Monday, September 26, 2016

Common ft. Stevie Wonder - Black America Again

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Politically charged Common uses his platform to share a powerful message via music. In the wake of yet another killing of an unarmed black man in the hands of police, this message had to be told immediately. The rapper goes on to express his frustration with the ongoing race issues here in America with addressing the corrupt system and name dropping those who have tragically fallen victim to police brutality. Being labeled as a "rallying cry and call to action" he is joined by Stevie Wonder for vocals as well as appearances by Chuck D and MC Lyte for the socially conscious track.

Tink - OOOUUU (Remix)

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One of Chicago's leading ladies' in the scene chooses to freestyle over Young M.A.'s "OOOUUU". Tink joins the likes of Nicki Minaj and The Game for her own spin on the track. The female emcee adds auto tune and keeps her signature flow as she confidently rhymes over the spacey sound.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Goody - Nobody

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Goody jumps such relaxed production from 1stFrom92 and IAmMillz Music to deliver a song called "Nobody".

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Abstrak Mind - Yes Yes Y'all

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"Yes yes y'all, and you don't stop", some of the most memorable words in Hip Hop that I first heard on Common's "I Used To Love H.E.R.". While these words pre-date that song, Abstrak Mind and ILL Brown samples Com Sense's voice to put together a chilled vibe song with a relaxed tempo with live instruments. A.M. is an emcee who's prided himself on good raps and an actual message, and this new single is no exception. Its a very personal song that gives us insight into his start in the journey toward success in music, as he calls it his "personal fight song". We expect a new album from him in the near future, so in the meantime press play and read what he had to say for this release:
"Yes Yes Y'all" is a testimony of where I am mentally regarding music and life. This is my personal fight song, my anthem that wills me to keep going on my musical journey. It can be very frustrating and discouraging at times, but nevertheless, the journey is rewarding when it's all said and done. My supporters have always allowed me to remain honest and passionate in my lyrics, never judging me or looking down on me for producing music of substance rather than that of ignorance. While less conscious music has its place, I'm very grateful to know I don't have to be limited to a certain fan base or level of creativity.
I'm overwhelmed with joy to have fans who allow me to grow wherever the music takes me. I want to thank all of my supporters. Know that as long as I have the means to create, I will never stop creating music. I love all of you!

Friday, September 23, 2016

G.o.D Jewels - rack$2$pend

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"rack$2$pend", or racks to spend, is the latest from G.o.D. Jewels and produced by Crystal Tokyo. These two, Jewels and Crystal, seem to be on to something, as far the continued collaboration we've been hearing from them. For their latest team up we get a money motivate song with an airy back drop.

A Interview With Artist Collective F.A.M. (Part 1)


The collective looking to build a name in the city of Chicago and beyond, F.A.M.: Finest Among Many, recently sat with CCHH to tell their story. In this latest interviews the group joked, talked about their intent as a collective, future plans and more. Watch below.

Alex Wiley & Kembe X Drop Two New Songs, "Quicksliver" & "Fuck Em"

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Long time collaborators and friends, Alex Wiley and Kembe X are with plenty new music for the fans. Two song recently dropped where they're both dropping raps. the first of the two songs is "Quicksilver", produced by Mike Gao, and is a speaker rattler. The second is titled "Fuck Em", with a more slowed tempo and hard drum kicks. You can stream both track below

Mick Jenkins - The Healing Component (Album)

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Bringing his new album to the people, Mick Jenkins presents "The Healing Component", with intent to spread love. In the current climate of rap, where there's many complaints about the young up and coming rappers, people over look the emcees who are actually dropping great content. There's more attention put on the guys that can be considered "mumble rap", but with Mick dropping a new album today and staying consistent over the last few years he's a welcome balance to the game.

Developing from in the way he rap from project to project, since "Trees & Truth" we've been able to hear how his production choices have change, playing with different flows, and jumping into delivering melodies in his rap. With this new album, his debut album, fans will get a farthing of the concepts he focused on from "The Water[s]" and "Wave[s]". Holding 15 songs, he's joined by theMIND, Ravyn Lenae, Noname, Xavier Omar, Michael Anthony, BadBadNotGood, and more . Stream below.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

New comer VeNom drops a new project titled "Seeds..."

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The poet and the rapper are often talked about as two different routes and two different forms of art. But many would consider what the rapper does part of poetry. Rap can be thought provoking, intelligent, and can tell a story. Poetry can largely be read, heard, or be a performance, but depending on the artist you won't necessarily want to read/hear a rappers lyric without the applied production. One writer/poet, Nicole Humphrey who goes by Venom aims to brings the two forms of express a bit more close together with a new project.

Something of a journey, Venom takes the listener through a voyage of development as person, which can said to be symbolized through the intro track. “I hope to start a conversation about self preservation and growth", she says, using her own experiences to kick start that conversation. Over nine tracks, each individually living as its own chapter of the story, we get a combination of emotion, joy, disappointment, self doubt. You truly get a sense of her using music as a means to reach a place of healing.
"I define seeds as the summarization of experiences, those experiences combined leave imprints, imprints that charge our existence, levying our worth, while garnering our perspective; the joy, the tears, the surprises, the disappointment, the quick encounters, the moments of fear, they all plant seeds. I took some words, positioned them within the melodies of music and found some healing in the process. With this project, I hope to start a conversation about self preservation and growth. By extracting poetry from its traditional setting, I hope to advance its singular appreciation in hip hop and R&B.”

Here are a series of poems blended with music. Listen below.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Air Credits - So Heavy

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With a album ready to be release, Air Credits are currently hitting stages on tour introducing the people to their group. The group recently premiered their new single, "So Heavy", delivering a super relax track. Expect to hear their debut, titled "Broadcast", next month October 10th.