a kid and I’ve been engineering my own work ever since.

- You sing and rap. How do you balance both forms of expression? Would you equate it to having sort of a split personality?

Not at all. Both, in my opinion, are extensions of me. I just go with the flow when I hear instrumentation every time. To be honest, I never really notice whether I’m doing either or.

- In 2015 you released "Black Roses" & "Nineteen", two songs accompanied by some great videos. You also release 2 projects "Nineteen" & "Live". Was that a very productive time for you?

Hell yeah, it was a time man. Had good people and a strong system surrounding me. It was just love, I felt like I was invincible. Everything was just coming out organic.

- Did you take 2016 to just record music or experience life? As I don't recall any releases last year.

I worked on some things, but the tail end of 2015 into 2016 got rough for me. Legal trouble and shit, not the best time.

- You have a new project on the way. What can we expect to hear?

Something of a split between extremely personal music and songs that just fucking go. A lot of talking about the women in my personal life.

- You have 2 new songs out "Breanna" & "Haley". What's the significance of the names of these songs?

Just the women behind them. Really, you just gotta listen man.

- I notice your track and album art is pretty consistent, it all fits together. How important is the aesthetic and presentation to your music? 

It’s fucking major! My brother DJNowGraphics and I are always plotting, trying to take our design work to the next level. Give the listeners a pure and classic experience, ya know.

- Many artists have different perspectives on who they make music for. Do you make music for the people or is it more for yourself and if the people like it, it's a plus?

I would say it starts with what I like. After laying down that initial idea, I try to mold it into something universal. Alter the writing, production, etc to make the listener’s experience full and exciting. But that’s just me.


  1. They need to stop sleeping on NCG, he next up I swear!

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