Tuesday, June 6, 2017

ZAK. - "SMOKE" (Prod. by Kurt VZA)

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Washington native ZAK. has released his third single titled "SMOKE". ZAK. is more known for his R&B sound but he had to remind fans that he can rap from time to time. With summer right around the corner, "SMOKE" is the perfect song for those warm nights outside with friends just vibing and having a good time. Of course, producer Trvsh God is a major factor in that vibe. With his smooth but hard hitting production, this song was a surefire hit. ZAK. is reinventing himself and the direction he is going in will definitely lead to a lot of wins. Click the link below to check out "SMOKE".

Follow them on Twitter; @ZAKwroteit & @KurtVZA

Monday, May 1, 2017

UG Vavy - Bussin' (Video)

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UG Vavy has been taking his sweet time with his releases. From the outside looking in, he's a lot more strategic when it comes to the liberation of his music. But when you know/are confident in the quality of your art you move how you want, we're getting consistency without an overdose. So if you've been paying attention like me, then you've noticed the 7 song releases, "Sport It", "In My Bag", "Gwap", "Bussin", "Back To Ballin", "Brand New Wave", and "Run X4", which all garnered a good amount of attention, with his first video release being for "GAWP". I'm assuming we'll see a video for all of these songs in the future.

Today we get the second video for the 4th track he's released since his reemergence. Continuing his cinematic style visual, "Bussin" brings some energy, as UG dances around enjoying his creation to the fullest. he teams up with Eli and Mr. Ripper for video direction, presenting views with prime aesthetic of dark scenes. Watch below.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Saint Millie - Like Me

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Saint Millie has sort of been nonchalantly warning us that he's working on a new project. Working toward the follow-up to his album "Adderall", which brought us some hard hitting production and standout songs such as "Freak", "No Heauxs", and "Phone Home". Most recently we heard a bit of what we can expect from the upcoming project, titled "Overdose", dropping off a song called "$anta Muerte", with production from Martin $ky.

For his latest track release, Millie teams up with Gionna Lee, a combination that brings listeners sure fire way to add energy to the room. Titled "Like Me", this reassures that "Overdose" is nearing it release as it quickly builds into a drum charge beat. Saint Millie handle this track with ease, dropping quotable lines, continuously flowing with confidence.

Alex Bass - Everyday

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Sometime you hear a song and it just exudes a certain vibe that can improve the move. For the beat to the tempo, combined with the lyrics delivered, a song can present that undeniable vibe. On this new track from Alex Bass he brings the Summer time atmosphere, which is especially welcomed since during the time of me posting this song its raining and shit. With a up-beat tempo, Bass sings in such a way that you can vividly visualize the scenes through his words. Press play, enjoy, and comment below.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Kami - Just Like The Movies (Album)

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The search for your sound is something that every artist aims to find, at least artist who look to have a lasting career. While an artist may start at one sound, as life experience continue to add up one surely will use these experience as a means to give new life to their art. Kami brings his influence and experience to the forefront with a new album that takes the listeners to a different place and presents a new sound different than what we heard earlier in his career.

"Just Like The Movies", set for an official release date on May 5th. hits the net for the fans listening pleasure. It's a 13 track project featuring Vic Mensa, Sterling Hayes, Joey Purp, Towkio, and Knox Fortune who handled the executive production duties. Stream below.

Kweku Collins - Grey (EP)

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"Music to skate to..." just one of the observations we've gotten about the new album from Kweku Collins. With Closed Session behind him, there's been a campaign toward its release, presenting fans with two singles, "International Business Trip", and "jump.i". Kweku Collins pulls in different sound and influences for the creation of "Grey".

Listeners get a nine track project of the feels, enlisting his fellow artist Allan Kingdom, Sylvie Grace, and Kipp Stone. "Grey" is a combination of melodic, airy raps, where Collins delivers lyrics of a man still grounded as more and more people grow to know his name. The production across this project feels as if it a continuation of where he left off at "Nat Love", in the sense that he doesn't stray too far away from what we've come to know him for. A lot more confidence in flow and delivery for sure.

In terms of interpretation of the title of the EP, a fan can go in different directions with it. From a standpoint of visualizing it as a backdrop, you can picture this project played over scenes of modern day life of a younger adult living life. This would be the soundtrack. While the color gray can be symbolizing emotionless atmosphere, for Kweku's delivery differ in the fact they're cohesive moods across it. Grey is a balanced and timeless color and if that's any indication of Collins intent, I guess this interpretation is on the right track. Stream below.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Calez - Po Up 4

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No one ever wants to lose a friend or family member, somebody they hold dear to their heart. But in life things happen that are out of our control. Hold your memories of those who've left for whatever is next after this world, pour out a little liquor and reminisce.

Calez returns with a new song that holds such a calming sound that it can possibly help those through such an emotional moment. Handling the production himself alongside Drake Connor, we're provided with a warming uplifting vibe to balances the pain of a life lost. "Po Up 4" isn't just about pouring out a little liquor for the dead homies, there's an underlining message that kicks the song off, saying "Life's too short ..." pointing to the fact that anything can happen so don't end up regretting things when someone's gone, enjoy the time you have with your loved ones.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Ajani Jones ft. Anna Agosta & Shao Doja - Bliss

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Here's an artist who we've previously heard on songs like "Liberators" and "The Fall", currently preparing to release a new project. Ajani Jones is a fresh face who's partnered with the student-run record label AEMMP Records to deliver to fan and potential listeners some pretty good music. His current project, which was a EP titled "Astrals", sits as a pretty cohesive sound, getting production from Banks The Genius across 4 songs.

Now Ajani prepares for his next step. He's looking to follow-up from "Astrals" with a project called "Eternal Bliss", set for next month May. The rollout has begun, kicking off the campaign toward the new project with a single called "Bliss", produced by Blookah. With a central concept of this single being 'love', he raps "Love is all we need". Listen below.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Nick Carter Green Drops 2 New Singles "Breanna" & "Haley", Plus A Q+A

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It's always fun to hear an artist develop their craft, at least for someone who cover music like me. You may not catch the growth of an artist right off the back, mostly due to the fact if you've followed their music on a gradual course. But to return to past releases and listen, that growth becomes abundantly evident. From project to project and song to song in some cases, there's that inch of experience that artist goes through that pulls them to different sound making for something of a slow exciting spectator sport in sound.

Nick Carter Green, over the years, was on a steady incline, saw some struggle, and bounce back. Jumping on my radar with a song called "Don't Wanna Lose", which we would hear on a project titled "XIX", he quickly became someone to watch. Demonstrating an ability to rap and sing, releasing earlier songs that he stood out on like "Inception", "A.D.D." which garnered spin in radio mix shows, and songs that we're underrated even by us like "Girls Love Rihanna". In 2015 followers of NCG's music got to enjoy 2 projects "Live" and "Nineteen", and a couple of great videos, making it a very productive year for this Chicago upstart.

Now in 2017 Green looks to make a welcomed return. He has been preparing for a new project called "Shades Darker". He's taken to his social media account to let the people know what's to come with a countdown and snippets. Today we get 2 new songs from Nick Cater Green, singles which we'll hear on his upcoming solo album. An artist of multiple talents these songs "Breanna" and "Haley" demonstrates 2 sides of Green in terms of musical ability.

The first of the 2 singles "Breanna", gets production from Deryck Cabrera and Alex Vaughn who flip a classic Mary J. Blige track. "Breanna" brings in moments of musical emotions, injecting that feels of "I Can Love You" into the song. The production matches the emotions of NCG's words with ups and downs felt through crooning. For the second song, we get guest verses from Rockie Fresh, Backwood Jones(YP), and Alex Wiley. "Haley" brings the energy, getting production from ALEXX, with artist presenting their respective styles. With some hard kicks and heavy bass under them, this song is sure to get a crowd jumping. Just image these songs as personalities, "Breanna" and "Haley" are very different who share their own separate relationship with Nick Carter Green.


I had the chance to get a few questions in with him, which you can read below as well as here the new singles.

Mpulse - Roll The Dice

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Comparisons, depending on the person being compared to, can be a compliment or can make you feel some type of way. While many rappers don't object to being compared to the greats, because you know they're the greats, but to be compared to your current generation, it's understanding how that can be off-putting. Every artist is in search of their own lane in music no matter the genre, if not you should quit.

Mpulse is just the artist who knows his lane and is working hard for the world to recognize just what he does. This new track sets the tone early with lines like "Don't compare me to them, other guys, you listen to". We're presented with real conversations had that may be what brought this song about. "Roll The Dice" also gives us a few his thoughts on the creative and business balance when he raps his dislike of "blueprints" and "barriers".

Produced by frequent collaborators Keef Boyd and Lyle LeDuff, this is week 34 of his 52-week campaign, That a year in music, and there's plenty more to come.  If you've been missing out start here.