Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Nick Astro & Dee Lily - Nothing Is Original (EP)

If we look around in the world of music, thoughts on life, and belief systems you can make the case the nothing that is being created today is original. But if one's simply influenced by something and completely flips and for their own creation you could also make the debate that there's plenty originality to it. Here, a artist who continues to follow his own path in the Chicago rap scene, Nick Astro delivers a new a project called "Nothing Is Original". He teams up with producer Dee Lily, who presents us with a variety out instrument elements combine Nick's style for a listening session that is ever so relaxing to the ears and brain.

Get to know Nick Astro through his music and what him and Dee Lily used as influences for this original creation. Anthony White, Daryn Alexus, Schenay Mosley, Sam Trump, and Elton Cheung all contribute this 11 track which you can stream below.

Photo by Bryan Lamb
Artwork edit by Ruben

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