Sunday, July 19, 2015

Adam Joseph ft. Toni Romiti - Motion + Video

Sometimes you wish a good rapper had more music available for listening, but for some reason its not, and their leaving a thirst for a new release. Adam Joseph is just that artist. With a a full project out that we posted in 2013 called "Reality Checks", we'v gotten a number of loose records and also features. There should be enough content, right? No.

But while wondering what he's working on, Adam delivers like he knew it was long over due. Getting production from Oshi, who co-produced on one his Adam's more popular tracks "Spaceships", we're presented with a piano filled backdrop. Toni Romiti joins him, adding a melodious vocals for the chorus. Adam Joseph drops verses focused on the life's movements and transitions, figuring out where or what's next. Press play and enjoy "Motion".

Update: Watch the video below.

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