Friday, April 21, 2017

The Palmer Squares - Dip (Video)

The duo The Palmer Squares are an ever so consistent team that continues to deliver engaging visuals. Their previous video release saw a continuation of a style of shooting, a one shot nonstop take usually set for their cypher set songs where their just spitting straight through. "Bimodal" was a record that seem to stress a particular point, that they may rap under one name but they're two modes.

Recently Acumental and Terminal Knowledge followed up with a video for the Drew Mantia and DRO produced record "Dip". This was a song featured on their album "Planet of the Shapes", which was released May of 2016. "Dip" was the final track on the album which had an intention, asking the question in the chorus "where do you want to go from here". The song seems to be set as a open ended thought for themselves, something you probably assume many artist thinks to themselves, centered on what's their next move.

For their latest video Acumental handles the directing duties, along side Remsy Atassi, and editing. They bring us their journey across states performing live and enjoying life as well as some struggles. Running off their own funding The Palmer Squares have been able to amass a strong fanbase that definitely shows up and shows out for them. In "Dip", we makes the connect between their travels and "dipping" from place to place. Philadelphia, Providence, New York, Boston, Portland, and more, are just some of the stop on the road. Where are they know?

Watch the video below.

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