Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sasha Go Hard, Katie Got Bandz, Chella H & Lucci Vee, Team Up For New Project

This is interesting. Four rappers are teaming up for a new project, an EP, and their mostly from Chicago. Sasha Go Hard, Katie Got Bandz, Chella H, and Lucci Vee are putting together a project that plays off the legendary group N.W.A. These four ladies flip it to 'W.W.A.', Women With Attitude, and drop the new news just as the movie "Straigh Outta Compton" is about to hit theaters.

I'm always skeptical about "super groups", simply because we've seen others try then and also each artist has their own growing careers and plans. This seems to be a very serious project for these rappers as all have share the cover as they initiate the fans interest in this EP. At the moment there's not date for this to drop so stay tuned for more info.

Are you looking forward to this project?

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