Sunday, May 31, 2015

Meeko ft. Kid $age & Markiss - Guards

Slowly by surely Meeko (formerly Meeko Fly) is continuing to pump out new material for our ears. In this new track he teams up with Kid $age, who he's worked with on songs like "True Lies" and Markiss to bring us "Guards". Holding a very slow tempo with heavy drum bang, Meeko handles more than just the raps, providing the production as well, which is the second time since "She Wicked" was release that we've seen him get producer credit.

"Guards" starts off with Meeko dropping lyrics in his so often calm matter, while rapping of stark of experience saying, "seen a dope fiend OD on the shit that my cousin got popped off for". Kid $age follows up with a more energetic flow. $age raising the tempo of raps with "This is the coldest I wrote it", with Markiss' proclaiming at high energy "we got it". All together we get a song that tells the tale and gives a sense of needing to stay on guard.

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