Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Nick Carter Green Drops 2 New Singles "Breanna" & "Haley", Plus A Q+A

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It's always fun to hear an artist develop their craft, at least for someone who cover music like me. You may not catch the growth of an artist right off the back, mostly due to the fact if you've followed their music on a gradual course. But to return to past releases and listen, that growth becomes abundantly evident. From project to project and song to song in some cases, there's that inch of experience that artist goes through that pulls them to different sound making for something of a slow exciting spectator sport in sound.

Nick Carter Green, over the years, was on a steady incline, saw some struggle, and bounce back. Jumping on my radar with a song called "Don't Wanna Lose", which we would hear on a project titled "XIX", he quickly became someone to watch. Demonstrating an ability to rap and sing, releasing earlier songs that he stood out on like "Inception", "A.D.D." which garnered spin in radio mix shows, and songs that we're underrated even by us like "Girls Love Rihanna". In 2015 followers of NCG's music got to enjoy 2 projects "Live" and "Nineteen", and a couple of great videos, making it a very productive year for this Chicago upstart.

Now in 2017 Green looks to make a welcomed return. He has been preparing for a new project called "Shades Darker". He's taken to his social media account to let the people know what's to come with a countdown and snippets. Today we get 2 new songs from Nick Cater Green, singles which we'll hear on his upcoming solo album. An artist of multiple talents these songs "Breanna" and "Haley" demonstrates 2 sides of Green in terms of musical ability.

The first of the 2 singles "Breanna", gets production from Deryck Cabrera and Alex Vaughn who flip a classic Mary J. Blige track. "Breanna" brings in moments of musical emotions, injecting that feels of "I Can Love You" into the song. The production matches the emotions of NCG's words with ups and downs felt through crooning. For the second song, we get guest verses from Rockie Fresh, Backwood Jones(YP), and Alex Wiley. "Haley" brings the energy, getting production from ALEXX, with artist presenting their respective styles. With some hard kicks and heavy bass under them, this song is sure to get a crowd jumping. Just image these songs as personalities, "Breanna" and "Haley" are very different who share their own separate relationship with Nick Carter Green.


I had the chance to get a few questions in with him, which you can read below as well as here the new singles.

Kweku Collins Readies New Album Release

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"Music to skate to..." just one of the observations we've gotten about the upcoming album from Kweku Collins. With Closed Session behind him, their been a campaign toward its release, presenting fans with two singles, "International Business Trip", and "jump.i". The album is set for April 28, literally 3 days away, titled "Grey".

Pre-Oreder here, checkout the tracklist and hear the singles below.

Mpulse - Roll The Dice

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Comparisons, depending on the person being compared to, can be a compliment or can make you feel some type of way. While many rappers don't object to being compared to the greats, because you know they're the greats, but to be compared to your current generation, it's understanding how that can be off-putting. Every artist is in search of their own lane in music no matter the genre, if not you should quit.

Mpulse is just the artist who knows his lane and is working hard for the world to recognize just what he does. This new track sets the tone early with lines like "Don't compare me to them, other guys, you listen to". We're presented with real conversations had that may be what brought this song about. "Roll The Dice" also gives us a few his thoughts on the creative and business balance when he raps his dislike of "blueprints" and "barriers".

Produced by frequent collaborators Keef Boyd and Lyle LeDuff, this is week 34 of his 52-week campaign, That a year in music, and there's plenty more to come.  If you've been missing out start here.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Breeze & Joel Q - Money Right (Video)

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'Paid In Full' continues to be a timeless hood movie classic, reaching far beyond the generation that the story was centered on. True be told, it also had one of the best scenes that show a relationship where many in black neighborhoods idolize. When Money Mitch came home he was presented with the warmest of welcome by family and friends and a return to the hustle. We get sort of an interpolation of that very fresh very fresh scene as Breeze and Joel Q brings it to Chicago.

"Money Right" is the latest song/video release from these two collaborators, providing a calming atmosphere of open air. The production brings the nearly identical feeling of that very fresh 'Paid In Full" scene, through that 90s Hip Hop sound. Joel Q and Breeze represent their respective sides of the city on a song that outlays ambitions of success, rap bravado, and loyalty to those who matter. Watch the video below.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Adam Tarantino & Frytz - Before The Storm (EP)

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Producer Kevin Frytz and rapper Adam Tarantino decide to let loose a new project. This release comes after last year's mixtape "Adam Bomb". These two are no stranger to collaboration, working together on music prior to this. While the previous project was a full length effort, this team up presents listeners with a 5 track EP.

Over the course of this project, we're presented with some menacing yet at time energetic production. Adam Tarantino brings you street raps with at time catchy hooks and Frytz match his raps with the production.

LA VanGogh - Bitter Berries

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LA VanGogh is artist who, if you visited this site regularly, you've heard before demonstrating his multi-facet talents. From production, rapping, and singing, to playing the piano, VanGogh continues to prove that he's clearly been one to watch. What we've heard from him up to this point ranges from personal experiences, perspective, and good beats. There's an obvious growth from the release of project like "The Vinyl", he's continued to fine tune his craft. He's readying a new project which is will be titled "Everything Is Subjective".

We live in a word where we judge a person by their looks. This continues to be the case whether you're Black, White, Asian, Arab, and so forth. Race is such a hot button issue that some people choose to avoid these talks as much as possible, but not LA VanGogh. "They say the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice, well I must be pretty bitter according to you" LA VanGogh raps, the line that kicks off the song. He brings his experience with race relations to the front of our minds. Facing a issue that blends, or rather that just isn't simply black and white, we get to hear some things a bi-racial man face growing up as Mexican and African-American. "Bitter Berries" is definitely a welcomed addition to the conversations about our individual human experiences. Listen below.

Supa Bwe ft. Shepard Hues, Xavier & The Thrill - Do You(Mary Jane)

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Supa Bwe, Shepard Hues, and Xavier & The Thrill come together for a new record that brings the sound to the calm moods. Shepard Hues takes lead on the production, providing a tempo that puts the brain at ease and picks up about 2/3 through the song. Supa Bwe delivers his verse with an airy crooning. He sing to Mary Jane on "Do You?", considering this song dropped on 4/20 you can figure that out. Xavier joins in after Supa, hitting listeners with auto-tune filled raps. This combination of talent present something that seems it would be perfect song to a smoke and chill session.

Expect to hear more from these three, as Supa Bwe is working toward his solo release "Finally Dead". Shepard Hues continues to to build his repertoire, getting production credits for some pretty good songs. Xavier & The Thrill have keep things consistent with, recently dropping off his own song titled "Now Its A Party", he may be working a new project, we'll have to wait and see. Listen below.

Friday, April 21, 2017

G Herbo - Something (Video)

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There's a lot to look forward to from G Herbo. He's continuing to work on his solo major debut album. Long time collaborator Lil Bibby is supposed to join him for a joint project, and another project with SouthSide is in the works. We're still waiting to hear more about any of these releases but there's plenty of music already out as well as new loose track continuing to hit the net.

There's a continued development of style and delivery in G Herbo's raps. With this new video release for a song called "Something", we get a reflective record that looks back on this first big 'bag'. Kicking things off with a monologue about his memories from 2012, G Herbo gives us a bit of what motivates him. While the track looks back on early days the video its brings us to the current success he enjoying. The track "Something" is just another song where it feels as though he in deep thought about life and his experience, someone who is truly conscience about his rise.
"You can't help what you born with, but its on you if you die broke"

The Palmer Squares - Dip (Video)

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The duo The Palmer Squares are an ever so consistent team that continues to deliver engaging visuals. Their previous video release saw a continuation of a style of shooting, a one shot nonstop take usually set for their cypher set songs where their just spitting straight through. "Bimodal" was a record that seem to stress a particular point, that they may rap under one name but they're two modes.

Recently Acumental and Terminal Knowledge followed up with a video for the Drew Mantia and DRO produced record "Dip". This was a song featured on their album "Planet of the Shapes", which was released May of 2016. "Dip" was the final track on the album which had an intention, asking the question in the chorus "where do you want to go from here". The song seems to be set as a open ended thought for themselves, something you probably assume many artist thinks to themselves, centered on what's their next move.

For their latest video Acumental handles the directing duties, along side Remsy Atassi, and editing. They bring us their journey across states performing live and enjoying life as well as some struggles. Running off their own funding The Palmer Squares have been able to amass a strong fanbase that definitely shows up and shows out for them. In "Dip", we makes the connect between their travels and "dipping" from place to place. Philadelphia, Providence, New York, Boston, Portland, and more, are just some of the stop on the road. Where are they know?

Watch the video below.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Twista ft. Supa Bwe - Happy Days (Video)

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Shot/animated by Nick Brazinsky

The unofficial holiday for the piff smokers rolls around again. Today marks 4/20 and weed connoisseur are enjoying it just like any other day. Supa Bwe joins Twista for a new video and song dedicated to the day called "Happy Days". Watch below.