Tuesday, January 9, 2018

eGo Jaleel - "What They Want" (Official Video)

Have you ever wanted to follow eGo Jaleel around Vegas? Well if the answer is yes, then you'll enjoy his new video for his song "What They Want". Of course he did not give full experience but just enough to have fan wondering what the life of eGo Jaleel is like. Outside of his crazy bars, we get to witness the Chicago rappers personality from his wild facial expressions to his charming smile. "What They Want" is a song about stunting on your haters and doubters and eGo let's them all know that they honestly have so much to be mad about over this 20th Hour production. So many great things ate about to happen for eGo Jaleel and this is just the tip of what's happening in his career. Click the link above to check out the visual for "What They Want".

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