Monday, September 7, 2015

Hurt Everybody - 24 EP

At this point me saying this is getting repetitive, these guys work ethics are crazy, Some time ago Hurt Everybody created a new project called "24EP". This new EP was created during a 24 hour time period where Hurt Everybody and their friend locked in the studio and just created music.

This experience was documented(read the story here) and recorded photographically and visually. What came about was a 5 song project that includes producer ZenZan,

Where "2K47" was a well put together and more cohesive project, their "24EP" take on a more experimental route of just letting the creative juice flow for a one day creation. Where declarations of having the 'majik' and 'fuck you I'm amazing' were key phrases used, this go around the team stuck to the basic of what they could create in the short time moving on from these adlibs which were mainly from Supa Bwe.

Throughout the project, Carl continues to show off the word play we grew to know, providing poetic verses to replay and breakdown. Supa Bwe delivers his unique style of harmonizing hooks, fluid lyrics, and quotable lines or whole verses. Mulatto along with the other two members, create a back drops that has it tranquil moments combined with solid drums bangs and other elements, for songs that set to rattle all speakers. Frequent collaborator ZenZan pops up on the Interlude track, "Sunrise", without any lyrics leaving listener to explore inner thoughts before jumping to the next song.

The songs are short and the rhythm of the project, as a whole, is pretty quick which I think leaves little room for you to be satisfied but like a fiend you'll want more. Some how Hurt Everybody continues to churn out sounds that are almost intoxicating, at the rate they do, its a feat that helps them standout.

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