Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Vic Spencer & Tree Team Up For New Project, "VicTree"

Chicago, a city foolishly dub by some as 'haterville', sees two individuals team up for a new collaborative project. This isn't the only team work toward making the dream work we've heard as both Vic and Tree have separately teamed up with other Chicago artist to create good music. Tree previously brought us "Tree Featuring The City", title speaks for its self, Vic Spencer has teamed up Sulaiman for "We’re Just Disappointed" and "We're Still Disappointed". Vic also plan a new project with another Chicago artist, Chris Crack. Now Vic Spencer and Tree come together for a new project called "VicTree(Victory)", a combination of SoulTrap and lyrical exhibitions.

Over seven tracks, we get to hear Vic do soultrap while Tree handle all the production. Tree gets on the mic as well, so checkout the this new release below.

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