Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pick Three - A Album, A Video, & A Single [August]

Something new for the readers, Today Chi City Hip Hop brings you an end of the month segment called "Pick Three". This is an opinion segment, where I pick three post, from the current month, that stood out to me or that I've added to my playlist and have it on repeat. I don't like long lists so we're just picking three, its that simple.

In no particular order, each month's post will hold three singles, sometimes all mixtapes, maybe all videos, or just singles.

Check it out below and let me know your three.

Giftz - Position of Power Album
Position of Power sets itself as something of a movie as you have The Come-Up, Name Ringin' Bell, and last Position of Power. Over half of the project stayed on repeat from "Fuck Em All" to "Count It" featuring the beautiful 3D Na'Tee who's a spitter, to "Game of Chess". Giftz definitely kept my attention with this, one so much, that attention was not paid to my speakers and busted one because the volume was too high.

Murph Watkins - Call Em Freaks Video
Watkins decided to drop off a new video from his "Loose Women N' Booze" project, for the track "Call Em Freaks". This was already a great song and the video just brought more life to the record. "Call Em' Freaks video tells the tale of player meets girl, girl becomes main, player leaves girl a the alter. Funny? Or Nah? But whatever, this visual direction was handled by  Brianna Lashé, who definitely did a good job with this one.

Ace B8gie ft. ShowYouSuck - GooFoo Single
For those with the lack of common sense, style, and substance, ACE B8gie provides a word to define this, "Goofoo". This one should be added to webster as well. "Do I look like a fool to you", B8gie will have you posing this question to everyone while listening, some may not like the answer. The always live ShowYouSuck joins Ace to add substance about those who lack it. In all this is a good record to zone out to.

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