Friday, October 28, 2016

theWHOevers - R U Down? (EP)

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Je$$e and Lloyd Dotdot, the duo called theWHOevers, have been on a roll with their new releases. We heard a progression of a developing style from theses two over the years, with this new EP we're getting a combination from Hip Hop, soulful vocals, Funk and R&B. Summer might be over but theWHOevers are providing some warm vibes. "R U Down?", consisting of 7 songs, featuring ShowYouSuck, along with production by Switch, 88til, Professor Fox, Slot-A. Listen below.

After a verse leak, here's the full version of "Loose" from Chief Keef & Lil Reese

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Earlier in the week we heard a new track from Chief Keef, called "Loose", that was obivisouly unfinished or a leaked verse. Today we get the full version, liberated by DJ Amaris, that features Lil Reese. This also marks to dropping music for Reese, since we haven't heard much from him in recent. 

Air Credits - Broadcasted (Album)

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When the Hood Internet and ShowYouSuck teamed up for a new group, performing as Air Credits, we were expecting a mashup of their sounds. While we get a little bit of both Hood and Show, it seems they aim to bring a new sound that fully combines both. So as the Air Credits they've been working on a new project and are hitting the road to introduce the group at face value. Today we get their album called "Broadcasted", a 15 song playlist, featuring Sims, Mike Jaxx, Professor Fox, and Lili K. Stream the full project below.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Lud Foe - No Hooks (Mixtape)

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Here a new comer, who music you can hear throughout the city, phones cars, house, its coming out of speaker somewhere. Lud Foe, hailing from the west side, caught fire with the single "Cutting Up" ,which garnered a remix that featured Lil Durk. As his notoriety as the next new rapper out of Chicago, the live shows rolled in, he's hitting stage in multiple cities.

A while back his promised a couple new project, today's release "No Hooks" and "Boochie Gang Vol 1". Today we get his debut mixtape, with a track list of 19 songs, produced by Kid Wond3r.

Saba - Bucket List (Album)

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On a constant incline toward doing better and better things,Saba has improve with each new project. He went from getting comfortable, to finding that comfort zone, and now he's truly thinking about the future. Quality takes time, and experiencing things brings new ideas, so when he takes a year or more to put out a new project we know he aims to create something good. Saba is definitely three for three in the solo project department, whether he has that confidence in "Get Comfortable" or not.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Astonish - To Whom It May Concern (Album)

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Here's a project that's been in the works for some time, but its finally here. Astonish is back with his album release titled, "To Whom It May Concern". Off first glance of the cover art, a very color and detailed piece, it raises the anticipation to press play and just listen. Astonish brings a varied stream of content, dropping raps about streets experience, telling stories from his perspective, providing some good energy song, some music to ride to, and more. Over a 12 track listen he's joined by Jus'Q, Mano, Chris Crack, JDott Trife, and DatKindCold. Stream below.

Martin $ky Drop Multiple Instrumentals As He Gears Up For New Project Release

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When the question of consistency comes about Martin $ky you never have to wonder what ever happen to him. He drops jusst enough music to make us miss him and when he finally put new music out he keeps the speaker banging. Being a producer and rapper is not fully usual but when you can do both there's s bit of edge there.

Working on his new project he's kept his production a high priority with a few new releases. Operating simultaneously, he's created two soundcloud accounts to show off music from his upcoming project as well delivering instrumentals. "I Can't Make This Up", "over9000", and "Something to Say", are all new beats that have hit the net recently on 'MARTIN $KY²'. So far on the not so secrect account there's only these three instrumental but I'm pretty sure they'll be more.

So his upcoming project, "If Anybody Ever Told You That They Know Me, They Lied", is nearing its release, with the unveiling of the cover art. We've heard at least one single for sure titled "Strays", featuring Mathaius Young. And there was a track before that was quite possible the first single called "Smoke On It". With so much happen with him creatively it will be definitely interesting where he ends up in the years to come.

Stream the production below.

Qari - Anything / The Wolf

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When talking about word play, how a artist delivers his lyrics just as much as what he's saying, it will always make those interest in the deconstruction of song press replay. Qari is one of those guys who who brings good lyrics, delivered so smoothly that it can go over your head. So if you been itching to hear more from him, he drops off two new tracks, produced by Walking Shoe, called "Anything", and "The Wolf".

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Supa Bwe - Moon Goddess

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Supa Bwe turns to some super classic R&B for this new track. With a sample of the track "Poison", he delivers a sound that consist of piano keys combined with harp instrumentation, that builds with some light drum kicks. Supa wonders of a lady friend, warns insecurities of another, drowns thoughts in drinking, on this track titled "Moon Goddess".

Pavy - Me, by Jonathan McCoy (Album)

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Growth is important when taking up a career in the arts. With some artist, growth is evident with each new artistic release, but also growth comes when leaving the nest of home. For Pavy this happen in both forms, from project to project he aimed to present something new to listeners, from "Theory of Defiance" to "R.O.M.E." or from "The Book of Pavy" to "Middle Class Ignorance". We can pinpoint creative growth, where he strives to bring something new. So when he and his team headed to L.A. to continue to grow musically as well as their brand you could already assume that something would be coming and that would ultimately be "Me, by Jonathan McCoy".

For this new album Pavy delivers 12 tracks with features from C. Rich, Vanjess, and Tomas Mac, with production from Tommy Avery. With this album we get a bit closer to his own personal story, in the intro track, how he was brought up, living with his grandmother, school, and more. Where on previous joint projects with Qualmes, it was time to party and deal with the troubles later, here we get a introspective, processing thoughts, relationships, and how far he's come.

Simply said, this is a more mature sounding Pavy, that even shows in his production choice. We get a combination of live instruments for Jazz and oldies influences on songs like "Until The Morning" which is more upbeat, and "Love Life" a  bit more smooth. He also brings things in to a current vibe on "Last Week" with hard drums, and something for the smokers on "What I Want". Stream and download the full album below.