Monday, July 31, 2017

BlaccOut Garrison - "The Pastor's Prayer" (Feat. Chris P & Michael Da Vinci )

After taking an extended hiatus after his last project, Minnesota native BlaccOut Garrison makes his return to music with his new track "The Pastor's Prayer". Teaming up with TheHouse Collective's Chris P and Chattanooga's very own Michael da Vinci, "The Pastor's Player" is a beautiful dark story. Outstanding bars and a catchy hook make a great hip hop song and this song right here is a great example of that. We obviously have to mention R.K. Beats' production on this track because if it was not for his amazing talent who know if these three emcees would have been able to match each other's energy and bar level all on the same track. BlaccOut has definitely been missed from the game and this song just proves how talented he is and why he will have an amazing impact on the industry. It's a must to keep a close eye on him or you might miss the wave. Click the link below to check out "The Pastor's Prayer". 

Follow them on Twitter: @ItsABlaccOut, @ChrisPHouse, & @MikeyDHouse

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