Monday, September 25, 2017

$lim Kush - Say $o

South side of Chicago artist, $lim Kush, recently dropped a new track titled "Say $o". Keeping up with his rock-star sound, this track is guaranteed to get any party started. $lim is has had a rocky career thus far. As he feel that he has not gotten the recognition that he deserves. However, "Say $o" is a track that is definitely going to a grab the attention from both his peers and new fans. Honestly, there really is no other artist quiet like him. From his sound to his image and style; $lim Kush is definitely not a lane of his own.  2017 might be coming to an end soon but $lim Kush is making sure he ends the year strong. Click the link below to check out "Say $o".

Follow him on Twitter @ogslimkush 

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