Sunday, August 16, 2015

Alex Wiley To Drop New EP Next Month+Physical Copies & Prints

Back in June Alex Wiley drops a new single titled "Feast", then in July followed up with a new visual for the song "Heavens Gate". We know for sure that at lest one of these releases, "Feast", were set for a project called "Synthia", and now we might have a release date. A couple days ago he took to his twitter account to announce the release of a new EP at the end of Summer. It seem the project many fans are looking forward to, will impact the ears September 23rd and available as physicals.

 Today you can catch Alex Wiley, Kembe X, and Calez will be a Jugrnaut for a pop-up shop and listening session, where you may hear some new music.

Update: Alex Wiley rolls out  limited physical copies for "Japanese" and signed prints for "Heaven's Gate for $20. Contact for get yours'. Checkout the prints below.

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