Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Kids These Days - TrapHouse Rock (Album)

The full length project that fans have been waiting for is finally here. After the stream was release many fans show a lot of love toward this album creating a pretty good buzz the day before. TrapHouse Rock is now here for you to download and listen below.

1. Intro (Mental)
2. Freakwheness
3. Ghetto
4. Doo Wah
5. Don’t Harsh My Mellow
6. Talk 2 You
7. Everybody Needs Somebody
8. Don’t Fall In Love
9. Bud Billiken
10. Don’t Blame Me (For You)
11. Wasting Time
12. Ain’t Got Love
13. Who Do U Love
14. L’Afrique
15. A Man’s Medley

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