Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Rick Stevenson - "Way Too Much" (Feat. Jo Jiizzle)

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Rick Stevenson once again proves that the talent in Chicago has no age limit with his latest release "Way Too Much". Teaming up with rapper Jo Jizzle, these two deliver outstanding bars and crazy flows about following your dreams and celebrating your accomplishments regards of people saying you are doing "Way Too Much". This track was produced by Rob1 and co-produced by Rick Steverson as well. There really is not much that this 17-year-old cannot do. He is going on tour, launching his "Teen Challenge", a project that will help get more high schoolers involved in his music videos, as well as releasing his new EP, "Orientation" all in 2018. Rick is certainly going to have a busy year and this is still just the tip of his young career. Click the link below to check out "Way Too Much".

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JBro Bugatti - "Fight Now" (Feat. Astonish)

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JBro Bugatti is staring the new year off with a new track that so many people will be able to relate to titled "Fight Now". Relationships are never easy and sometimes it seems like all your significant other wants to do it fight but Bugatti says that's over. "Fight Now" is a track about not entertaining the petty arguments and leaving the relationship altogether and just focusing on your own success.  Teaming up with Astonish, these two created the perfect relationship record as Valentine's day is soon approaching. Click the link below to check out "Fight Now".

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Monday, January 15, 2018

Vonte - "Freenkn U" (Prod. by Gold Haze)

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Vonte is back with another track for the ladies and this track is titled "Freekn U". While the westside artist has been preparing to release of his new mixtape "N*ggas" which he is saying is a project for streets, he has not been forgetting about his women fans. Teaming up with producer Gold Haze, who definitely did an outstanding job with this Jodeci's "Every Freakin' Night" sample. Vonte once again shows off his softer and sexier sides on this track. Once this mixtape drops, Vonte will have both the street and the ladies; the moves he can make afterwards will be endless. Click the link below to check out "Freekn U".

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Mother Nature - " RUN IT UP" Official Video (Dir. By Jovan Landry)

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Mother Nature teams up with director Jovan Landry for their latest video for their song "RUN IT UP". It's seems like videos these days do not tell an actually story but Mother Nature goes against that and delivers fans a mini movie. This  visual even features a cameo from one of Chicago's hottest DJ, DJ Cymba of HUEY Gang.. Mother Nature is constantly proving why they are currently one of  top artists duos in the city. We've previous stated that 2018 might be the year of women and while that statement is still true, Mother Nature just proved why Chicago women on going to be in the front of that movement. Click the link above to check out their official video for "RUN IT UP".

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Jamman - "Camry Music" (Prod. by Duglo)

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It took Jamman a while to release new music since he dropped "Ride" but the wait was definitely worth it after hearing his track "Camry Music". Jamman might have just found his wave with this Duglo produced track. Everyone knows that late night car conversations can really help get to know someone and he definitely capture's that experience perfectly with this track. Vocally Jamman is only getting better and it's going to be difficult for anyone else to try to recreate this sounds that he is developing. Hopefully we get either an EP or album from Jamman by the summer. While we wait, click the link below to check out "Camry Music".

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eGo Jaleel - "What They Want" (Official Video)

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Have you ever wanted to follow eGo Jaleel around Vegas? Well if the answer is yes, then you'll enjoy his new video for his song "What They Want". Of course he did not give full experience but just enough to have fan wondering what the life of eGo Jaleel is like. Outside of his crazy bars, we get to witness the Chicago rappers personality from his wild facial expressions to his charming smile. "What They Want" is a song about stunting on your haters and doubters and eGo let's them all know that they honestly have so much to be mad about over this 20th Hour production. So many great things ate about to happen for eGo Jaleel and this is just the tip of what's happening in his career. Click the link above to check out the visual for "What They Want".

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2ru Luv - "Cliche'"

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Chicago's very own 2ru Luv has just released his second single titled, "Cliche'". The city has been getting major attention in the last few years for producing some of the hottest hip hop artists, but 2ru Luv proves why you should not sleep on the city's R&B artists with this track. 2ru Luv has created what might be one of the sexiest song that will come out this year, with his wild lyrics, smooth voice, and of course this very unique production. Over the last few month 2ru has been reinventing his image but the music has stayed just as amazing as before. It will certainly be interesting to see what kind of tricks he pulls out this year.  Click the link below to check out "Cliche'".

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Monday, January 8, 2018

Red Bella - " Look Good, Fell Good" (Official Video)

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Red Bella is becoming known for her 90's inspired vibe and flow and if "Look Good, Feel Good" is the first track you have ever heard from the Chicago emcee you''ll understand why. "Look Good, Feel Good" is a song about forgetting what the haters say and being completely comfortable in your skin. This message is more specifically directed towards women, seeing as women are constantly being told they have to look a certain way to be seen as beautiful. It's definitely refreshing to have song reminding women that they are beautiful even if they do not fit that "perfect" image. 2018 might just be the year of women, and "Look Good, Feel Good" should be the theme song for that movement. Click the link above to check the video out for yourself.

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Hoosier Scott - "Go Crazy" (Feat. Nyanga)

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Hosier Scott did not waste any time to drop new music in the new year and "Go Crazy" is definitely a track that a lot of people will be able to relate to. Teaming up with Nyanga, this track is about how no one seem to really genuine these days, and that goes for family and friends. Whether you're answering your phone or just scrolling down social media, you'll always see something fake that makes you want lose your mind. "Go Crazy" was produced by Taz Taylor for Internet Money and perfectly fuses together pop, hip hop, and a rock sounds. The only thing that can make this track better is seeing it performed lived and we're sure it will not be long until Hoosier announces some live shows. In the meantime, click the link below to check out "Go Crazy".

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Friday, November 3, 2017

Ryan Alexander - "Super Bae"

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It has been a while since Ryan Alexander released new music, however he has finally dropped his latest single titled, "Super Bae". "Super Bae" is a fun, catchy upbeat track, perfect for the changing weather and cuffing season. Ryan might have just created the newest term to refer to the person you're dating but just not quite ready to settle down with. No more situation-ships, it's all about "Super Bae" now.  This is only the beginning for this track, as the Chicago artist has teamed up with fellow Chicago creatives, "Rising Eagle Comics" and they are planning something great that will hopefully be released sooner rather than later. Of course this track was also produced by Ryan Alexander and features some amazing background vocals form Sherren Olivia. Click the link below to check it out.

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