Monday, May 25, 2015

THEMpeople - Inspired By "KIDs"

THEMpeople launches a new project through a new soundcloud and deliver a new EP. They've become a staple in the Chicago scene, as a group of artist that consistently aims to test different sounds and expand on their production abilities.
"We created a soundcloud solely for our Experimental and anthropology themed music production. The music here should be used to expand cultural knowledge and assist people in embracing unique and controversial elements of the world. This is our sound track of the uncompromising truth"-THEMpeople
This new three song playlist grabs inspiration from the 1995 film "KIDS" that took viewers through the lives of a group of teen living in New York City with very few restriction on their daily activities. Grabbing audio from different scenes from the movie, THEMpeople use them as a means to tell their own story. Michael Anthony, Sean Deaux, Thudercat, and Kami contribute their talents over production from THEMpeople, PopTart Pete, and Flying Lotus. Listen below.

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