Monday, May 1, 2017

UG Vavy - Bussin' (Video)

UG Vavy has been taking his sweet time with his releases. From the outside looking in, he's a lot more strategic when it comes to the liberation of his music. But when you know/are confident in the quality of your art you move how you want, we're getting consistency without an overdose. So if you've been paying attention like me, then you've noticed the 7 song releases, "Sport It", "In My Bag", "Gwap", "Bussin", "Back To Ballin", "Brand New Wave", and "Run X4", which all garnered a good amount of attention, with his first video release being for "GAWP". I'm assuming we'll see a video for all of these songs in the future.

Today we get the second video for the 4th track he's released since his reemergence. Continuing his cinematic style visual, "Bussin" brings some energy, as UG dances around enjoying his creation to the fullest. he teams up with Eli and Mr. Ripper for video direction, presenting views with prime aesthetic of dark scenes. Watch below.

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