Friday, January 23, 2015

#100Trill - What Can I Say? (Pay Me Like A Mufucka)

Mike Jaxx who's 1/3 of the production team Tha Hydrox and Grade APlus who, if I'm not mistaken, dropped his mixtape "Turn Up Snacks" 2 years ago and before that "Pennies In My Pocket", have been combining talents for some time now as #100Trill. A relatively new duo over here, these two have numerous songs under their belt, showing a work ethic that is pretty damn good. 

They've been hitting listener with new music on Wednesday of every week with Mike Jaxx on the production. Grade APlus provides a 'no fucks given' attitude when rapping dropping some entertaining rhymes. Today we their most recently track called "What Can I Say?", and they're looking to get paid and don't miss out on previous releases. Press play above and comment below.

Chi City - Nobody (Video)

A energetic visual to a song that is pretty decent. A emcee by the name of Chi City(no relation to this site), presents a song and video for "Nobody" where he lets it be known he's not here to please any in this industry. Predominately shot in the a wooded area, the visual connect with the song in a pretty creative way, from the kick of the beat, to getting selective in who in the video.

This song, which in one part was Jay Z-esque, comes as a campaign toward a new project. He's set to drop a EP called "8", while I don't now what that means, you can stay tuned for more info. Watch Chi City's latest below.

Spenzo ft. Tree - Doin Lines

Spenzo's output of music has been on a continued stream of release. From new singles, loose track, being featured on LEADERS compilation to today's track. Spenzo and Tree connect over Bobby Johnson production for "Doin' Lines", where we hear Tree on the chorus while Spenz handles the heavy lifting.

It seem there may be a project in the works from Spenzo called "My Time". Not much is known about the project yet and not single have been announced.


ProbCause & Hologram Kizzie Form A New Duo, Releases "ZRO FOX" EP

Two Chicago artist who've become local indie name stays combine talents to form the duo ZRO FOX. The name is a play on "zero fucks', which says alot about what their intent is with this collaboration. After dropping one single that featured Sasha Go Hard and the video for it, the two present this new EP called "ZRO FOX" that displays the organic nature of their work together. This project hold five original tracks, features Sasha and the allusive Sharkula. Stream and comment below.

Babyface Monster, P1, Def-D - All I Ever Had

Created from a rap retreat where a group of like minded rapper come together to create, we a new single from "RapHaven: Chicago Vol. 1". On this new track Babyface Monster, P1, and Def-D team up for "All I Ever Had", which they'll be performing live at Refuge on March 14th.

MFn Melo Tells About New Project & Being Part of PIVOT Gang

Recently CCHH headed to the PIVOT's place of handling business to talk to MFn Melo. I had the chance to ask him about his upcoming project "MeloDramatics", where he grew up, what inspires him in this game and more. Watch below.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Spenzo - Feelings

Catching feelings can get real for just about everybody, but Spenzo ain't with it at all. The rapper drops off a track called "Feelings", where he explains why he has no feelings whatsoever.Listen to the latest from Spenzo here.

-Branden D. Tatum (@TakemTatum)

Chief Keef - Ain't Nothing

Here's another loose track from Sosa. This is just one of the many songs he's dropped in the last few months with no word on where it'll end up, it's called "Ain't Nothing".

-Branden D. Tatum (@TakemTatum)

Black Matt ft. Fleetwood Jones - Ramble (Video)

Black Matt's seems to be preparing for a new project release with no solid date or info we can only stay tuned. Matt teams up with Fleetwood Jones for a new visual to the track "Ramble" shot by New Breed. Watch below.

Nobodies ft. Supa Bwe - Trident (Video)

Nobodies and Supa Bwe team up for this new visual to tear shit up for the song "Trident". Watch below.