Monday, June 1, 2015

Checkout These Three Singles From Moon & Ju

The beginning of June kicks off with the discovery of a new duo, at least new to me, going by Moon & Ju. Based off the three singles via their souncloud, I've come the conclusion they have a pretty interesting sound. I can only make assumptions as to what big name artist influences their style, but I don't like assumptions. Though only three tracks, which are "Jungle", "SWIM!", and "Wasted Youth", the production choice shows some strength as addition to the talent pool from Chicago.

One thing to note, these songs are 5-8 months old so I'm a little late. With that being said I truly don't want to hear shit about being late from any of those "I been on them" people, because today kicks off our coverage of  Moon & Ju.

While I haven't figure which voice belongs to who, it is apparent that the chemistry between these two is official. Their combination of trading verses back and forth are effortless. While they are rappers rapping their production choices are far from the normal, a good thing in their case, with genre bending delivery. From the duo we get calm tracks like "Wasted Youth", that is centers on intoxication of the 'youngin' while hitting the town. "SWIMI!" is closest to current rap beat with a twinkle to it but with heavy bass. "Jungle", has no production credits but holds a smooth vibe to enjoy.  Press play and check out their music below.


"SWIM!" produced by IvanBased

"Wasted Youth" produced by Michael Lundy

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