Saturday, October 31, 2015

Three Song Picks From October

The end of October is here, its time to put the spotlight on a few release from this month. As usual this is strictly the writers opinion not base on any metric. This month, writer Alexy provides us with his three favorites which you can read about below.

Anak1n ft. spACE - Finesse
In terms of the local Rap scene, Anak1n is someone you can expect to start really blowing up in the latter parts of 2015 and early 2016. This Columbia College emcee has amassed an entire catalogue ( of vintage Hip-Hop bangers within the last year that are as head knocking as they are encapsulating. His track "Finesse" dropped just over 2 weeks ago but is still in my regular rotation due to the lyricism (Im swingin til' I hit the fences, I don't pinch run, the Giants fucking with me when I pitch, like I'm Lincecum) & an amazing instrumental that has heavy percussion and a 90s sound to it. His mixtape "Wish Wisely" drops on October 31st & I have been lucky enough to hear most of it, all I can say is he is definitely going to be an artist to watch once this tape drops.

Noah Sims ft. Beach Jesus & Hurt Everybody - Hawaii
My good friend mentioned that "Hawaii" sounds like 4 different ones all put together cohesively, I couldn't have put it any better. Members of Beach Jesus & Hurt Everybody provide the 4 aforementioned verses that each have their own individual flavor but what really brings them together is the ever moving production supplied by Noah Sims, JAROFMY, & SEER. The beat both "destroys" and it "rebuilds" with colorful synths, a gorgeous vocal sample and honestly its just the best arranged track of the last few months.

it's 5 o'clock somewhere...

Roosevelt The Titian - Bitch Made
Man, Roosevelt The Titan is going to have the city in his hands sooner, rather than later. "Bitch Made" track is both epic and minimal, conceptual and straight forward. Not to mention those strings. It's hard to quote this track because you're better off appreciating it like a Nas song where you just sit back and let the entire conjunction of lyrics paint a picture in your own mind.

All three of these artists have projects coming in the next months, weeks even, so listen to these primers and be ready because every single tape is going to be impacting the scene in a major way.

@olddirtyalexy ("Shimmy Shimmy Ya!") 

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