Sunday, December 4, 2016

Naybahood - Runnin'

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Naybahood continues bringing the raps, after dropping off his project "Dope Shit Only 3", we get a new loose track called "Runnin".

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Supa Bwe drops new song, "Lil Doggy" + Watch recent live listen of unreleased music

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New music from Supa Bwe hits the net, handling the production himself, we get track titled "Lil Doggy". He been teasing new music over the past couple of month via periscope, giving his fans that early listen. So far he's played unreleased record that feature Logan, Lil Flash, Taylor Bennett and more. Enjoy this new full track and hear/see some of the most recent live video of unreleased music below.

Friday, December 2, 2016

The Friday Impact

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There's been plenty of new music to hit the net this week and the previous week. Like me, you probably missed something. From newcomers to the names we're pretty familiar with, we've caught up on it all with a round-up. This is something I rarely do but here's the exception. Hear to music from G Herbo, Emil, Sasha Go Hard, Chief Keef, OSA, and more.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Lucki & Mulatto Beats - Self Destruct

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Mulatto Beats is working on a new project, today we get his first single, titled "Self Destruct", enlisting Lucki.

Dion Jetson & SeVen1 - Money Trees 3

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Awhile back SeVen1 and Dion Jetson announce that they were teaming up for a new project, time pass and there was wait. These two reassures their joint release is on the way with a new single titled "Money Trees 3, produced by E Haynes.

Brian Fresco - Call (Video)

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You might have seen this guy on the cover of the RedEye today. Brian Fresco is all over the city so to speak, after his interview with the publication to talk about his journey in life and career in rap. Today he also drops a new video for the song "Call", a cleanly shot visual, directed by Peter Collins Campbell. Watch below.

Qari & Mulatto Beats - Basic

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photo credit @katerjaynephoto

The Rapper/producer combination of Qari and Mulatto are the latest reveal to the upcoming project from 119 Productions Presents "Count Down 2 Midnight". 

Martin $ky - If Anybody Ever Told You That They Know Me, They Lied (Album)

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Martin $ky delivers his new project, which will be the last time we hear him dropping a full rap project until further notice(read here). "If Anybody Ever Told You That They Know Me, They Lied", sound like the title of someone who's come more aware of self. Delivering nine songs, $ky enlists Tre Capital, and Mathaius Young for a project full of speaker rattling production and good raps. Stream and download below.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

L.A. VanGogh - Friends First (EP)

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Who's on your friends list? L.A. VanGogh has some creative minded friends on his list. He delivers a new project, bringing along his fellow artist on a EP titled "Friends First". With the message that "community is important. family and friends first. protect your circle. protect your energies. create/build with those you trust." we get a track project gear toward that point. Femdot, Sean Deaux, Ishmael Raps, nosidam., Flex Lennon, Chinz//Fly, Joe Rico, and Jason Valcarcel all contribute to this EP. Stream below.

DRAMA - Gallows (EP)

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DRAMA, the duo consisting of Via Rosa and Na'el Shehade, are back with a new project. To prepare the fans for this release they delivered singles "Hopes Up" and "Forever's Gone", providing a small insight into what this producer/vocalist combination plan to present. Not only did we hear great singles but were presented with some really good visual addition to these singles.

Aiming to find the light in struggle, we get a project titled "Gallows". Na'el Shehade handles all the production, with co-production from David Leo, while Via Rosa demonstrates her pen game. Its a eight track EP, that's described as "happy sad music", but I'll let them explain:
"The name Gallows, stems from the term "Gallows Humor" which is humor about painful circumstances. We felt the term Gallows Humor really encompassed our sound since our music has been described as happy sad music; music that brings you up when you're feeling down. Heartbreak can be painful and our hope through our album Gallows is it will help you see the humor when you're going through the volatility of love. We came together to create Gallows as our last letters to the loves we thought we couldn't live without. Gallows is a DRAMAtic soundtrack for anyone and everyone who has ever felt like the only way to get through pain is to crack a joke, see the humor and keep it moving. We hope you love listening to the album as much as we loved making it.