Thursday, August 2, 2012

Substance - Contra (Mixtape)

Substance release their 4th mixtape Contra, taking on the concept of the old school Sega Genesis video game. This mixtape features production from All Purpose Beatz, Deka Derse, Dj Rare Groove, Dj Fifth Element, and Tim Sixx. Substance also reached out for features from Vic Spencer, R.O.E. and more.
The reason why Substance chose to theme this mixtape behind the video game is they feel like they are a two man army navigating through the trenches of gaining noteriety as independent artists. Not deviating too far from their formula. 

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed "Contra"! The lyrical growth of Ill Gordon and Dat Bizness is very evident in this mixtape. Wishing Substance nothing but continued success and the noteriety they deserve!


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