Monday, April 7, 2014

THEMpeople - Smoke Breaks IV (Mixtape)

The artist collective known as THEMpeople has provided the production for many records you might have heard here on this site, plus showcased their members LBoogie, Via Rosa, Michael Anthony,Sean Deaux, and theMIND. Since the announcement of the fourth installment of "Smoke Breaks" we've heard single like "Ocean 85", "TheMOON", and the latest which drew a lot of attention, "New Mecca", that showed why the collective based out Chicago is not to be over looked.
T.H.E.M. People is a creative music and visual production team, an art-encompassed collaborative and an urban channel. We firmly believe that young artists across the country are currently indicating the foundations of a neo-renaissance. T.H.E.M. is dedicated to manifesting these groundworks into legendary magnificence; collaborating innovators nationwide to craft high-caliber art of every nature. Devoted to recording the soundtrack of urban renaissance, these innovators are bridging cultural gaps piece by piece.
This new project provides us with 13 original records. Joining THEM are Kami de Chukwu, Vic Spencer, Dott Tahli, Alex Wiley, Dally Auston, Mick Jenkins, Joey Purp, and Ms. Jones. Lend your ears and download below.

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