Monday, July 17, 2017

Jay Wood - "RIGHT NOW" (Feat. Chulo & Femdot)

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If you've been waiting for Jay Wood to make his return, the wait is officially over. The Freesole artist teams up with fellow Freesole member, Chulo, and Chicago artist Femdot for his new single "RIGHT NOW". This track is truly for real hip hop fans as these three talented emcees go bar for bar with one another. Of course we have to mention the production on this track, which immediately grabs your attention and will have you vibing out to it without even realizing it. The hook is also a highlight on this track. It's catchy without being corny. If this is how Jay Wood reenters the game, he's going to capture a lot of new people interest. Click the  link below to check out "RIGHT NOW".

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PAEday - "Magnolia" Remix

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Renaissance member PAEday is back with another remix to add to his resume. This time he tackles Playboi Carti's hit single "Magnolia". At this stage in his career PAEday is definitely doing what his wants and experimenting with different sounds and flows. This track is no different as the Cincinnati native, delivers a perfect flow for this beat but still maintains his signature style of punchlines and ridiculous wordplay. Many of you may be wondering when PAEday will be dropping another project and while the official date has not been released, it can be expected sometime this fall. We're sure it's going to be amazing but while we wait check out his "Magnolia" remix below.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


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Who knew that a simple Twitter conversation would lead to Chicago emcee, SIMONE releases one of the hardest remixes of the year. Over New York, latest new Star Cardi B's hit song "BODAK Yellow", SIMONE completely blacks out on this track. This remix is tough as she gives hard hitting punchlines and cocky one-liners. SIMONE definitely takes this song to the next level and adds her own personal style. She is one of the more overlooked artists in Chicago but if she keeps delivering like this, she won't be for much longer.
Click the link below to check out "BODAK YELLOW" Remix.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

SIMONE - "Confused" (Prod. by Corey Laury)

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It has been nearly a year since Chicago emcee, SIMONE has released any new music but she's back with her new single "Confused". Known for her aggressive style and hard hitting lyrics, SIMONE shows off her softer side on this track. "Confused" is a track about having mixed feeling for someone you considered a lover and a best friend and wondering how to handle the situation of therm betraying your trust. We have all been in a situation where someone who we never thought would hurt us ultimately does. Hopefully, we will not have to wait too long for another new track from the extremely gifted artist. However, in the meantime, click the link below to check out "Confused".

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Taia Gabrielle - "Free Smoke" G Mix (Video)

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The hardest working 17-year-old in Chicago is back with another G mix titled "Free Smoke". If you are still sleeping on Taia Gabrielle, she's definitely going to wake you up this summer. She's has been constantly releasing new music and making it look extremely easy. With her witty punchlines and confidence level beyond most people twice her age, you can not help but want to see this young lady win. Click the link above to check out this self-proclaimed "up-now" artist new G-Mix "Free Smoke".

Follow her on Twitter; @TaiaGabrielle

James Kahil - "Runaways" (Prod. by Mantra)

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James Kahil has dropped his new single "Runways". "Runways" is a song about being in love with someone but instead of telling them how you feel you ignore and run away from your true feelings. This track with produced by Mantra and does an amazing job of capturing that late summer night vibe that has a pop with an R&B influence sound. James Kahil is constantly reinventing himself but the Uber driver from Chicago is more than ready for the world to hear what he has to offer to the music industry. Click the link below to check out "Runways".

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

ZAK. - "SMOKE" (Prod. by Kurt VZA)

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Washington native ZAK. has released his third single titled "SMOKE". ZAK. is more known for his R&B sound but he had to remind fans that he can rap from time to time. With summer right around the corner, "SMOKE" is the perfect song for those warm nights outside with friends just vibing and having a good time. Of course, producer Trvsh God is a major factor in that vibe. With his smooth but hard hitting production, this song was a surefire hit. ZAK. is reinventing himself and the direction he is going in will definitely lead to a lot of wins. Click the link below to check out "SMOKE".

Follow them on Twitter; @ZAKwroteit & @KurtVZA

Monday, May 1, 2017

UG Vavy - Bussin' (Video)

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UG Vavy has been taking his sweet time with his releases. From the outside looking in, he's a lot more strategic when it comes to the liberation of his music. But when you know/are confident in the quality of your art you move how you want, we're getting consistency without an overdose. So if you've been paying attention like me, then you've noticed the 7 song releases, "Sport It", "In My Bag", "Gwap", "Bussin", "Back To Ballin", "Brand New Wave", and "Run X4", which all garnered a good amount of attention, with his first video release being for "GAWP". I'm assuming we'll see a video for all of these songs in the future.

Today we get the second video for the 4th track he's released since his reemergence. Continuing his cinematic style visual, "Bussin" brings some energy, as UG dances around enjoying his creation to the fullest. he teams up with Eli and Mr. Ripper for video direction, presenting views with prime aesthetic of dark scenes. Watch below.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Saint Millie - Like Me

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Saint Millie has sort of been nonchalantly warning us that he's working on a new project. Working toward the follow-up to his album "Adderall", which brought us some hard hitting production and standout songs such as "Freak", "No Heauxs", and "Phone Home". Most recently we heard a bit of what we can expect from the upcoming project, titled "Overdose", dropping off a song called "$anta Muerte", with production from Martin $ky.

For his latest track release, Millie teams up with Gionna Lee, a combination that brings listeners sure fire way to add energy to the room. Titled "Like Me", this reassures that "Overdose" is nearing it release as it quickly builds into a drum charge beat. Saint Millie handle this track with ease, dropping quotable lines, continuously flowing with confidence.

Alex Bass - Everyday

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Sometime you hear a song and it just exudes a certain vibe that can improve the move. For the beat to the tempo, combined with the lyrics delivered, a song can present that undeniable vibe. On this new track from Alex Bass he brings the Summer time atmosphere, which is especially welcomed since during the time of me posting this song its raining and shit. With a up-beat tempo, Bass sings in such a way that you can vividly visualize the scenes through his words. Press play, enjoy, and comment below.