Monday, May 11, 2015

Mick Jenkins Drops Details of Upcoming Project & Merch

As you should know by now Mick Jenkins is planning to drop a new project called "Wave[s]". Each song from the project will have artwork to accompany them painted by Hayveyah McGowan. Mick recently took to his instagram account to drops some minor details about custom water bottles, the prints to each song, a collaboration piece and capsules. See more below.

Jenkins dropped the first look of a new bucket hat set to be available via on the day of the project release. The hat is hand crafted, a idea he says he had and grab the skills of Bo Vu to bring it to life. Made from an aquamarine wavy terry cloth, there will a limited release of 18 pieces. Stay on the lookout for an official release date.

hat modeled by Brandon Carlton
Photos by Kevin Barrett

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