Monday, July 20, 2015

8 Chicago Artist With Great Live Performances

Enter venue, the doors have opened a hour before the show starts, and there's a DJ playing music as the first two or three people enter. Camera man of various publications are appearing, getting to the best possible spot for a night possibly set to be packed. Thirty minutes before show time and DJ starts playing popular songs in mainstream and locally after the number of party goers increase.

That's the scene in the opening hour before show time. Come show time, whether there's two hundred people or ten, the show must begin. No matter the number, a great performer is going to give their best performance and gain the crowds interest. A great performer is going to control the audience, keep their attention through passion and delivery. Some artist jump into crowds, some include the audience, and some just give out so much energy you can't help but get caught in it. One thing to point out is that a live performance can be a very subjective experience. If you ask every attendee you are faced with the possibility of getting very different answers about the performer.

When looking at debates and discussion about hot rappers or who's the best, we leave out this very importing part of a artist career, stage presence. Through word of mouth, and of course visual recaps, you can gain notoriety as an artist. A great live performance is pivotal in these talks about about 'dope' artist and in many cases are a indication of how one keeps a loyal fan base, leading to success.

Here's eight Chicagoans, rappers, artists, who you might want to spend that money to go see.

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