Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tree - Trap Genius (Album)

Tree's grind and the music its self is always on point. Providing his signature SoulTrap sound, that has definitely become synonymous with Tree, as listeners we've become more familiar with the soulful songs through a number of projects. But for this new album Tree take a different path, a more southern sound. "Trap Genius" is Tree aiming to deliver something a little different from what we've heard or has become his norm. Holding 10 new tracks, he takes a step back from production, getting Xcel on the beats with features from the like of Chris Crack.
It’s me with a more modern sound—what the kids are listening to—me being in the game. I need to maintain. When I travel, I listen to what the clubs are playing. I heard some stuff recently, and I realized I wanted to make something that sounds good in the club. My music is for the old soul, but, hey, I go to strip clubs too. Why not make the music I want to hear in that environment? I’m having fun on this tape. I’m still giving you what you come to expect about me - Tree for Noisey

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