ChiCityHipHop.Net is dedicated to the local scene of Chicago.

We are always looking for hot music to post. All you have to do is put together the following things then submit it to For your music or video to be considered for a post you must:
  • Have a mix/mastered song/songs in mp3 format (perferred: Soundcloud, Audiomack)
  • Track art or professionally taken photo
  • Links to your social media website or artist website
  • Subject as artist name + name of song specify whether is a Video/Single
  • Tell us a little bit about your music: upcoming project etc.
  • Subject as artist name and mixtape name
  • A link to your mixtape (perferred: audiomack, soundcloud, datpiff, livemixtapes)
  • Album/Mixtape cover and tracklisting
  • Tell us a little bit about your project 
  • Original works
  • Professional photo or artwork
  • If you have video of you doing spoken word/poetry at a venue is accepted
NOTE: If you would like for to premier any mixtape/single/etc., please send them a few days in advance.

All entries following the proper requirements will be listened to and considered. If we like what we hear, look out for a post or response email 
Contributor/Intern: We love those who are out spoken and very opinionated. If you are interested in being a writer, feel you have something interesting to say and you stand by what you write without hesitation guest blog on our site. Must be in Chicago and  available to contribute at least 1 post each week to be considered for this position. 
  • Let us know who you are
  • majoring in Journalism, English, Communications, or a related field(No mandatory)
  • Explain what topics you want to write about
  • Links to previous works / Writing
  • Able to work quickly and efficiently
  • Create/Write articles on various Chicago Hip Hop topics
  • Are able to hit the scene and connect with the artist.
If you're a writer and want to be part of the monthly 'Pick Three' segment, where you can highlight three your favorite releases for a particular month, contact with subject as Pick Three. (Artist please don't submit with the subject as 'Pick Three' as we open and listen to all emails. No need try and trick someone)