Monday, June 15, 2015

Dion Jetson - The Ear & The Heart (Album)

Happiness, anger, sympathy, and love, these are just a few of the emotion we feel in our hearts. But where does these emotion start? One thought can be these emotions start at the ear, from what we hear. The ear can be a direct line to the heart, especially in music. Music can evoke many emotion depending upon what you're listening to.

Dion Jetson brings us his long awaited album, grabbing for a direct line to the listeners heart with "The Ear & The Heart". We get 13 new tracks, including single releases "He So Cold", "Old Franklins", and "Airplane Raps".

Over 13 song Dion Jetson display his rap style through meaningful verses, reaching for the fans ears with sound wave going for one destination. Dion raps of where he from, where he's been, and the grind ahead. Joining him are fellow artist Jack Red, Seven1, Yo-Dot, The Starving Art Project, and Fiend. The album is here and ready for download, listen below.

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