Thursday, March 30, 2017

Kourvioisier ft. Add-2 - The Get Up

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Add-2 joins Kourvioisier for the single "The Get Up", with production from Dre Rubio, which we'll hear on the project "No Drive".

Doc Da Mindbenda releases new instrumental project "Dusty Rhodes Vol. 2"

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In 2012, producer Doc Da Mindbenda released the instrumental project titled "Dusty Rhodes", which held a 10 song tracklist. Since its release, we heard plenty more from Doc, producing for a long list of artist, dropping off more project like "A Penny For My Thots", "Lets Get Tropical", teaming up with Rich Jones on "3Peat Vol. 1", "The Prescription" and the list goes on. Yesterday March 29th, Doc Da Mindbenda return with a follow up from the 2012 release with "Dusty Rhodes Vol. 2". He presents 12 song listening session of Hip Hop beat as a prelude to new music he's working on with other artist. Stream below.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

theWHOevers - Penny Pinchin (Video)

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For one of, if not my most favorite project of 2016, comes a new video for the song "Penny Pinchin" featured on theWHOevers' EP "R U Down". The duo teams up with 3SXTI for visual direction, to bring viewers dance choreography to match the up-tempo party video. Look for new projects from doth Je$$e and Lloyd DotDot. Watch the video below.

Charmz Valkom - We Are Wild (EP)

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Bridging a connection between real life inspiration and fantasy, up and comer Charmz Valkom deliver  his first EP release "We Are Wild". Leading up to this release we were presented with the singles "Merch" and "Brinks Truck", 2 song that was anthemic in sound with plenty ambition. This EP gets a base from the movie/book 'Where The Wild Things Are', combining upbeat energetic tempo record grabbing from real life experiences and want as a driving force in the music. Cy Young, Millz Made Da Beat, Jake Tayor, and Jack Red all join as contributors across 7 songs. Stream the full project below.

UG Vavy - GWAP (Video)

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UG Vavy had been promoting a new video, getting fans ready for something of a short shorty style visual. He teams up with Yakub Films and APJ Films for a video that mirrors the street classic movie 'Paid In Full', presenting the rising and fall in pursuit of the "GWAP". Watch below.

Esohel & PLA - Vivid Livin (EP)

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Esohel and PLA have been long time collaborators, with a notable being our first coverage of these two artist being a song called "Settin Off Car Alarms". Over the years we continued to get release from these two separately as well as more collaborations. Recently they've returns with a new joint EP titled "Vivid Livin", delivering 6 new tracks. PLA and Esohel present listeners with hard hitting beats with a vibes to ride to kicking things off with bilingual raps. Stream below.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Ace Hashimoto - Trak Star

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"Something I was having fun wit after watchin 84 diff Pharrell interviews", explains Ace Hashimoto with the release of this new track. It pretty much sounds like inspiration of deep research of into of an artist he looks up to. What was created from that is a track titled "Trak Star".

TreStyle - Moments

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Prod. by Taylor King

TreStyle delivers a new track with the message "At any giving moment your life could change.  Live in the moment and never die", on new track called "Moments".

Mpulse - Money Under The Sofa

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Produced by Keef Boyd

The saga continues. Mpulse is back for another week of music, entering in week 30 of 52, with a new track called "Money Under The Sofa".

Supa Bwe - Melodies

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Supa Bwe gets production from Luke Almighty to deliver "Melodies", providing a sound with an unorthodox tempo. 

Backwood Jones - Touch Me Tease Me (FREESTYLE)

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In 1996 Case delivered the single "Touch Me Tease Me", which would be featured on "The Nutty Professor" soundtrack. Featuring Foxy Brown and Mary J Blige this song would reach the top 20s of Billboard Hot 100, becoming a classic R&B single. Now YP steps the this song in 2017 jumping on the Stevie J and Darryl Young produced track to put that Backwood spin on it. When so many want to jump on the current hot track, its good to hear some inspiration from the past.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Quez - Her Riddle

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With production from Cam O'bi, Quez returns with a new song that celebrate women. Xone White provides some smooth vocals as Quez puts the ones who create life and deal with all men's flaws gracefully under the spotlight. It's March which is Women's History month, and this new track give a major ode to Alice Paul, a women's right activist in the 1900s.

Joel Q ft. Panamera P - Tunnel Vision (Video)

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From his project of the same name, Joel Q delivers a new video for the song "Tunnel Vision", teaming up Panamera P. Q presents us with the scenes of the worker and hustlers who are either taking risk and grinding hard to fulfill their dreams and provide for the family. Watch the video below.

Lucki - No Wok (Video)

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Lucki teams up with Jake Osmun to deliver a new video for the recently release track "No Wok". Watch below.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Qari - IMA (Plane Ass Nigga)

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In the dead of night, Chicago time, Qari decided to drop off a new track called "IMA (Plane Ass Nigga", produced by Ugly Friend.

The Cool Kids drop new single and video "TV Dinner"

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The Cool Kids and Jimmy Regular have a team up that set to bring us creative visual through a new sketch comedy show. But recently The Cool Kids drop the video for the single "TV Dinner", and what we get is a bit of the format for their show. With Sir Michael Rocks and Chuck Inglish working toward the release of a album, which is titled "Special Edition Grand Master Deluxe", old and new fans are in anticipation.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

600 Breezy - Free Smoke

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600Breezy jumps on Drake's "Free Smoke" record to deliver his own rendition, after appearing on the "More Life" project. 

Friday, March 24, 2017

BJ The Chicago Kid Releases Tribute To Usher's "Confessions"

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January 2016 BJ The Chicago Kid dedicated a tribute to D'Angelo with a 3 track project. He set out the show his love to the music that impacted his career and the genre of R&B. In my opinion he did much justice to up hold the legacy of the song "How dose it feel", which you should miss, "Untitled: Salute To D'Angelo". Later that same year he dropped an ode to one the greats, Marvin Gaye, with a song and video called "Uncle Marvin".

Yesterday was the anniversary of the Usher's "Confessions" album, on March 23rd, calling it "one of the greatest R&B albums of all time". He teamed up with producer Jairus Mozee and Tubb Young to create renditions of songs from Usher's album. Its a 3 track release where BJ The Chicago Kid once again brings the spotlight back to traditional R&B, but this time with monologue from Usher to get his point across. Stream below.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Lud Foe - #GetWellFoe (Mixtape)

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Lud Foe is currently recovering from a nearly fatal accident involving an 18 wheeler. Simply said he was hurt badly but is set to make a return after his injuries have healed. This may seem like a setback but Foe and his team aren't letting this stop them, as he drops off a new project with the message that "They say what doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger".

In a statement to FADER Lud Foe says: "I open up to my fans on this one so they can gain an understanding of this life, struggles and opportunities. This project gives you my unique style with hard hitting beats and an emotional twist."

Titled "#GetWellFoe", he deliver a 9 track mixtape, which I'm assuming most of it was recording prior to the accident. Stream below.

Lil Bibby - Trapspots

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Lil Bibby is back with new music, with tales of the streets on a song called "Trapspots". We can expect a couple big things from Bibby, a new solo project "Free Crack 4" and a joint project with G Herbo. Listen to this new song below.

Saint Millie - $anta Muerte

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Looking to follow up on the album "Adderall", Saint Millie has been dropping hints as to a new project. We've been given a title, calling the future release "Overdose", but in the meantime continues to hit the stage to brings his latest project to stages for live performances. Today we get a new track from Millie where he gets production from Martin $ky for a track that gets its name from the Lady of the Shadows "$anta Muerte".

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Charmz Valkom ft. Cy Yound - Brinks Truck (Video)

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Charmz Valkom is preparing to release a new project toward the end of March and drop a new video to get listeners ready. For this new song and video he enlist an artist by the name of Cy Young and teams up with Phil Jordan for the video direction. "We Are Wild", the project's title, is 6 songs deep, see the cover and tracklist here. Watch the video below.

KAMI - Meryl Streep

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Recently a picture of Meryl Streep has taken off a the latest trending meme, where she was cheering loudly at an award show. Some of the more funny rendition of the picture include rap lyrics to accompany the pictures. Today Kami grabs a bit of influence from this trend to deliver a new song titled after the actress "Meryl Streep" with production from Papi Beatz.

TY Money - Spend It (Video)

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"Cinco three on the way", that's what TY Money says at the end of this new video, referring to the next installment of the "Cinco De Money" mixtape will be a trilogy. TY hits the jewelry store and gets fresh in new visual shot by TevDesh Productions in "Spend It". Watch below.

Kayla Brianna ft. Dreezy - Luck

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LA singer Kayla Brianna enlists Dreezy for this new track produced by London On Da Track. Titled "Luck", it's an inviting record with that's truly not for the shy guys.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Stream duo Pugs Atomz & Chris Read new album "Colo(u)rs of the World"

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Last month Pugs Atomz and Chris Read introduced listeners to their team up with the release of "Chocolate Milk/Black Nite". They presented a 8 track EP that was a prelude to a bigger release, bringing smooth Hip Hop music that was a demonstration of Pugs Atomz continuing prowess as an emcee. Recently the duo released their project, an album titled "Colo(u)rs of the World. We're presented with a playlist of features from Simeon Viltz, Neak, Awdazcate, Inari Gold, Juice Aleem, Wes Restless, Junior P Williams, and Thaione Davis.

The project kicks off with the title track, playing on the respective side of the world Read and Atomz are from through spelling. A chill introductory song that gives us a sense of their intention with this album. Throughout this listening session, it's a pretty light atmosphere create through great sounds, touching on multiple subjects from conversational calm record like "She Said" to songs that exude a fun time on "Nice and East" and uptempo live instrumentation on "You". Overall the sound and the lyrics takes into the mindset of feel good, head nodding, dipped in classic 90s beats, listening session. Stream below.

Mpulse - Cool With That

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Mpulse moving how he wants to move without stressing about the formalities. Getting production from Don Cannon, he keeps this relaxed over a light trap sound, with a continued demonstration of his skill as a good rapper. Press play on "Cool With That".

Mike WiLL Made-It gets Chief Keef & Rae Sremmurd for the song "Come Down"

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Mike WiLL Made-It and his frequent collaborators Rae Sremmurd drop off a new track that gets Glo Gang's lead man Chief Keef on "Come Down". Look for Mike's "Ransom 2" to drop soon. Listen below.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Qari - Love Is Going To Find U

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Qari is set to perform at SOHO House Chicago tomorrow, Monday night for an intimate gathering, compliments of Kevin Coval. Leading up to that he decides to let loose something new, a track titled "Love Is Going To Find U", which he may perform since it seems like the perfect song for the type of show. The song's production builds into the some of the calmest sound waves with relaxed drum kicks produced by Friends, which I don't know if that's the producer actually name of some type of reference.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Lucki - No Wok

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It's been said there's a new project on the way from Lucki, so fans have something to look forward to, but recently he dropped off a new track that rumbles in the speakers called "No Wok.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Ramaj Eroc - Angels (Video)

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Last week Ramaj Eroc dropped off the song "Angels", that featured a poem from Newark's Poetically Raw. Today we get a visual for the song, with Eroc handling the directorial duties, as they hit the parking lot and vibe out. Watch below.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Lil Durk - Victim (Video)

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Lil Durk ans Zae brings viewers a new video from the project "They Forgot". For the song "Victim", Durk paints grim pictures of the days before rapping worked for him with a stiff warning. Watch the video below.

Gittaa Thomas releases sampler of "Flights To Hawaii"

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Last month Gittaa Thomas released a new single titled "Real Nice", which was the lead release toward the project "Flights To Hawaii". But this album brings a lot more than just music, something bigger than just an album. It's set as a documentary also called "Flights Too Hawaii", with the album being a 20 song soundtrack to the documentary. Today we get a sample of what we'll hear on the upcoming release, with a feature from MFN Melo and production from Lord Haiti. Listen below.

Lupe Fiasco - ANKH:HER

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Just last week we got an announcement from Lupe Fiasco about a new album coming soon. Well today he delivers a freestyle by the name of  "ANKH:HER" that was originally done by east coast rapper Michael Christmas "Everything Burrito", produced by Rich Kidd. Be on the look out for Fiasco's DROGAS Wave album.

D2G - Compulsive Liars Freestyle

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D2G has a problem and aims to fix that problem, taking the direct approach. He sends shots at the Swedish rapper by the name of Compulsive, with lines like "Swedish candy packaged overseas clone of Macklemore" and ends it with "This the type of shot that would of sent Mick Jenkins into a tailspin". 2G says this is only warning shots and also we can expect a new EP from him soon. 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Max Wonder - 365

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Max Wonders thanks the people for their support on "Hues To Blame" dropping off a new track called "365". He explains, "just something to feel warm to, it's been a while, hope all is well", getting production from Made n' Villa & softscreenes for slow hard bounce sound that drops in tempo at the end.

eGo Jaleel - GAME

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When its game time there's no time to play around. eGo Jaleel teams up with producer DNell for a new track titled "GAME".

The Boy Illinois - I'm Home (Koto Freestyle)

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The Illi has been making moves to ensure he's to have lengthy career in the music. For this new track he brings a a certain confidence that's sure to make the competition feel some type of way. With production from Shake Bake under him, we get the song titled "I'm Home(Koto Freestyle)".

Mpulse - Turning Tables

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Mpulse brings fans the 28th track in a series of release, giving us this one on a snowy day. With the now hitting we may need an uplifting song and that's what he presents, titled "Turning Tables", encourage those dreams and workers to keep push and keep moving.

Monday, March 13, 2017

International Maverick - Sore Loser (Video)

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Directed by Work Nowitzki and Modest Goddess, International Maverick releases his first video of the year, for the song "Sore Loser". Watch below.

Femdot finishes EP series with "(u)no", drops full compilation "The 20/20 Hour"

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I knew something was coming. When Femdot announced the final release of his EP series, which started at "fo(u)r", "thr(we)", "to(u)", and now "(u)no", figured it would lead to something more. He delivers the final installment with a four song track list, getting production from Mike Wavvs, D. Phelps, and Charles Lauste, with the lone feature from Ohana Bam.

After pushing the EP back a couple days, and a building anticipation, Femdot continues to gain momentum as an emcee with plenty to say. Compared to previous three EPs, he jumps right into the rapping, where be for we were presented with a big radio station style introduction. Throughout this four track listening session, Femdot references influences, pay homage to the vets, pinpoints police brutality, delivers some smooth music, and the ambition from a youth in the inner city.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Rich Jones - Memory

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Yesterday March 10th, Rich Jones celebrated another year of life, deliver a new track as a present to himself and to fans. He teamed up with The Burns Twins and Bedows for production, bringing us a soulfully soothing track called "Memory".

Levi Carter & Lucki - Feels Like Death

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With airy, slow moving, and slightly eerie production under them, Lucki and Levi Carter join forces for a new release called "Feels Like Death", produced by Ahkilo.

Ramaj Eroc - Angels

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Getting production from Lakey Inspired, Ramaj Eroc delivers a song that lays out the wants, inspirations, and emotions on "Angels". The song ends with a spoken word poem from Newark's Poetically Raw, who drives the song into the point in which Eroc was expressing his wants or emotions and a response that.

Thursday, March 9, 2017


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photo credit: Domi V

It's been some time since we've gotten a new release from Neak, but you can't call it a hiatus when you've been in the studio continuing to create. He's been working on a new project and back in early February 2017, he is said to have pretty much finished recording. Since the release of his 2015 album "Paura / Amore", Neak has put together a Spring Tour and continued to hit stages live, demonstrating his independent grind. 

Today we get a new release from him, also handling the song's production, a combination of Hip Hop, Funk, and Soul on "WDYBIN". This song asks the question of "who do you believe in", as Neak drop raps that pinpoint what currently happen in society, with Nas, Add-2, and Beethoven references. The title of his upcoming album, which has no date, is "KWESBAAR" but this new track won't be featured it just to get listeners ready.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Mulatto & Warhol.SS - Block

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After release a song with Qari called "Foolish", Mulatto actually had more music up his sleeve. He enlist Warhol.SS, with co-production from CEO Beatz for a track called "Block", and it bangs in the speaker. Mulatto is working on a new project, while not much is yet known, its possible this is him getting listeners ready.

Supa Bwe - I Hate Being Alive

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Art by Matt Reid

Supa Bwe puts for his plans for this music, kicking off a campaign toward a new project. Today he drops "I Hate Being Alive", produced by John Scott who provide a backdrop that builds from suspense into mid pace yet energy hard hitting beat. Supa brings the energy in his delivery, where you're just able to envision this performance as you listen. This Summer he is set to release "Finally Dead: Fuck You It's Too Late", in which he says "last project you'll ever get from me. Fuck this. Ima go be a fuckin.. cage fighter in South America or something dumb". But in every person creates the art is a part of them, so we'll see. Read his words.

Rekstizzy ft. Ace Hashimoto - Uniqlo

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Queens rapper Reskstizzy, who recently dropped a new project titled "Lilypad Vol. 1", a 5 track EP, enlisting the likes Ace Hashimoto for a verse and production. The name might seem new if you hadn't been watching the transition, but Ace Hashimoto once went by the name brandUn DeShay. Toward the middle of 2016, he made the change after dropping two great projects "GoldUn Child" parts one and two. Track number 4 from "Lilypad Vol 1" get Resktizzy and Ace Hashimoto delivering relax flows trading verses back and forth on a song called "Uniqlo".

Alexander Blane & AjAY - My Ego

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Dedicated to that special woman that motivates, picks him up when he's down,  and helps a man's self-esteem. Alexander Blane and AjAY team up for a new track, produced by BDown, titled "My Ego". This new track might be just time for a day of celebrating women for International Women's Day.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Loren Joseph - Shots Fired (Video)

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Loren Joseph officially buries the moniker Logan Cage. This move comes as he aims to take his career further, as he explains "Being "Logan" was fun and I have endless memories. But it's time for a change in my life and change of direction with the music". Today we get a new video from Loren for a song called "Shots Fired", produced by Flight and shot by J. Krown. Watch below.