Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Marvelous - I Accept Your Apology (Album)

One's ability to connect with the people through lyrics is one of the most important aspects of creating music. Real life experiences are an important part of connecting with the listener on a personal level, something that reaches the mind and the heart. Its brings an organic following, shows that you're a real person in a time we're many exhibit disdain for the fakes but often over look fake when its popular.

Marvelous, a rapper repping the west side of Chicago, caught our attention with "Million Dollar Dreamer", the first single we heard from him. This was the start of a new campaign toward the release of his album "I Accept You Apology". It was a fiery release, which gave us an idea of what we could expect from the up and comer. With production from Born Ready, we learn a few thing about Marvelous that include his ambitions, "black boy in the ghetto gotta million dollar dream". He would go on to release three more single leading to the full project.

We're presented with an 11 track project with little notable features, introspective raps and a perspective on life that aligns with his experiences. In stead of tales of riches and an empty story of how he "always had money", we get a his story of the work and grind that brought him to this point. For the start of the project Marvelous delivers what he represents, a intro song called "Once Again" consisting of such a soulful vocal sample produced by Mind Body Beats. The follow up track feel like it could have equally be the intro track, "Living Legend". A favorite from "I Accept Your Apology" is track number 4, "Cold World", because its something about soulful vocals on Hip Hop beats. The un-named artist featured doesn't exactly standout as it feels as though the verse just came and went.

What stands out about Marvelous is his brash approach to his rapping style. This style adds more interest to songs like "Trying Get Money". Though the brash style is welcome, he showed to be able to pull back, on less energetic track "Nigga I'm The Shit", a song that speaks of his confidence. He ends the project on a calmer note, reiterating his purpose and struggle with the outro on "Lost But Found". Marvelous' voice combined with his rap style match with his story can seem aggressive but is just his vigorous way of keeping our attention.

Marvelous is more than simply a street rapper, he brings life experience but he's still in the growth period and question will arise if he can expand on the content material. This is a recommended listen if your're looking for energy in the raps of streets and struggle. If you over look him now this project seems to be ready for that future apology.

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