Saturday, April 22, 2017

Supa Bwe ft. Shepard Hues, Xavier & The Thrill - Do You(Mary Jane)

Supa Bwe, Shepard Hues, and Xavier & The Thrill come together for a new record that brings the sound to the calm moods. Shepard Hues takes lead on the production, providing a tempo that puts the brain at ease and picks up about 2/3 through the song. Supa Bwe delivers his verse with an airy crooning. He sing to Mary Jane on "Do You?", considering this song dropped on 4/20 you can figure that out. Xavier joins in after Supa, hitting listeners with auto-tune filled raps. This combination of talent present something that seems it would be perfect song to a smoke and chill session.

Expect to hear more from these three, as Supa Bwe is working toward his solo release "Finally Dead". Shepard Hues continues to to build his repertoire, getting production credits for some pretty good songs. Xavier & The Thrill have keep things consistent with, recently dropping off his own song titled "Now Its A Party", he may be working a new project, we'll have to wait and see. Listen below.

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