Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Charmz Valkom - We Are Wild (EP)

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Bridging a connection between real life inspiration and fantasy, up and comer Charmz Valkom deliver  his first EP release "We Are Wild". Leading up to this release we were presented with the singles "Merch" and "Brinks Truck", 2 song that was anthemic in sound with plenty ambition. This EP gets a base from the movie/book 'Where The Wild Things Are', combining upbeat energetic tempo record grabbing from real life experiences and want as a driving force in the music. Cy Young, Millz Made Da Beat, Jake Tayor, and Jack Red all join as contributors across 7 songs. Stream the full project below.

UG Vavy - GWAP (Video)

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UG Vavy had been promoting a new video, getting fans ready for something of a short shorty style visual. He teams up with Yakub Films and APJ Films for a video that mirrors the street classic movie 'Paid In Full', presenting the rising and fall in pursuit of the "GWAP". Watch below.

Esohel & PLA - Vivid Livin (EP)

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Esohel and PLA have been long time collaborators, with a notable being our first coverage of these two artist being a song called "Settin Off Car Alarms". Over the years we continued to get release from these two separately as well as more collaborations. Recently they've returns with a new joint EP titled "Vivid Livin", delivering 6 new tracks. PLA and Esohel present listeners with hard hitting beats with a vibes to ride to kicking things off with bilingual raps. Stream below.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Ace Hashimoto - Trak Star

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"Something I was having fun wit after watchin 84 diff Pharrell interviews", explains Ace Hashimoto with the release of this new track. It pretty much sounds like inspiration of deep research of into of an artist he looks up to. What was created from that is a track titled "Trak Star".

TreStyle - Moments

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Prod. by Taylor King

TreStyle delivers a new track with the message "At any giving moment your life could change.  Live in the moment and never die", on new track called "Moments".

Mpulse - Money Under The Sofa

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Produced by Keef Boyd

The saga continues. Mpulse is back for another week of music, entering in week 30 of 52, with a new track called "Money Under The Sofa".

Supa Bwe - Melodies

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Supa Bwe gets production from Luke Almighty to deliver "Melodies", providing a sound with an unorthodox tempo. 

Backwood Jones - Touch Me Tease Me (FREESTYLE)

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In 1996 Case delivered the single "Touch Me Tease Me", which would be featured on "The Nutty Professor" soundtrack. Featuring Foxy Brown and Mary J Blige this song would reach the top 20s of Billboard Hot 100, becoming a classic R&B single. Now YP steps the this song in 2017 jumping on the Stevie J and Darryl Young produced track to put that Backwood spin on it. When so many want to jump on the current hot track, its good to hear some inspiration from the past.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Quez - Her Riddle

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With production from Cam O'bi, Quez returns with a new song that celebrate women. Xone White provides some smooth vocals as Quez puts the ones who create life and deal with all men's flaws gracefully under the spotlight. It's March which is Women's History month, and this new track give a major ode to Alice Paul, a women's right activist in the 1900s.

Joel Q ft. Panamera P - Tunnel Vision (Video)

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From his project of the same name, Joel Q delivers a new video for the song "Tunnel Vision", teaming up Panamera P. Q presents us with the scenes of the worker and hustlers who are either taking risk and grinding hard to fulfill their dreams and provide for the family. Watch the video below.